10 Best Hairpin Leg Kits For Custom Furniture

Apr 27, 2021 | Home Improvement Reviews, What To Buy

When trying to find leg solutions for DIY furniture, many people consider hairpin legs, which makes a great addition to rooms with industrial, mid-century, farmhouse, rustic, or modern themes.

We’ve put together a review of the ten best hairpin leg kits to help you narrow down your selection process. Then, don’t forget to check out our detailed buyer’s guide that will help you understand the shopping criteria to consider during your shopping trip. We’ll conclude our piece by answering some frequently asked questions about hairpin legs. 

Get ready to travel back to the 1940s as we explore the dynamic world of hairpin leg kits for DIY furniture projects like stools, coffee tables, end tables, nightstands, desks, dining tables, or pieces to go outdoors on your patio. 

The 10 Best Hairpin Leg Kits

Let’s start our trip by taking a look at the ten best hairpin leg kits available. We chose these ten options based on their performance, features, customer reputation, and reviews. We’ll provide details about the product and complete the section by summing up the benefits and disadvantages of each item. 

1. SmartStandard 16” Heavy Duty Hairpin Furniture Legs


SMARTSTANDARD 16 Inch Heavy Duty Hairpin Furniture Legs, Metal Home DIY Projects for Nightstand, Coffee Table, Desk, etc with Rubber Floor Protectors Black 4PCS

  • Additional Floor Protectors: When you purchase a set of mid-century modern legs you’ll also get a set of rubber feet! Use them to protect your floors from damage or as an added stabilizer for that wobbly chair or table.

The SmartStandard hairpin furniture legs come in lengths of 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 14”, or 16” in gray or black powder coat ⅜” cold rolled steel for a mid-century modern or industrial design and a 300-pound weight capacity. 

You also get four rubber feet that go on the bottom of the legs to protect your floors and make moving easier. They also keep your table more stable. 

This option is a perfect DIY leg kit with an easy-to-install welded mounting bracket with five holes pre-drilled. This plate is 4” L x 1 ⅞” W x ⅛” thick, constructed of heavy-duty steel.


  • Pre-drilled holes
  • It comes with all necessary accessories
  • Multiple lengths
  • Powder-coated finish


  • Low weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Smaller mounting bracket

2. AecoJoy 16” Black Hairpin Legs


AECOJOY 16″ Black Hairpin Legs, 3/8″ Diameter, Set for 4 Heavy Duty 2 Rods Table Legs, for DIY Desk, Stand, Bench

  • AECOJOY 16″ Hairpin Table Legs, the set of 4, 20pcs 4/5″ screws,4 rubber feet, 3/8″ Solid Raw Steel and Stain Black finish

Another of the best hairpin leg kits is this four-piece DIY kit by AecoJoy. You have size options of 16” or 28” heights in color choices of black stain finish or solid raw steel. 

These ⅜” thick legs are easy to install due to the pre-drilled holes in the mounting plates with a max weight capacity of 350 pounds. 

Four rubber feet keep this table in place, offer stability, and reduces damage to your floors. This kit also comes with the twenty ⅘” screws needed to mount these legs to nightstands, coffee tables, desks, benches, media consoles, end tables, or other DIY tabletops.


  • Predrilled holes
  • Includes all accessories
  • Black or steel for painting custom color
  • Versatile use


  • Limited use due to lower weight capacity of 350 pounds

3. Homeland Hardware 22” Satin Black Hairpin Legs

22 Inch Hairpin Legs 1/2 Inch Thick – Satin Black – Leg Protectors, Screws, Set of 4 – Easy to Install – Metal Legs – Desk Legs – Furniture Legs – Mid Century Modern by Homeland Hardware

  • Hairpin Table Legs: Whether you’re a professional carpenter or woodworking is your hobby, our metal furniture legs will give your project the support it needs! Each order includes 4 of our 22” legs (1/2” diameter) matching #10 3/4” wood screws (20) & leg protector feet (4) for a total convenience.

These powder-coated satin black ½” diameter cold-rolled steel hairpin legs come in lengths of 4”, 12”, 18”, 20”, 22”, or 26” with attached 4.75” x 2” metal mounting brackets with pre-drilled holes for maximum surface contact and support. 

When you order the Homeland Hardware satin black hairpin legs, you get all the necessary hardware – twenty #10 ¾” wood screws plus four-leg protectors. 

The classic “V” design of the legs lends a touch of modern, industrial, or mid-century design. These versatile hairpin table legs have a max weight capacity of 500 pounds, making them excellent for coffee tables, desks, or benches. 


