24 Stylish Dresser Alternatives

Dec 1, 2022 | Bedroom, Dressers

Many people are forgoing dressers in place of alternatives that can save space while keeping things organized. This list will cover twenty-four stylish dresser alternatives that can fit any small bedroom or minimalist lifestyle.

Use a Corner

If you don’t want to take up all the space in a small bedroom with a big piece of chunky furniture like a dresser, get creative and turn a corner of your room into a neat, organized space. 

Hanging a few shelves gives you places for items that can’t be hung up, like shoes, t-shirts, and baskets for storage. Then use one or two hanging rods to hang clothes, jackets, or purses.

Some Nice Hooks

Hanging a few nice hooks is a simple and inexpensive alternative to having a dresser. You can use a hook rack or hang individual hooks at varying heights with space in between to allow room for bulky items. 

Hanging Rack

If you don’t mind sacrificing some of your closet space, you can add a hanging rack to your closet as a suitable dresser alternative. These organizers give you plenty of shelves without having to install permanent racks.

These racks hang on your closet rod, and some have drawers. You can get them in various lengths to hold items like shoes, folded clothes, purses, and other accessories.

Bed With Drawers

Beds with built-in drawers underneath give you the perfect space-saving solution when you don’t want to have a dresser. Or if you have a dresser but need additional storage.

You can find beds with drawers on the sides that slide out from underneath or as drawers at the foot of the bed. You can even DIY custom drawers for your existing bed if you don’t want new furniture. 

Bedside Table with More Storage

Bedside tables with built-in drawers give you the benefit of drawers for storage, plus a table for keeping items close by your bed. But you won’t take up a lot of floor space, as these are typically smaller. 

You can choose to use one table with a few pull-out drawers or a table with open shelving to hold baskets or fabric drawers. Or you can double down and place a table on each side of the bed.

Colorful Plastic Storage Bins

Colorful plastic storage bins are fantastic if you’re on a budget or looking for a kid-friendly solution. Buying bins in different colors allow you to color coordinate for easier organization. Buckets are also a fun kid’s idea.

Or, if you want a more grown-up version, look for fabric storage bins in colors or patterns that match your room palette.

Decorative Baskets

You can find decorative baskets in various sizes and styles, guaranteeing that you find ones that match your room decor.

And you can store these baskets just about anywhere, from your closet or under the bed to shelves hung on the wall or tucked into a corner.


Placing a trunk at the end of your bed serves a triple purpose. First, antique trucks look great and give charm to any room. Second, you have storage for clothing, shoes, accessories, or extra blankets and pillows.

And finally, a trunk gives you a place to sit while getting ready. You can even add a cushion or pillow to the top for comfort. But you will want to use a different organization to keep your trunk in shape rather than a cluttered mess.


An armoire might not generally save any more space than you would take up using a dresser. So, if you have a small bedroom, you likely wouldn’t want to use this piece of furniture.

But the larger size of the armoire does mean you get a lot of space to store clothes while adding charm. Not only can you hang clothes inside, but there’s also a bottom shelf for storing folded clothes.

Coat Tree

Another way to get creative with storage space in place of a dresser is to use a coat tree. Now, this option won’t give you anything in the way of closed storage for folded clothes or undergarments.

But it gives you the perfect place to hang jackets, backpacks, purses, scarfs or even clothes that you would hang in a closet, like shirts, dresses, or pants. Then add shelving into the closet to account for the missing drawers you don’t get using a coat tree.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can give you storage for clothes that you put on a hanger. When you have clips, you have a place for jackets, purses, backpacks, house robes, and other items. 

But again, you won’t have a place for folded clothing. So a great balance is to add a trunk or suitcases for your other items.

Faux Window Seat Storage

Window seats are great for a place to sit and look outside. But they can also be for storing clothes when there’s empty space inside.

It’s also possible to build a faux window seat by creating a hollow bench. Then add a hinged top with removable cushions for a cozy place to sit.

Built-In Shelving Unit

You can also go with a built-in shelving unit that goes along the wall, which frees up floor space by not having a dresser. 

These built-ins can have multiple shelves of various sizes to accommodate all your storage needs. You can even build a few drawers to store items you don’t want to be left out.

Modern Wardrobe Closet

A modern wardrobe closet is an excellent choice for people who value less space to hang up clothes and more room to store folded ones. 

These wardrobes have a rod that holds a small number of clothes hung up, leaving you free to convert your closet into shelves and drawers for most of your folded clothes. 

Wall Mounted Clothes Organizer

If you don’t have limitations preventing you from making permanent shelving, consider a wall-mounted clothes organizer.

These permanent shelving organizers give you all the room you’d need for all your clothing storage without even missing the lack of a dresser. 

Ladder Hanger

Ladder hangers are an aesthetical alternative to dressers. You can find ladders of unstained wood, boho-inspired, or Scandinavian. 

These designs are the perfect solution for a minimalist bedroom. And you can adjust the height based on the number of clothes you want to hang up.

Garment Rack

A garment rack is a great dresser alternative that can give your room a designer studio feel while providing plenty of storage.

These racks have bars for hanging your clothes, with a row of open shelves along one side where you can place baskets for clothes that you fold. Then you can line your shoes up along the bottom shelves. 

Pretty Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases are a great visual to include in bedrooms where you want to have a fun prop that also serves a purpose. 

You can store clothes in the suitcases, increasing the amount of storage you have by stacking suitcases on top of each other.

Cubicle Organizer

Cubicle organizers have multiple slots filled with baskets and boxes. You can put all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories inside the bins for a simple yet attractive organization.

These dresser alternatives are stylish and give any room character and are especially great for kids’ rooms, where you can also use some of the space for toys, books, or stuffed animals. And you can go with a wide range of styles and colors.

Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest is a tall, narrow chest full of smaller drawers that won’t take up much room. The tall height is perfect for adding a mirror, jewelry box, or lamp on top.


Lockers can be an unconventional dresser alternative that can make any bedroom fun and interesting. You can paint metal lockers in any color to match your room’s color theme.

This idea is excellent for sports fanatics but also kids’ rooms. Use one locker for a place to hang a few things while also storing folded clothes. Or go with a row of lockers for additional storage.


Ottomans are a great space saver for your bedroom as a dresser alternative. Placing an ottoman at the end of your bed gives you somewhere to sit while doing your shoes or watching TV. 

And on the inside, you can store folded clothes, blankets, shoes, or other items. There are many different styles, materials, and color choices to go for any decor preferences.

Above Bed Storage

You can save a ton of space in a bedroom by forgoing a dresser in place for built-in shelving above the bed. Wall to wall, floor-to-ceiling shelving can give you the most storage. 

But you can also go understated by just hanging a few shelves above your bed or along the walls of your room.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is our final suggestion for dresser alternatives. These shelves do not have sides or fronts, giving them their open concept. 

You can place your clothes directly on the shelves or use baskets or bins to keep things organized and private. 


Many people give up on traditional furniture storage items like dressers in exchange for ideas that save space, give a unique look, or save the most money. This list provided 24 dresser alternatives that can provide you the storage you need without the traditional methods.


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