34 Stylish Throw Pillow Ideas for Brown Couches

Jul 1, 2022 | Home Guides, Throw Pillows

Some colors give us pause when trying to pick complementary tones to get a cohesive interior design. Brown is one example that comes to mind.

Many styles of couches come in different shades of brown, from light to dark tones. This list will provide numerous brown couch pillow ideas to use for inspiration. It might also help you narrow down your preferred style by checking off the design ideas that don’t appeal to you. No matter the style of your brown couch or your room decor, there’s sure to be a pillow idea that you love.

What Pillow Colors Go Best With a Brown Couch?

Picking the right throw pillows is crucial for a room design that looks cohesive and stylish rather than an overwhelming clash of colors. One great design idea for pillows on brown couches is to choose styles with a combination of complementary colors. 

Black + Cream

An excellent color combination that goes great with brown couches is a black and cream theme. First, choose pillows in a neutral tone, like cream or off-white, picking whatever style goes with your room theme. Then add in one or two contrasting pillows to add depth. Adding black or gray pillows in different sizes or shapes provides dimensional appeal.

Green + White

Another color combination that can go well with brown couches is green and white. A few green pillows will add pops of color against the backdrop of brown. And adding two patterned white ones can soften the look while adding texture. Then complete the design with a pale blue pom lumbar. 

Black + Green (with Navy Accent)

Green can also harmonize well with black to create a stunning combination of leather or fabric brown couches. Start with a pair of patterned black square pillows for a dark contrast. Then soften the look with a light neutral and a green square pillow. Finally, finish the design with a patterned lumbar pillow in a dark shade of blue.

Gray + White (with Red Accent)

Combining gray and white gives you a soft color that contrasts lovely against a brown couch. To keep the look from getting boring, go with a neutral design for the large pillows, such as a gray with embroidered strips. Then choose two white pillows with gray patterns for pops of light. Finally, bring in a patterned faded red lumbar pillow for a bold accent.  

Navy + Cream

Navy and cream palettes are great for rooms where you want them to feel light and summery. It’s also a great color combination for coastal themes. Keep the look subtle by choosing neutral shades like cream or white with navy blue accents like checkers or geometric. Adding a solid cream pillow with decorative trim and a navy blue lumbar with white accents brightens up any shade of brown. 

Creams + Charcoal

Neutral colors are an excellent way to add warmth to the dark rich tones of brown. Shades like beige, tan, and cream in various textures and patterns provide slight color contrast and depth. Then use a charcoal wool pillow in a deeply textured print for a single pop of color.

Cream + Green

A cream color can go with any darker color, including charcoal, navy, and green. Adding striped cream pillows lightens rich browns’ tone, while a thick textured cream wool pillow adds texture. A patterned green pillow adds a pop of color, while a beige and navy blue pinstripe lumbar brings in a hint of a different color.

Creams + Burnt Orange

Burnt orange goes fantastic with brown due to the same rich earth tones. Throwing in cream pillows in various patterns and textures like stripes, ruffled seams, or knitted wool brighten up the heaviness, giving you a relaxing warm space.

Black + Cream + Orange/Gold

If you’re looking to go bold with your design, consider a color palette of stenciled black pillows paired with a cream and orange striped pillow, a solid cream textured pillow, and a gold lumbar. The contrast of dark and light with warm earth tones ties the look together and complements brown sofas.

Grays + Black

Another bold design is to use a color palette of gray and white with black accents for contrast. Start with two gray and white striped large square pillows. Then soften the look with a solid small textured pillow in white or ivory. Finally, tie the look together with a patterned white and black pillow and black striped lumbar.

More Brown Couch Pillow Ideas

If none of these color combinations rock your world, don’t give up yet. We’re just getting started. So here are some more brown couch pillow ideas. 

Same Color 

If you’re not a fan of patterned pillows, you can skip the designs and go with solid-colored pillows instead. Or you can pick patterned pillows in the same colors as your couch. For example, picking patterned browns in similar shades to your couch’s color gives dimension without becoming overwhelming.

Black And White

Black and white geometric pattern pillows can go for brown couches in light tones or those with grayish tones. Jazz your design up by looking for pillows with white threaded tassels. 

White And Brown Two-Tone

A white and brown two-tone pillow is another unique design idea for brown couches. The brown compliments the color of the couch, while the white brightens up the dark brown tones. This style is great for a look that’s airy and sophisticated. 

Fluffy And Furry

Fluffy, furry pillows can give your couch a cozy feel that invites you to sink in and curl up with a warm blanket and a fun book. Cashmere or cable knit pillows give the same nuance if you don’t like the feel of faux fur or fuzzy types.