  • Classic V design
  • All accessories included
  • Multiple length options
  • Large weight capacity of 500 pounds


  • Only one color option

4. SmartStandard 40” Metal Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

SMARTSTANDARD 40″ Metal Hairpin Coffee Table Legs, 1/2″ 3 Solid Rods, Industrial Home DIY Projects for Furniture, Bench, Dining Board, Desk, High-Stand with Rubber Floor Protectors, Black, 4PCS

  • Additional Floor Protectors: When you purchase a set of mid-century modern legs you’ll also get a set of rubber feet! Use them to protect your floors from damage or as an added stabilizer for that wobbly chair or table. You can use them to make dining table legs, farmhouse table legs, outdoor table legs, metal table legs!

The SmartStandard hairpin legs offer a different style than other manufacturers by using three solid 3 ½” rods for each leg, adding extra support for up to 500 pounds of weight.

You have length options of 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 34”, or 40” and color choices of powder-coated black or gray for a smooth, glossy look and feel. 

The 4 ¾” L x 1 ¾” W x ⅛” thick mounting brackets come with five holes pre-drilled for easy installation. You also get rubber feet to protect your floor and keep your creation stable.


  • Multiple length options
  • Five pre-drilled holes
  • Includes all accessories
  • 500-pound weight capacity


  • Can’t repaint for custom color

5. Mid Century Modern Hairpin Legs 18” Set


Hairpin Legs 18 inch Set of 4, DIY Furniture Metal Table Legs Perfect for Coffee Table, Dining Table, Designer Desk, Nightstand, 3/8″ Diameter Satin Black Two-Rod Mid Century Modern Style (18″, Black)

  • Minimalist Design: A sturdy twist on the classic mid-century modern style hairpin legs have a classic V shape, simple and natural, rustic industrial style.

These Mid Century modern hairpin legs come in lengths of 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” or 28” of ⅜” solid cold-rolled iron-stained frosted black.

The 3cm wide 11 cm long welded mounting brackets have pre-drilled holes for quick install and holds the legs at an 80-degree angle for a classic “v” shape. 

You also get all the screws and four plastic foot protectors that easily snap to the rounded ends of the legs for stability and protection.


  • Multiple lengths
  • Classic V-shape
  • 80-degree angle
  • Cold rolled construction


  • Only one color choice

6. Omoi Hardware 28” Hairpin Legs

Omoi Hardware 28 inch Hairpin Legs, 3 Rods, 1/2” Thick, Solid Steel Metal, Heavy Duty, Black, Set of 4, Rubber Floor Protectors & Strong Screws for Industrial Furniture, Desk, Dining Table, High Stand

  • [QUALITY TO COUNT ON!] Building a new dining tables for your family? Made from cold-rolled steel, our wrought iron table legs welded by our craftsmen especially to add stiffness and stability to heavily utilized furniture like desk.

Another fantastic option for three-rod hairpin legs is these ½” thick 28” long satin black cold roll solid steel wrought iron legs by Omoi Hardware.

These attractive hairpin legs have 6.5” wide (from corner to corner), 4.75” long with a 2” width from corner to corner mounting brackets double welded to the top for secure stability, and four pre-drilled holes spaced 2” apart for easy installation using the 20 included screws.

You also get four dome-shaped foot covers to keep your floors safe and your table sturdy. These powder-coated hairpin legs work for indoor or outdoor furniture due to being resistant to rust or corrosion. They’re even paintable if you want to change the color.  


  • Paintable surface
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Cold roll construction
  • Welded mounting brackets with pre-drilled holes


  • Only one size option

7. Winston Industrial Iron Hairpin Table Legs

WINSOON Industrial Iron Hairpin Table Legs 18 Inch Set of 4 Pack Metal Bench Legs for Furniture feet Wooden Desk Legs Hair Pin Design (18 Inch 3-Rod Black)

  • ✔SIMPLE HAIRPIN TABLE LEG-Color: black. Material: High quality steel which provides great stability for furniture hardware projects.

Winston offers these black iron hairpin legs with three rods for extra support and sturdiness. You have size options of 16”, 18”, 28”, or 34” and color choices of black or gray. You also have the choice of 16” or 28” two-rod hairpin legs or 16” or 34” with four rods.

These legs are ½” thick cold rolled steel and connect to the 1 ¾” wide x 4 ¾” long pre-drilled mounting brackets with a flat, traceless weld joint for an attractive, clean finish.

