30 Stylish Corner Fireplace Ideas

Jul 1, 2022 | Fireplaces, Kitchen Dining

A fireplace provides many benefits – warmth, style, and a cozy ambiance. But when you have a small space, a fireplace may seem out of the question. You don’t want to waste valuable wall and floor space on a large decor piece. 

Placing a corner fireplace is the perfect solution, allowing you to get the stylish focal point you desire without cramping your area. Even if you have a large room, you can still benefit from a corner fireplace. We’ve put together a list of stylish corner fireplace ideas, from old-fashioned elegance, simple and rustic, basic modern and minimalist, and many other designs. 

Modern and Minimalist

While fireplaces may seem outdated and out of fashion for many people, there are plenty of ways that you can decorate your fireplace to achieve any decor theme, including a modern, minimalist approach. 

Modern styles are all about clean lines, while a minimalist theme means pieces that serve a purpose with no clutter. You can achieve this feel by starting with a gas fireplace. Then add a simple wood surround in a matte black with minimal design inlays, like straight grooved lines.

Many minimalist designs forgo the use of a mantle to save space and keep the modern look. But you can go with a modern-style mantle made of dark wood or metal and use a table of the same material to tie the room together. 

Farm Style TV Stand and Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces benefit from being easy to relocate around the room while also not being a fire hazard for items placed on top of it. For example, a farm-style tv stand with a built-in electric fireplace allows you to achieve a cozy, chic farm feel while also being multi-purpose. 

These stands are durable enough to hold your television, with a storage shelf beneath to keep game consoles or other flatter devices. And the sliding doors allow you to cover the fireplace when not in use, so you have a stylish tv stand.

You can find farm-style tv stands in a range of natural wood colors, from darker tones with red hues to lighter pine colors or even painted white. 

Rich and Elegant Manor Estate

If you’re looking for ways to convert your simple living room into an imitation regal manor estate, having the right fireplace is essential. 

To achieve this look, you’ll need to have a rich wooden surround with intricate engravings and a sturdy mantel. Simple black square tile inlay can enhance the wood surround. Then surround the fireplace with large wood bookcases in matching wood. 

And finish the look with antique decor pieces and age-themed furniture. Darker colors are also standard, such as shades of red, maroon, and burgundy.  


Free-standing fireplaces are often the best solution for compact rooms with no extra space for a complete fireplace. 

While many of these fireplaces are more of an old-fashioned stove in design, they can add character to any room. Add a small stone or tiled ledge to protect your floors, and add tile or stone to the back wall for a fireplace feel and added protection.  

You’ll need protection along the wall and floor to keep the materials from getting too hot. Since there is no mantel or hearth, you may want to set up a firescreen or grate around the unit to keep kids and pets from getting too close. 

Minimalistic Wall-Mounted

You can create a one-of-a-kind fireplace that fits seamlessly with minimalist furniture by going with a simple wall-mounted unit. Finding a piece that fits your style is simple, such as one with a built-in shelf and a modern rendition of a mantel, giving you a bit of storage for small accent pieces. 

Having a fireplace mounted to the wall frees up floor space and keeps the danger of burns away from people (especially children) and pets. 

And by using a gas or electric fireplace, many of them have options that allow you to play around with the flame colors to get a color combination that sets the mood in your room perfectly. You can even find some options where the flames are in sync with the music.

Unique Firescreen

An easy and affordable way to spruce up any fireplace is with a firescreen. While this item’s primary purpose is to prevent embers and flames from coming out of the fireplace and into your room to catch stuff on fire, it can also serve as a focal piece. 

Picking a firescreen in a unique, decorative design instantly improves even the most basic fireplace aesthetic. However, if you want to give your fireplace a facelift without having to spend a fortune remodeling with new materials, changing out the firescreen is the best step.

Firescreens come in a wide range of colors and styles, with some having elaborate portraits painted onto a solid surface or having a metal frame in a unique shape, like tree branches.


You can find a large selection of elaborately carved (molded) concrete mantels that can help you get an easy, elegant piece to warm up any room. 

If frills and moldings aren’t your things, you can also find concrete fireplaces in a modern, boxy design of clean lines. These look great with black or white mantles or metal pieces. 

