21 Beautiful Sofa Table Ideas for Your Living Room

Jul 1, 2022 | Coffee Tables

Your living room is one of the most used and most essential rooms in your house. Because your family and guests will spend the majority of their time in the living room, you’ll want the space to be as comfortable and inviting as possible. You also want it to look like a cohesive design rather than a clash of pieces. 

One way to improve your room’s aesthetic is to use sofa tables. A sofa table goes behind the couch and sits a bit lower than the back of your couch. You can use couch tables for furniture that sits in the middle of the room or to go between the couch and the wall. Check out these sofa tables decorations ideas to help you decide which design is best for your living room.

Mix Metal and Wood

Wood and metal go together like peanut butter and jelly. So if you want to achieve an industrial, modern, or rustic country feel, consider a sofa table with wood and metal elements.

Wood tables instantly enhance the appeal of a space, whereas metal accents give the area more contrast. Using mixed materials is a simple yet dramatic design tool. Pick an eclectic table with shelving for additional storage. 


If you’re a social butterfly that’s always having company visits, you may find yourself lacking enough space for everyone to sit in the living room. 

Placing a sofa table in your living room can do incredible things, like give your visitors more places to sit. Now, we’re not talking about letting your people sit on top of the table. Instead, choose a table design that’s open below the tabletop. Then pick one or two stools that will fit underneath the table when not in use.

Cool Look

If you prefer glitz and glam, consider choosing a cool look for your sofa tables, such as one with a glass top and a chrome metal frame. Also, look for intricate leg designs for a show-stopping feature.

To increase the design appeal of the sofa table, top the table with bright-colored decor pieces, succulents, or other plant greenery in fashionable planters or a small lamp.    

Pro tip: Choosing an appropriately sized lamp is crucial for your design. You can determine the height you need by considering the height of the table and couch. Short styles do best with a lamp that’s 26″ to 30″ tall, whereas taller sofas and tables look better with a larger size between 30″ and 35″. 

Wooden Table

Wooden sofa tables are a common choice for living rooms. Going with light-colored wood can help the space feel inviting and breezy. If you’re hoping to achieve a beachy theme, go with soft-colored wood over darker shades.

Picking a table with multiple open shelves allows you to have extra storage for decor, books, blankets, or greenery. Adding one or two lamps provides additional lighting and ties the design together. 


Metallic pieces are fantastic to incorporate into your living room, pairing well with multiple design themes. For a more feminine look, consider sofa tables made of a glass top and a metallic frame, such as gold-colored.

Not a fan of gold-tinted pieces? Think about using polished chrome instead. Then, complete your sofa table design with picture frames and decor pieces. Sofa tables with multiple shelves look fantastic when metallic colored and paired with a bold-colored couch.


The size of your table should be proportional to the size of the sofa. Otherwise, you could end up with a clashing design. 

Sectional couches are especially specific about the size of the table that will look appropriate. A small table against this size couch would border on awkward. On the other hand, a long table with multiple sections would match perfectly.

Funky Design

Getting funky with your design is a fantastic way to incorporate your tastes without overpowering the room’s aesthetic. 

Modern-style tables come in a range of styles, allowing you to have an interesting design that blends with the rest of the room. Finish your table decor with artwork, vases, and flowers.

Table With Hairpin Legs

Tables with hairpin legs are excellent for modern decor themes. Hairpin legs are skinny rather than chunky and thick. The legs are the statement piece for the table, formed into a slender rounded “V” shape.

You can find tables in various materials and designs, with most hairpin legs being some form of metal, although there are the occasional wood legs. You can even make a DIY table using a hairpin leg kit. 

Rustic Charm

Rustic charm is a trending design right now, making for the perfect inspiration for a sofa table. Wood is a popular material for rustic styles and typically goes with any decor.  

Reclaimed or distressed wood pieces are perfect for achieving a rustic charm. You can pick up an old table piece at an antique store or flea market and refinish it yourself. Or you can buy new tables created with a distressed look. A distressed look is when the paint has scuffs and signs of wear, often caused by years of use. 

Different Colors

Your sofa table doesn’t have to be a basic table made of natural metal or wood tones. Instead, consider a table that’s in a different color for a powerful statement piece. Teal is a popular color for sofa tables in a room with a pale color palette. Bright lemon yellow gives the room a sunny feel, while aqua or turquoise could blend with a beachy theme.