You get the advantage of a higher weight capacity of 450 pounds, making these legs versatile enough to use for light or heavy furniture like benches, desks, or large tables. This set also comes with four gripped foot caps that will give your furniture a slight elevation, better stability, and won’t hurt your floors.


  • Two, three, or four-rod options
  • Multiple length choices
  • Flat, unseen weld joints
  • Cold steel construction


  • Medium weight capacity of 450 pounds
  • Limited color choices

8. Orgerphy 8” Heavy-Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

Orgerphy 8” Black Heavy-Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs (4PCS) | Diameter 3/8” | with Screws and 4pcs Bonus Rubber Floor Protectors | Mid Century Modern Metal Legs Desk Legs Furniture Legs for DIYers

  • ☆ MATERIAL☆:The 8inch hairpin legs are made of heavy-duty solid steel, and cold-rolled steel make the legs sturdier and more durable, Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish, it will support up to 300 lbs. The legs are smooth and comfortable to the touch;

These two rods, ⅜” thick cold-rolled solid steel hairpin legs by Orgerphy, come in lengths of 4”, 8”, 12”, 14”, or 16” for more stability and durability. 

The black powder coat finish is rust-resistant, making these legs perfect for furniture outdoors or inside. The welded mounting brackets have dimensions of 1 ⅜” W x 3 15/16” L x ⅛” thick and pre-drilled holes that make assembly easy using the 20 included screws.

These legs do have a weight capacity towards the lower end of only 300 pounds, which may limit its use to a single or children’s bench, small desks, tables, or nightstands. You also get four rubber foot caps.  


  • Multiple length options
  • Cold rolled construction
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Rust-proof
  • All accessories included


  • Only one color option
  • Small mounting bracket

9. Interesthing Home 6” Hairpin Legs 

Interesthing Home Hairpin Legs for Coffee and End Tables, Chairs and Home DIY Projects, 6 Inches

  • AN EYE FOR DESIGN: Your home is a reflection of your personality, so make sure your furniture is saying all the right things! Use the INTERESTHING Home’s hairpin table legs to design and create household pieces that you’ll love for years.

These hairpin legs by Interesthing Home come in lengths of 6”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 28”, or 34” of two rods 0.25” cold rolled steel designed from the inspiration of original hairpin designer Henry P. Glass with a classic look reminiscent of the 1940s.

Welded mounting plates provide superior stability and durability with five pre-drilled holes and rounded corners. Installation is easy using a drill, and the included twenty screws. You also get four rubber foot protectors that pop onto the feet. 

This product has a max weight capacity of 440 pounds, making these legs strong enough to use for a wide range of projects, including desks, couches, or dining room tables. 


  • Multiple length options
  • Cold steel construction
  • Replica of original 1940s design
  • All accessories included


  • Medium weight capacity of 440 pounds
  • Weld is visible

10. Welland 19” Hairpin Metal Legs


Welland 19″ Satin Black Hairpin Metal Legs 1/2” Diameter Set of 4 with Free Screws Use to Home DIY Projects for Furniture

  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL MATERIAL: These hairpin legs made of grade cold rolled steel with matte spray paint finish. The Capable weight supports up to 250 lbs.

Our final recommendation is these hairpin metal legs by Welland, available in 19” or 25.5” lengths. These legs are ½” thick cold rolled steel with a welded 90-degree angled mounting bracket that’s 6.5” wide between the rounded corners.

The Jet Black Satin matte powder-coated spray paint finish makes these legs retain their color and feel smooth to the touch. With a low weight capacity of 250 pounds, you’d want to limit the use to smaller items like coffee or end tables. 

These legs can go with modern, industrial, rustic, or mid-century styles to complete a room’s aesthetic. You get all the screws needed for assembly using the pre-drilled holes, plus four caps to place on the rounded feet. 


  • ½” thick steel
  • Cold roll construction
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • 90-degree angle


  • Limited size options
  • One-color option

Overview of Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs offer a unique aesthetic due to their shape, made by bending slender metal rods into a rounded V shape. 

Many DIY’ers love this style due to its ease of installation. These legs come assembled with mounting plates welded on, so you don’t have to worry about the plating coming off. The only work you have to do for installing them is placing the mounting plate on your surface and screw it in place using the included screws and a drill. 

This design started as a post-WWII design due to its practical and sensible design. Decades later, this style is still a preference for those looking for a unique piece to fit industrial or mid-century modern themes. 

