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Aug 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

We all have items that we need to store, but it’s hard to find a good place for them.

Most people don’t want to dedicate a whole room or the garage just for storage. They would rather use that space as living space instead.

A storage bench is a perfect solution because it can be used in so many places around your home and office, from the bedroom to kitchen and beyond. You will love how easy it is to keep clutter off of your floors with these benches, which are great for storing blankets and pillows too.


One of the first considerations that you’ll make when deciding you need a storage bench in your home is positioning.

Where will you put it?

Most of these benches are multipurpose, and they can fit in a grand number of spaces around the home. Some people use them as living room seating, while others keep them out by the front door to store items such as boots or shoes when guests arrive.

If your apartment is small enough, you could put one in your living room, kitchen, or dining room to store blankets and other items. If you’re tight on space in the bedroom, it can also work there.

Another factor is how tall the bench will be.

If you want a storage option that people could sit on or lean against while getting dressed in the morning or changing into something more comfortable to relax in, you will need something that has enough height. There are options available with backs or without them. You can pick from many different sizes and styles, so it’s easy to find the one that works best for your home and needs.

1. Bedroom

For the bedroom, a nightstand is a good option for storing items such as glasses, remotes, and cell phones. You can also use it to keep books or magazines that you’re reading handy next to your bed. If you have an area in the bedroom where there isn’t much space but you need something that will fit – try finding an entryway bench that you can place next to the closet or dresser. These types of benches are great for storing shoes, which is one of the most common uses for them in this location. You can put a decorative tray on top that has areas and compartments for holding items such as rings, watches, keys, cell phones, wallets, and more.

2. Entryway

A bench can be a great piece of furniture if you don’t have a lot of space in the entryway. If your space is limited, but there isn’t enough room for a coat rack or other types of storage options, consider using a storage bench instead. Keep jackets, bags, and purses on it to maximize the space. If the area is small enough you could use a bench for sitting if you place it close to the door or in front of a window. A storage ottoman is another good option because it can also double as seating that someone can lounge on while putting on shoes, and many come with compartments underneath for added storage space.

3. Kitchen

Storing food in the kitchen can be a challenge because it needs to be kept off of the countertops or other areas where it might attract bugs. If you have room for a storage bench, consider using one as an extra tabletop space – some are long and narrow so they fit perfectly on the end of your island. This way you’ll have a place to put odd-shaped food items that you don’t want sitting out where they might get damaged, such as bagged lettuce or carrots. If your kitchen has an L-shaped countertop, consider using two storage benches next to each other for extra tabletop space. You can use this area to store pots, pans, and food items while cooking or eating. You can also use it to help store dishes and other kitchenware such as serving bowls, plates, flatware, and glasses.

4. Patio

It isn’t uncommon to have a small outdoor space in your home where you want to be able to sit and relax. Having a storage bench outside is an excellent choice if you can fit it into the area and don’t mind having some extra items out in the open. You can use it for sitting, but it works even better for storing items such as cushions, blankets, and other things when your patio isn’t in use. Outdoor storage benches are also a good option to help organize the area and keep it looking clean. You can place some of your outdoor accessories next to the table, so everything you need is all rolled into one area.

5. Garage

Sometimes you have so many things in the garage that it becomes more of a storage room than anything else – and for good reason. There are numerous items that every household has to store, but when you don’t have much space it can be hard to figure out what goes where. A bench is one of the best ways to organize a garage or any other similar type of space because it isn’t as large as a cabinet, but you still have enough room for items such as gardening tools, sporting equipment, and more. When used in this way, they are perfect for storing things that need to be kept dry. If you keep items on the floor, a bench is also a great idea because it will keep dirt and other debris off of the flooring.


With bench placement decided, your focus can shift to the material you’ll use for construction. You have many options, but most of them fall into one of two categories: wood or plastic. Both are lightweight and portable, relatively easy to work with, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Which material you choose is largely a matter of personal preference as well as budget considerations – there are benefits and drawbacks associated with both types.

6. Wood

One of the big benefits of using wood is that it’s a long-lasting option and will last for many years. Cedar, redwood, or teak tend to be some of the more popular choices since they stand up well to any type of outdoor elements and are capable of lasting for decades if not longer. They’re also relatively easy to work with, which means you can get a bench that has the contour and shape you want without having to do any major work.