Farmhouse Look

Aiming for a rustic farmhouse chic-themed living room? Adding monogrammed pillows to your brown couch can be just the touch. Instead, go with a design featuring your family name in a simple wreath or a family motto on a cream or white pillow. 


If you want to get a unique look, consider picking pillows with brown leather accents. Whether your brown couch is leather or fabric, leather pillows will complement the couch color. Rather than pick a pillow of all leather, look for ones that have a leather center and fabric sides in a contrasting print or pattern.

Oversized Pillows

Brown leather couches can benefit from the placement of oversized textured pillows. Since leather is notoriously slippery, the large size helps these pillows have more weight to keep them in place. And the texture gives a contrast to the smoothness of the couch.

Bright Contrasting Color

Bright pillows can give the contrast your space needs to keep a brown couch from looking too drab and dark. In addition, multiple bright colors can pop against a brown sofa and give your area more personality and a casual ambiance. 


Pink tones can give a dark brown couch a softer touch, so it feels less masculine. A little goes a long way, allowing you to use minor pink accents to achieve a lighter nuance. A creamy white pillow with a narrow pink stripe can make a significant impact. 

Aztec Print

Small prints like an Aztec design can give your couch dimension and a little pop of color that doesn’t dominate the space. Patterns are a great way to draw the eye and give your couch a unique texture and style.

Skip Pillows

If you’re not a fan of pillows, no rule says you have to use them. Throw pillows are indeed a great way to add accents and splashes of color to your furniture. But if you prefer more of a mid-century modern aesthetic, skip the pillows altogether. You can still use carpets and other decor pieces to bring color into the room. 

Match Upholstery

Picking throw pillows that perfectly match the couch’s upholstery is the perfect way to ensure you don’t end up with browns that clash with your couch’s color. Contrasting browns can give your couch an earthy look when done right. 

Mustard Yellow

Pairing brown with other earth tones like mustard yellow is a great color combination for mid-century modern designs. However, if you’re going with a solid color pillow, choose one with a small pattern in a creamy brown that will add texture. 


Pillows with varying shades of gray give your brown couch contrasting tones of color. Picking this type of design can be more successful than choosing multiple solid gray pillows, which can cause color clashing against brown upholstery.


Picking neutral pillows is always a guaranteed way to match your accents to a brown couch. Creams, whites, or off-white color palettes lighten up the darkness that can occur with dark couches. Keep the space from looking boring by going with more extensive-sized options with various shades of brown decor. 

Pillows With Texture

Textured pillows give your room more visual interest by providing dimensional differences against the monotony of an oversized brown couch. Different textures are crucial for when there are multiple pillows of the same color. You’re ensuring that you’re getting more than one look by having various textures so everything looks tied together. 

Navy Blue

Navy blue goes with any color of a brown couch, but if it’s a darker shade rather than a light camel color, you’ll want to add some white pillows to brighten things up. Picking a navy blue accent pillow with white stamping gives the best of both worlds.


Brown and orange complement each other very well, with the orange giving a pop of color warmed by the undertones of brown. However, orange is a bold color choice that won’t appeal to all people. Keep the look from being overwhelming by looking for cream pillows with orange accents or an orange pillow with white accents.

Solids And Patterns

Combine different design elements to get an eye-popping focal point. Start with solid-colored pillows for a curated look. And then pair it with two to three-patterned pillows for a cohesive, dimensional look. Picking at least one pillow with textures can keep the space from looking too similar. 

Creamy Bohemian

Bohemian goes great with every style and can give your space a modern, funky feel. Look for a boho pillow in a solid cream color that will add a light pop of color against any brown couch. This style of pillow goes excellent with sofas pushed against a window or wall with plants nearby. 


If you want a soft, comfortable yet classy throw pillow, a velvet type might be your pick. You can choose bold colors to pair with rich, dark browns or more neutral colors for lighter browns or those with gray hues.

Earthy Tones

Brown is an earthy tone, which complements well with other earthy hues. If you enjoy the rich tones of autumn, consider adding pillows of similar colors to your brown couch. Shades like deep red, orange, other brown shades, and gray give dramatic pops of contrast.

Embroidered Cushions

Embroidery can give your room an elegant look with suitable motifs and colors. Look for lighter base colors with embroidery that’s similar in color to your couch. There are various styles, from a custom design to an Asain-inspired motif. 

Mix And Match

Get creative with your cushions by mixing and matching. While it’s a great idea to choose different designs, you will want to work with colors that complement your couch’s shade of brown. Combinations could include a solid color, a floral, striped, chevron, and a stamped or embroidered styles. 


Adding throw pillows can improve the style and comfort of your couch. When you have a brown sofa, you have to be creative with the colors and designs you pick to avoid pillows that will cause your room palette to clash. Whether you want to use solid colors, patterns, or texture, you’re sure to enjoy a brown couch pillow idea on this list.


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