28 Beautiful Ideas For Bathroom Window Curtains

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If you have a window in your bathroom, you may be looking at creative ways to cover the glass. To ensure you get a design that matches your bathroom while adding privacy and style. We’ve put together this list of 28 bathroom curtain ideas to cover any size window.

Picking the right curtain is crucial for your bathroom design, so make sure you get it right by choosing the correct colors, designs, and size curtains. Of course, if your window faces a public space, you’ll want to choose a curtain that blocks you from outside viewing. But if you have privacy, you’re not limited on what type of design to choose. 

Gauzy White

Gauzy white curtains are great for bathroom windows where you’re not concerned about privacy. If you’re trying to block your neighbors from seeing into the bathroom, these aren’t the curtains for you. But they’re the perfect choice for bathrooms where you need a stylish curtain for aesthetics rather than function. 

Coastal Theme

Coastal themes are one of the most popular choices for bathrooms, even in homes far away from the beach. Choosing ocean-themed curtains is a fantastic way to give your bathroom a beachy oasis retreat, no matter how far you are from the sandy shores. Coastal themes include images of marine life (seashells, seahorses, starfish, or coral), beachy colors like blue or white, or sayings.

Window Shade

If curtains aren’t your thing, there’s always the option to install a window shade instead. There are multiple benefits, including more privacy, easier operation, and space-saving. A curtain that sticks out over the window can make the area feel tight and closed off in a small bathroom. Since shades rest inside the window frame, it doesn’t feel like you’ve lost real estate.

Delicate Black

If you prefer design ideas that aren’t common, consider curtains in a delicate black style. Choosing sheer black curtains ensures that you still get natural light while obscuring the view. Curtains with colored accents make for easier matching with other decor pieces. A two-piece curtain set would also let in light while giving privacy.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is another suitable bathroom window treatment option. Choosing blinds that resemble wood gives your windows elegance, privacy, and a unique design element. Wood blinds are great for a minimalist look where you don’t want the hassles and frills of curtains. You can pick different shades of faux wood to match your bathroom design.

Flowery Print

Floral prints are the perfect design for brightening a space up with pops of color without being overpowering. There are plenty of strategies that can make the space cheery without becoming frilly and feminine. One option is to use the colors of the flower print to match with other accent shades in your room. Try for a dramatic effect by choosing black and white flowers. Daisies, sunflowers, and roses are popular flower choices.

Matching Window And Shower Curtains

Want a bathroom that has a complete matching design? Consider picking up a bathroom window curtain in the same pattern as your shower curtain. 

If you choose curtains that match, it’s best to go with a simple pattern in subtle colors, so the area doesn’t feel too busy. Curtains featuring many bright colors can make the eye wander, causing a distraction rather than a single focal point. 


If you want to give your bathroom a delicate, feminine feel, consider using a window curtain in pink. You can go with a light pale shade to make the space feel bright or go with a dusky pink for a calming feel. 

There are various shades of pink, allowing you to find a color that meets your tastes. Then, finish the design with subtle decorative accents in muted complementary colors.  


Ruffled curtains give your bathroom a fancy, elegant feel. No matter the size of your bathroom window, ruffled curtains can liven up any space with fabric that overlaps in layers. You can find floor-length or short curtains in any color and material. Go with a sheer design for a light and breezy or solid cotton for privacy.

Playful Theme

If your bathroom window isn’t large enough for full curtains, you can still add character and design using a playful valance. Or you could go the whole way and choose a matching set of valance and side panels. 

Fun themes include nautical, beach, lake, or children’s designs to a playful bathroom. Images of wild cartoon animals, movie characters, ABCs and 123’s or whimsical colors are perfect for making bathtime fun.  

Draped Panel

Draped panels can give your bathroom window symmetry and a traditional design element. These curtains consist of a panel draped over the curtain rod that frames the curtains to provide a loose, flowy design. This old-fashioned look screams country or farmhouse chic. 

White is the most popular choice, but you can also find draped panels in other colors for a complete design aesthetic.


Striped patterns never go out of style, and that includes striped curtains for your bathroom. Because stripes are a familiar pattern, you can find this design in any color combination, size, and material, allowing you to pick a combo that matches your bathroom’s color theme. For example, you can use stripes for farmhouse, rustic, minimalistic, or modern designs.