Wood is also lightweight, which makes it easy to move around if necessary. Plus, you can store wood benches outside with no issues – you don’t have to worry about them deteriorating or being damaged by moisture or sunlight. Wood also has a good weight to it – heavy enough that it doesn’t slide around on the floor, but light enough that you can move it easily.

Wood is often a popular choice since, like plastic, it comes in different colors and patterns as well as being able to be stained or painted. That means you could get one with your favorite college’s colors or one that coordinates with your design. There are plenty of pattern choices, too, so you may be able to find a bench in the shape and size you need – not to mention matches any existing decor you may have already established.

7. Tile

Tiles are becoming one of the most popular options for outdoor areas because they stand up well to all kinds of weather. If you have an area where water or moisture can be a problem, then this is one of the best options for creating a bench that will withstand it. Tile benches are usually made using materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or slate. Each option has its own pros and cons – slate is heavier but more durable, while ceramic is lighter and can be more easily moved. Porcelain tiles are also popular since they usually have a glossy finish that helps them to stand out from other materials.

8. Plastic

When it comes to weight, plastic benches tend to work best as extra seating when you throw a cushion on top of them – they aren’t usually heavy enough to be used as a choice for traditional seating. However, because they’re so lightweight, you can easily move them around if necessary and store them in different areas of your home with minimal effort. They’re also relatively easy to work with since there isn’t much that needs to be done when using plastic – just cut the pieces to size and then bolt them together.

Plastic is also an affordable option for benches, so they can usually fit into any budget. They’re also relatively easy to clean since you can hose them off or use a pressure washer to remove dirt, grass, and other debris. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them rotting or being damaged, which makes them a good choice for using outdoors.

9. Metal

Metal benches are a good option if you want something that’s considered to be more classic. Plus, they’re usually lighter than many of the other materials on this list. Aluminum and steel are both options that you can use to create a bench – aluminum is lightweight while steel is heavier but very durable.

10. Wicker

Wicker is a popular option for those looking to create an old-fashioned look. While this material is usually used for chairs and other furniture, you can also use it as part of your bench by choosing a set that comes with a top. Wicker generally looks best when it’s left in its natural color or has been stained (there are also paint options available).

If you’re considering making your own bench, then wicker is a great way to go since it comes in standard and pre-cut sizes, which makes working with this material much easier. You’ll also find that there are plenty of styles available, so you can choose one that has the look that you want. Wicker is also an affordable option, as it tends to be less expensive than some of the others.

11. Leather

Leather is also a popular choice for outdoor benches that’s essentially the same as wicker. However, it generally comes in lighter colors and has a different texture. It still looks best when left with its natural color, so be sure to get one where the wood can be left unfinished if you want the look of rustic leather.

Storage Type

There are many different types of storage options available for benches, and it’s the type you’ll choose that defines its use more than anything else. Outdoor storage benches can be very versatile, as you’ll find that there are many that have drawers or shelves included. These types of benches typically work better if you intend to leave them out all year round – otherwise, your outdoor items will likely freeze in the winter and get too hot during warmer months.

12. Flip Top

This type of bench is made from a single piece of wood that sits in an open position. These benches are usually installed so they can flip towards a wall, which makes its contents secure and hidden away from everyone else. Flip-top storage benches work best for items like small toys, books, or other miscellaneous items that you want to keep out of sight.

13. Lift Top

This is another common storage bench that’s made from a single piece of wood – only this one lifts up and over like a lid so you can access what’s inside. Lid storage benches are perfect for small items, such as blankets or toys, especially because they’re designed to keep everything contained when in use and then closed when not in use. They’re often used to hide away clutter that most people find unattractive, and they look nice as well since they come in many different styles.

14. Hideaway

Hideaway benches are a great option for those with limited space or who don’t have room for both furniture and storage. This style of bench typically comes with a lid that lifts up and over, like most lids but these have an extra feature. This type of bench usually has hidden compartments underneath the seat on which it sits. These can be separated into different sections in order to give you more storage options – simply lift the lid and slide out whatever section you need.