You can choose a paint color that matches the color accents throughout your room. Or choose a different shade to add a pop of color to a room with heavy pale hues, such as many white or cream colors.

Mid-Century Modern

If you’re a fan of flared legs and curved edges, your tastes lend more towards the mid-century modern design. Look for a sofa table that incorporates multiple design elements such as glass and wood. 

Finish your table design using decor in metallics and bold colors. Vases, books, greenery, or picture frames will all look great as table toppers.

Keep It Simple

You don’t always have to go with an elaborate, highly decorative sofa table. Sometimes, space looks best when you keep it simple. 

If your room already has many bright colors, prints, and patterns, choosing a simple sofa table design helps tone down the room. Look for minimalistic, sleek designs, like a wood table that consists of three pieces (two legs and the tabletop) with sharp corners.

Carved Flourishes

Looking for a sofa table that exudes elegance and charm? Skip the minimalistic straight line of modern tables in favor of a heavy wood table with carved legs. 

If the space behind your couch is tight, with minimal space, a low-profile table will work better, giving the room style without being too much. 

Storage Space

Many times, we find ourselves with a ton of stuff and no place to store it. But sofa tables offer the perfect solution. You do have to be careful when shopping for a sofa table with cabinetry, lest you pick a design that looks more like an entertainment center.

A sofa table with drawers gives you plenty of room to store items you want to keep close-by but out of sight, like blankets, batteries, or kids’ toys. Some designs feature an open shelve at the bottom that’s perfect for holding books. 

Yet other console tables will have no drawers but multiple open shelves beneath the tabletop. You can place decor items on these shelves or put linen baskets to hold all your stuff.


You can also show off your style and personality by choosing a unique piece that you know won’t be in any of your friends’, families’, or neighbors’ houses.

For instance, a unique design piece could consist of a glass tabletop with clear legs. Top your table design with candles, metal accents, and books, or add bold colors for contrast.

Metal Frame

Many people love using metal-framed tables for industrial, mid-century modern, and often rustic or country themes. However, to prevent a metal table from looking too uniform and cold, look for designs that feature metal legs with a wood tabletop. 

Most metal designs are sleek and minimalistic, with thin legs and a thin, narrow top. Keep the accent pieces to a minimum to keep the clean, functional look. A lamp, your current book, and clear glass accents can tie the whole look together.


Console tables with built-in drawers give you closed storage for items you don’t want visible, such as paperwork, lighters or matches, medicine, and other things. 

While drawers are great for hiding things, choosing a table with shelves allows you to have more room for decor pieces. 

Show Some Grain

You can also choose wood left in its natural state. You get the beauty of the wood’s grain, covered with a protective clear coat to enhance the grain’s appearance. 

A black frame with open natural wood shelving can make quite a punch. And because the wood is the focus, you can keep the decor to a minimum and still have a stylish statement piece.

Classic White

Are you looking for a bright classic sofa table? Consider keeping it simple by going with one painted white. Traditional white tables are a must for rustic charm, farmhouse chic, and country-style rooms. 

White tables are perfect for occasions when you want a functional table without much of a design punch. Rather than making a statement and standing out, it blends to the point where it can get overlooked.  


If you’re looking for a way to add some glam to your living room, go with a metal frame with a warm gold finish. Violet, pink, and maroon colors will make pops of color, enhanced by the warm tones of the gold.

This design looks best with a long, skinny angular framing and a narrow, thin glass tabletop. Adding metallic accent pieces and vases with matching flowers can glam up any space.  


If you’re looking for a sleek sofa table, nothing looks better in a bright, airy room than a dark sofa table. A dark piece can add depth and break up the monotony of light to provide contrast.

A dark wood table with two drawers and burnished metal hardware with a shelf below can go with any design and fits almost all needs. And because it’s so stylish, you can go minimal with accent pieces. 


As you can see from this list, you have a wide range of styles and materials that would work for a beautiful sofa table. Whatever type of console table you choose, finish the design by adding accent pieces that will blend with the table design while enhancing the table’s beauty. You have the freedom to choose whatever sofa table meets your design tastes.


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