While concrete is gray in its natural form, you can find painted designs. Or you can DIY paint a concrete fireplace to match your room’s color palette. 

Patio Pavers

Adding patio pavers gives your fireplace a sleek, unique look that’s sure to garner attention. The color of your pavers is crucial for a put-together design – white, black and gray for clean lines or warm colors if you have a lot of wood pieces. 

You can also go with an asymmetrical look for more contrast by using sheets of pavers. Or create your patterns using old broken pavers. 

Recycling old pavers to resurface your fireplace and threshold is an excellent money-saving technique for those on a budget or environmentally conscious and prefer to reuse old materials.

Wall-Mounted Glass

You can also get ultra-modern by going with a sleek wall-mounted glass surround electric fireplace. This style of fireplace works as an excellent focal piece, whether in use or when off. 

Although powered by electricity, you get the same crackles and pops that you would get with a wood-burning stove – without all the labor, messes, and dangers of a fire.

And the sleek design leaves floor space free, allowing you to save room for extra furniture or decor pieces like a metal and glass table topped with bronze or stainless steel sculptures.

Golden Screen

Adding a golden screen to the front of your fireplace can give your space a warm, royal feel. Many different styles and patterns are available in a gold finish, allowing you to glam up any room. 

And you can also find these in different sizes, from a single piece to a three-piece, allowing you to find a screen that fits your fireplace, no matter whether it’s large or small. 

Gold goes with many color palettes and room designs, whether you’re looking for a touch of glam and glitter or something regal for an old-fashioned antique feel.

Rustic Stone Fireplace

Corner fireplaces can look stunning by using rustic natural stones. Keeping the stones in their existing shape rather than cutting them into uniformity gives your fireplace unique charm and gorgeous imperfection. 

Add a distressed wood mantle and place some greenery and a couple of lanterns on top to enhance the rustic look. Bronze poker sets and a curved open wood stacker add other rustic touches, like a smooth slate seat and raised rustic stone threshold. 

Choosing stones in different colors gives your fireplace a more dynamic contrast that draws the eye while enhancing the various shaped rocks.

Brick with Seat

Nothing beats sitting close to a blazing fire on a cold winter day. You can enjoy this luxury with a corner fireplace by building a seat along the front of your fireplace. 

Red-toned bricks always look great with fireplaces and increase the coziness factor. But you can also go with smaller stones or bricks in soft grays and browns if you prefer lighter colors.

Bricks and stones make for a sturdy, safe seating area in front of the fire. You can add a few cushions to make the seat more comfortable than sitting directly on hard rocks. But be careful not to let the fabric get too close to the fire, lest you end up with flames outside the safety of the fireplace.

Gorgeous Metal Back

If you had to forgo an elaborate fireplace design due to budget, you could still have additional inexpensive upgrades and give your fireplace more character and style.

An easy way to jazz up your simple contemporary fireplace is to add a gorgeous metal back. The metal back goes inside the fireplace to add extra protection to the walls of the fireplace. Picking one with intricate engravings or stamped can instantly add more appeal, both when you have a fire lit and when there isn’t.

The black color will dance with the reflection of the flickering flames, creating unique shadow effects behind the fire that’s sure to enchant you for hours while also bringing you peace and relaxation. 

Cozy Pot-Bellied Stove

A pot-bellied stove is an excellent alternative to having a fireplace when there’s no space on the walls or floor for the length. These black metal heaters tuck away into any corner and provide plenty of heat to keep your room warm. 

Many people love these old stoves for rustic or old-fashioned room decor. But they’re also great for enclosed porches where you may not have heat vents connected to your central unit. 

If the original designs don’t appeal to you, there are also modern versions for a fun, vintage-chic design. You can paint the stove white or another light, fun color for a modern, eclectic touch on an antique piece.

All White and Elegant

There’s something timeless and elegant about using white design pieces, and it’s no different for fireplaces. Having an elaborately carved surround painted in a classic white is simple yet dramatic. 

And when the fire is lit, the white paint will glow with warmth from the colors of the flames, helping add more brightness and ambiance to the room. Adding accent pieces in reds, yellows, and oranges enhances the colors of the fire.