In terms of the stripes, you can find options that run horizontally or vertically. Lines that run up and down can give your window the perception of having a taller height, whereas lines that go lengthwise can make your window look wider.

Darker Complementary Shade

Choosing a darker complementary shade that matches your bathroom’s accents is another excellent way to update your bathroom window treatments. Darker shades of curtains look best when made of thick material and will give you the most privacy. However, they will block out most of the natural light.

Gold Edging


Looking for a way to add some glam to keep your bathroom looking glitzy rather than simple and basic? Consider light gauzy white window curtains with gold edges. These curtains can go well with any color palette while adding glamour that’s sure to make you feel classy and elegant.

Black and White

Curtains in a black and white theme give your room a modern dramatic effect. Try a geometric print for a statement piece. Because of the contrasts between the two colors, a simple pattern makes a big punch. 


When you have small windows, you can give the illusion of larger size by choosing floor-length curtains. To make the look work for your space, select curtains with colors that contrast with the wall so the area stands out more.

Bold Color

Don’t be afraid to pick a bold color for your bathroom window curtains. Bold colors are a great way to show personality while giving your bathroom show-stopping appeal. You can pick one bold color for your curtains without the color showing up in the rest of your design or choose a complementary shade.


Tieback straps offer functionality and appeal that helps thicker curtains keep the natural flow line while keeping them pulled up out of the way when you want them open. You can find a tieback that matches your curtains or choose a unique design such as a rope style for a more demanding visual.


A unique option for bathroom window curtains is embroidered window tiers. These curtain designs have an embroidered base that provides privacy with an embroidered upper curtain. An open space between the two curtain pieces allows in natural light. These curtains are great for farmhouse, rustic, or country-themed bathrooms.

Half Curtain

Half curtains are a great decorative solution for small windows where you don’t need to worry about privacy. Most people use half curtains in kitchens, but they’re also suitable for bathroom windows. 


Sheer curtains are the best design for windows where you want to let in natural light without blocking the window by fabric. Most sheer curtains won’t do anything for privacy, but they’ll do everything for style.


A curtain with beads is a way to add a unique design element to your bathroom window. This is another curtain design that won’t give you privacy, but it can make your private bathroom feel otherworldly as the sun shines through the beads. You can buy a curtain or DIY using your choice of beads, like glass, stone, or plastic.

Privacy Film

Privacy film is an ingenious alternative to hanging curtains. This film applies directly over the window, providing privacy and sometimes visual appeal. You can find privacy film that looks like frosted glass, mirrored, tinted, or even made to look like decorative stained glass. And best of all, it’s temporary. The peel and stick design are perfect for rental properties. 


Tasseled curtains are an excellent addition to bathrooms where you want to achieve a boho aesthetic. You can find designs in various color combinations and styles for a cohesive look. An extra design tip is to choose a decorative curtain rod. 


Windows built inside a bathtub or shower stall pose unique challenges when it comes to window coverings. Window treatments for these areas need to be able to resist water without getting damaged. Fabric isn’t a good choice, as it can get moldy and smelly when it gets wet. Vinyl or plastic curtains offer privacy, style and are waterproof. 


Bring the outdoors inside by using vines to cover your bathroom windows in place of standard curtains. If you’re worried about keeping natural plants alive, consider fake greenery instead. There are multiple types of faux vine curtains that you can use. 

Another option is to place a hanging basket at the top of the window, letting the vines cascade down to act as a curtain. But, again, these vines can be fake or real.  


Plants in the bathroom are a great way to create a zin space that’s conducive to relaxing. It’s not hard to find plants that grow well in the humid conditions of a bathroom. Check out this article for twenty-five of the best plants to use in your bathroom. Golden pothos, English Ivy, and Tradescantia are just a few attractive bathroom plants.


Keeping your bathroom insulated can be tricky when there’s a window in the room. If your window isn’t insulated, you can lose a lot of energy. In addition, heat entering or escaping can make your space the wrong temperature for comfortable bathing. 

Choosing quilted curtains can help regulate the room temperature. There are many types of thermal curtains in various levels of protection. 


Having a window in your bathroom doesn’t have to be awkward, and show all your business to the neighborhood. We’ve given you 28 bathroom curtain ideas that can turn your window into an attraction rather than a peak show. Get privacy and style with any of these beautiful ideas. 


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