15. Cubby

The cubbyhole bench is essentially a miniature version of the hideaway. It has the same type of lid that lifts up, and it also has separate compartments inside for storage. These benches are usually used in conjunction with others to allow you to save space while still getting the storage options you want. They can be placed end-to-end to form a wall, which makes them great for adding extra seating and storage options where space is an issue.

16. Cable Access

One of the best reasons to choose a cable access bench is its convenient design. You can place these benches next to your TV or entertainment area, so you can have easy access to any cables that you need. These benches have a large opening that’s made to fit your cables so they’re out of the way, yet still handy when you need them. You’ll find some cable access storage benches also include one or two drawers for even more options.

17. Drawer

Drawer storage benches are one of the most common types you’ll find available. They come in many different styles and designs, some with the intention of giving you extra seating while others provide strictly storage. You’ll find these types of benches at home improvement stores, furniture stores or even online. These benches have sturdy construction that makes them ideal for use in your home. They have a smooth, wooded finish and usually come in natural colors such as brown or white.

18. Ottoman

Ottomans can provide you with storage options – just don’t expect to find a lot of extra space inside. These benches have a small top surface that’s typically used for decorative purposes while the base opens up to form extra storage. You’ll find ottomans made with wooden tops and sometimes other materials, but these are mostly used for decoration rather than storage.

19. Shoe

Shoe storage benches are another type of bench that’s typically used for decoration rather than practicality. The main appeal of these types is they can function as a shoebox – or at least give you the illusion of using one. This is because the lid lifts up to form a false front, which makes it look like you’re storing your shoes when in fact the only shoes you have are those that are worn on your feet. This is perfect if you don’t want anyone knowing what’s truly hidden inside, or perhaps even if you’re a little embarrassed by your lack of shoe collection.

20. Cabinet

Cabinet benches are a great option for those who don’t have room for a standard-size couch. This type of bench has storage and seating all in one, so you can maximize the use of your space without taking up any extra room. The lid on cabinet benches lifts up just like most other types, but it can be set at multiple angles instead of in one position. This makes it a great way to save space, especially if you have limited seating options in your home or apartment.


Do you prefer modern design elements over classic ones? Some people prefer the look of leather over microfiber for their home accessories, while others want all wood furniture. No matter what you like, there will be a storage bench here to suit your style and needs. You can also coordinate it with other pieces in your home by picking a furniture set that includes more than just one item. It’s much more convenient to purchase items that all match, and it looks better too.

21. Traditional

Traditional storage benches are a great option if you want to have extra seating and space for storage all in one piece of furniture. These types of benches are very popular because they look classy, yet still fit in with most traditional-style homes. They’re designed with wooden frames that have smooth wood surfaces, usually finished in either light brown or white.

22. Contemporary

Contemporary storage benches are another type that can fit into any home style, and they come in a variety of different styles. You’ll find these types with what appear to be plastic or metal frames with fabric on the surface as well as other materials. These can provide you with ample space for all your things without taking up too much room, which is another great option for those who are short on space.

23. Cottage

Cottage storage benches are designed to keep a home feel warm and inviting, while also providing ample space for your stuff. These types have the sturdiest construction of all the different bench styles, which makes them great if you need extra seating as well as storage. The best part about these types is they come in many different colors and designs to match your style. You can go with a classic look or something that is more contemporary, and everything in between.

24. Industrial

Do you have an industrial-style home? If so, then perhaps your style is a bit edgier with the things that are in it. If this sounds like you, then we’ve just found what you’re looking for. We know how difficult it can be to find items that match your existing decor, but these types of benches typically lend themselves to this style.

25. Modern

If you have a modern home, then it’s important to make sure every item matches that style. Storage benches come in several different styles, and some of them even offer an industrial look while still keeping your space looking sleek and modern. If you’re not into things that are plastic or metal, there are also more traditional options as well. Modern storage benches typically have wooden frames and a soft fabric covering.


Storage benches are a great way to save space in your home while also adding extra seating. If you’re looking for convenient ways to store and decorate, then we recommend checking out the different types of storage bench styles available. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary furniture, there’s something here that will work with your existing style.


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