You may need to clean your fireplace surround more often, as the soot from the fire will show faster on white than it would on darker tones. In addition, adding a unique firescreen helps increase the room’s elegant allure.

Half Wall

A half wall is a great corner fireplace choice for rooms with wide-open door frames and no other suitable place to put a fireplace. 

There are many ways to create a half wall, whether using wood, stone, or bricks for the wall and stone or bricks for the fireplace inlay. Many people choose to make a half-wall fireplace accessible from both sides of the wall.

The great thing about a half-wall fireplace is that you can add seating on one side or around the fireplace for additional cozy places to sit. In addition, a simple wood mantle breaks up the large expanse of stone.

Tuscan Corner

You can also achieve a Tuscan countryside nuance by using a corner fireplace. Choose smooth stones and warm, rich bricks for the fireplace foundation. 

Italian-style furniture, a heavy wood mantel and surround, plus decorative cast iron lanterns help complete the Tuscan feel. Plaster walls also evoke an Italian countryside ambiance. 

Choose nature-inspired color palettes using shades like cream, brown, beige, gold, Sienna, brick red, gold, dusty greens, and one or two bolder color accents like deep purple or blue and turquoise.

Stained Glass

Suppose you decide to go with or already have a simple fireplace. In that case, you can use stained glass to give a beautiful yet simple (and affordable) upgrade without having to do any remodeling. 

Instead of hanging a piece of artwork over your mantle, use a framed stained glass window. Of course, if you’re crafty, you can DIY build your own. But you can also buy one already pre-assembled. 

Stained glass gives you a unique focal piece, and you can tie your room’s accent pieces to the colors of the window for a complete room design. Finally, add a few candles to the mantle to help reflect the various glass shades around the room.

Marble Inlay With a Vintage Wood Surround

If you’re looking to achieve an elegant, classic fireplace design, this might be the option for you. Start with a vintage wood surround to get the traditional fireplace look. 

There are plenty of new mantles made to look vintage. But you can also hit a flea market or thrift store and find some pretty cool options. For example, repurposed mantels may require that you sand and restrain the material so that it looks new again. Or you can leave it distressed if you prefer the aged look. 

Then add a marble inlay to break up the rustic feel, so your space feels more upscale and classy. The pairing of marble and vintage or weathered wood allows the beauty of the marble to shine while still feeling cozy and welcoming.

Modern Wood Facade

A popular way to achieve a chic modern look with gas or electric fireplaces is to go with a wood facade or veneer for the fireplace surround. 

This design idea allows you to get clean, simple lines in an understated yet tasteful nuance. It’s the perfect choice for awkward corner angles, and using light wood tones can help brighten up a room, so it feels bigger. 

Choosing a thin veneer versus a thick wood mantel captures the essence of modern styles – simple yet eye-catching.

Cabin in the Woods

Building a fireplace styled after a cabin in the woods can allow you to feel that peaceful, isolated-from-the-world sensation right at home. 

This corner fireplace idea uses a colorful stone surround with a weathered wood mantle. And you can even toss down a fur rug on the floor or over the raised threshold and then add some candles or lanterns for soft, rustic lighting. 

The multi-colored stones give your eyes a treat rather than the same dull color and shape, allowing for a unique corner fireplace design. 

Perfect Christmas

Fireplaces are also a favorite for Christmas time. Children wait with glee for Santa to slip down the chimney and fill the stockings hung on the mantel. 

Make your room feel cozier and Christmasy by setting up the tree close by (within safety distances) and add some holiday decor to the area above the mantle where you usually place family portraits or other decorative paintings, like a simple wreath. 

Decorating the mantle with candles, berries, and other holiday decor makes for the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and listen to a Christmas story next to a crackling fire. Christmas couldn’t be more perfect!

Full-Fledged Stonework

Large stones are an excellent decor material to give your small space tremendous character and style. To achieve this gorgeous rustic look in your family room or living room, you’ll need to invest in a lot of stones to build around the fireplace. 

Many people prefer to take the design from the ceiling to the floor, adding in a slab of granite or other hard, non-flammable material for a prominent seat in front of the fire. And you can use the same material for your mantle, giving you plenty of space for decor pieces.

