How To Spot Clean Decorative Throw Pillows

Sep 17, 2021 | Cleaning Organizing, Housekeeping

Decorative throw pillows are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. But if you have kids or pets, it’s inevitable that at some point they will get dirty.

Cleaning decorative throw pillows can be tricky because of the unique materials from which they’re made. The wrong cleaning products could do more harm than good.

Follow these tips for how to spot clean a decorative pillow so you can keep them looking like new without ruining its fabric.

Step 1: Remove any dust

Take your decorative throw pillows outside and give them a good shake. This will remove any dust or debris that’s settled on the surface of the pillow. You can also use a handheld vacuum to clean off the bottom of the pillow.

Step 2: Blot and rub the spill

Blot up as much liquid as you can from wet spots on your pillow, using a white cloth towel or an old terrycloth towel (you don’t want to leave colored fibers stuck in your fabric). If it’s ink, be sure not to touch it. Ink is extremely difficult to get out once it has seeped into fabrics.

Step 3: Use a soapy cleaner

Mix together soap flakes with hot tap water until you’ve created a paste. Rub the paste into the fabric and blot with a damp cloth until the stain is removed. Let dry naturally (don’t use direct heat such as a clothes dryer, stovetop, or iron).

If you don’t have any soap flakes on hand, you can also make your own soap solution by mixing together two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dishwashing liquid (do NOT mix this with bleach as it will release toxic chlorine gas)

How to clean sticky substances

For spots such as chewing gum, chocolate or sticky syrup that are hard to remove from shoes and fabrics:

Place a zippered sandwich bag full of ice over the affected area until frozen. Next use an old plastic knife (with blunt end) scrape away at any debris on top making sure you start at the edge where stain would be for most items-work your way inward if necessary repeating this process in circles every time it gets soft again then follow up with soap to clean all areas thoroughly before washing garment once more.

How to clean pen marks

Reach under your bathroom sink for this cleaning solution. First, dab the pen mark using a clean area of white fabric towel each time you do so and then dry it off with another fresh piece when done until there’s no more color coming from where we were working on; place this new wet cloth onto an absorbent surface like paper towels or old clothes-folded clothing sheets if possible because otherwise they can get soaked through quicker than expected in some cases.

Once both sides are stained evenly use rubbing alcohol instead: soak one side of medium weight (not terry) cloth first by carefully applying small amounts at once making sure not to overdo it since too much will end up running past the pen mark and down onto the fabric making it harder to see; then do the same with paper towels or other materials on the other side until all ink is gone for good.

How to Keep Your Throw Pillows Clean Longer

When purchasing a throw pillow, look at the care label before buying. If you have pets or kids in your home, choose an easy-to-clean fabric choice. If you have difficult stains, however, opt for a washable fabric choice. Wash your pillows once every six months using gentle detergents to help maximize their life span. Spot clean any stains that occur in between monthly washes by following these tips.

If you are unsure about how to spot clean delicate fabrics or are worried about ruining a wonderful pillow with a stubborn stain, contact a local dry-cleaning service for advice. Professionals know what materials are best cleaned with their equipment and detergents.


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