The hairpin style is the creation of an Austrian-American named Henry Glass, who moved to Chicago during WWII in the mid-40s. Glass made the first hairpin leg in 1941. The first legs used on furniture was a limited-series collection by Russel Wright American-Why. This patio set included three chairs, five tables, and a settee.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Hairpin Leg Kits

The category of hairpin legs encompasses multiple varieties and types. To help you make a better decision on which style you’d prefer, consider these factors.


The first consideration would be the style of the room where you’d be using hairpin legs. The slender legs and sleek design lend a better aesthetic to industrial, mid-century, or modern themes. Some people also like to use them for rustic designs, although they might look out of place in rooms with antiques or formal spaces.


The height of your planned piece of furnishing should be of utmost concern if you want to achieve the proper aesthetic. A smart tip is to consider the size of the furniture already in your room. 

You want to find a height that is at a comfortable level for the piece. If you’re making a coffee table, you wouldn’t want it to sit too low to the ground or sit too high above couch height. The best length would be the same height as your couch.

For desks, dining room tables, or stools, you’d want to consider the height of users to ensure you pick a length that will give you adequate room. A dining room table would do best with 28” to 28” legs, depending on the thickness of the tabletop. The goal is to have 30” of height for your table, including the legs and the top. 

For side tables – the most common use for hairpin legs – you’d want to have your table sitting slightly higher than your other furniture. The elevated height makes it easier to reach things next to you without risking knocking them over. 

Custom Details

Hairpin legs are a favorite for DIY’ers because they’re one of the simplest accessories to attach to a custom piece of furniture. 

When choosing hairpin legs, you have different customization options. Some people prefer to stick with the basic design of metal legs powder-coated black. But then there are some options for legs that come in copper. Other people prefer to choose options that allow for applying your own paint for a unique color and style.


Another detail to consider when choosing between different hairpin legs is the number of rods. Traditionally, hairpin legs have two rods, one on each side of the mounting plate. 

However, you can also find these legs with one rod for furniture that mounts to the wall or other solid structures. Then there are also options for three or four rodded hairpin legs.

The more rods there are, the more sturdy your creation will turn out. And many times, the extra rods also increase the weight capacity.

Weight Limit

Another crucial consideration for hairpin legs is the weight limit they can withstand. This weight capacity will affect the decisions about the brand, rod number, and thickness of the material. 

The more rods you have, the more weight the legs can support. Most three and four-rod tables can withstand up to 550 pounds. This weight limit includes the surface and any items you’ll be placing on top. Three to four-rod hairpin legs are ideal for large pieces of furniture like desks or dining tables. 

You won’t need as much weight capacity for smaller tables, making a two-rod hairpin leg suitable. However, two rodded legs will not provide as much stability, with the legs getting more wobbly as you add more weight. 

Cold rolled

Different companies use altering manufacturing methods to make their products. When you’re comparing other companies to find the right seller, check to see which process they use for their hairpin leg construction.

Avoid any company that makes their legs using hot rolled steel, which often has pits and an unrounded shape. Cold-rolled steel is the preferred manufacturing process for hairpin legs due to its uniform thickness, precision, and finish. 

Best Hairpin Leg Kits FAQ

We’ll complete this review and buyer’s guide of the best hairpin leg kits by answering some frequently asked questions customers have about the topic. 

Are Hairpin Table Legs Sturdy?

Hairpin legs are made of steel, which gives them stability and durability. The type of metal, the thickness, and the manufacturing process can affect the leg’s sturdiness. But the weight capacity and the number of rods will also affect the sturdiness. The more rods there are, the sturdier it will become. 

Do hairpin legs wobble?

Two-rod hairpin legs can become wobbly with added weight or due to the floor. Using foot protectors can help offset some of the wobbliness, but it may not correct it completely. As we mentioned with the sturdiness, choosing a hairpin leg kit with three or four rods instead of only two will give you more balance.

What weight can hairpin legs support?

The weight capacity of hairpin legs varies by style. Two-rod hairpin legs often have a max weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds. Whereas with three or four-rod legs, you have a greater weight limit of 400 to 550 pounds.

Does IKEA sell hairpin legs?

At this time, there are no options for purchasing hairpin legs from IKEA. Their inventory does not turn up any results for this style of DIY furniture. 


Hairpin legs are one of the easiest items to use when creating unique DIY furniture. These V-shaped metal legs can work for a wide range of furniture, from small options like coffee or end tables to more oversized items like desks or dining tables. You can even find some alternatives that will work for outdoor settings. Thanks for checking our or reviews of the ten best hairpin leg kits.


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