A stone-covered fireplace can work for any room theme, whether you’re hoping to achieve a rustic look, a traditional fireplace feel, or even an elegant old-fashioned decor theme.

Small Room Corner

Even small rooms can benefit from having a fireplace if you get creative with your design. You may have to forgo the traditional fireplace shape, but you can still capture the ambiance using electric, wood-burning, or gas-powered fireplace alternatives.

The best solution for compact rooms is a stand-alone fireplace. This style sits on a pedestal, allowing you to move it around the space as you desire. The best thing about this fireplace style is that you don’t have restrictions on furniture layout if you decide to rearrange your room. 

You can easily place this gas fireplace style in a corner or the middle of the room for shared warmth. It’s the perfect solution for small living rooms, bedrooms, or lofts. 

Multiple Grates

Changing out your firescreen grates with the seasons is an easy yet fun way to decorate for the different holidays. After knowing the size screen you need, shop around to find some in different themes.

You can find metal grates with reindeer and Christmas trees for the winter holidays. Then choose a grate with falling leaves for autumn, floral designs for spring, and then something less elaborate for summer seasons. Or choose to show your patriotic side with an eagle, a flag, or firework-themed grates.

Of course, if you don’t find a style you like, you can always custom-order some made to your specifications, such as with your last name or initials, or show your team spirit with a themed grate during sports events.

Thin Veneer Stone

You can also achieve a rustic yet stylish feel by adding a corner fireplace to your room and covering it with a thin veneer stone if you have a mid-sized room.

While natural stone gives the best aesthetic, such as a stacked stone formation, you can also go with imitation pieces or tiles if you’re trying to style on a budget. And adding a simple yet attractive mantel gives you a blend of traditional and modern minimalist. 

The great thing about using a thin veneer stone is that it’s a less expensive option, allowing you to still have the impressive feel of a stone fireplace without the bulky use of large rocks.

Minimalist Fireplace

Minimalist styles are trending, primarily due to the simple lines and clean, unadorned look. You can achieve this look by painting your fireplace surround a classic white. 

Adding a gray inlay enhances the sleek, modern feel while adding a contrast to the stark white. Keep the mantle free of clutter by choosing two simple pieces to adorn each corner. A simple abstract picture in subtle shades gives a bit of color to keep the space from feeling too sterile.

This style is the ultimate way to make a powerful decorative statement without using a lot of dramatic materials, time, or labor. 

Smooth and Classic Wood

Wood is one of the most traditional materials used on fireplaces, and there’s no reason you can’t still use it for your fireplace. However, if you have a simple fireplace that needs some jazzing up, consider a smooth, wood surround. 

There are plenty of designs that you can purchase separately and various sizes to fit your unit so that you can achieve a traditional, classic fireplace design.

Browse the internet for a style that matches your tastes. Or consider using an old wood surround that you clean up and repurpose, saving you money while recycling materials and being environmentally friendly.

Simple Recessed

If you need to save floor space by not having a threshold or fireplace surround, the best choice is to go with a simple recessed corner fireplace. 

You can find recessed fireplaces in many different styles, whether you want something plain or one with an elaborate design. Most of these fireplaces will be electric or gas rather than wood-burning. 

A recessed fireplace slips right into the wall, sitting flush. This placement does reduce the chances of accidental burns to children, pets, and adults while leaving you with all your space for additional decor items.

Carved Wood

A simple but sophisticated fireplace design is to go with a carved wooden mantel. This option is great for updating an existing fireplace or adding elegance to a newly installed corner fireplace.

Adding wooden touches like tables and bowls can enhance the room’s warmth factor. This idea is fantastic for plain monochromatic room schemes that you want to feel welcoming. 

Keep the walls white and use the wood to add warm natural touches of color that break up the monotony of using a bunch of light colors. 


There are plenty of ways that you can use a corner fireplace to update your room’s ambiance. Whether you want to add elegance or classic old-timey touches or you need something simple and minimalistic, you’re sure to love one or more of these corner fireplace ideas. No matter the size and layout of your room, there’s a way to fit a corner fireplace into your space.


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