25 Creative Front Door Decor Ideas

Sep 5, 2022 | Doors, Home Guides

Nothing draws the eye to the front of your house better than having front door decor. In this article, we’re going to look at 25 ways to decorate your front door creatively. We’ll also look at some accent pieces that complement the front door, giving you plenty of ideas to create a welcoming entrance. Many of these are easy DIY projects that you can do for minimal costs.


The easiest way to decorate your front door is to use a wreath. Once limited to Christmas, now wreaths are fantastic accessories for the changing seasons. You can also use wreaths to decorate for Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, the 4th of July, New Year’s, Veteran’s and Memorial Day, and Halloween.

Are you not looking to redecorate every few weeks? Try a simple greenery wreath with a monogram centerpiece. This option is a fantastic DIY project that requires minimal skill or effort. 

Hanging Flower Basket

If you’re not a fan of wreaths or prefer something that grows, consider a hanging flower basket. This option is fantastic for people with a green thumb who want to give their guests something beautiful to see (and smell). 

But if you want the look but can’t keep a cactus alive, consider using artificial (faux) flowers. Change your flower colors out to match the seasons. Hanging a few baskets around the porch can also help improve the aesthetic of your front entrance.


Planters are a great way to spruce up a tight entryway where there’s little space on either side of the door. Fill planters with small trees, flowers, or climbing vines that will wind up the side of your house for dynamic beauty. Choose colored or designed pots for more style. 

Planters come in many shapes, colors, and decorations, allowing you to find a style that matches your preferred decor. Small trees and vines are suitable for people who have minimal spare time to groom and care for flowers. Rose bushes are also an attractive choice.


Some people pay attention to the doormat that sits outside your front door. Others may never think to look down. Either way, doormats are an easy way to welcome guests to your home while keeping your floors clean. 

You can keep it classic with a simple “Welcome” or personalize it with your family name. In contrast, some people like to use humorous sayings or to warn of pets. If you’re a sports fanatic, you may want to represent your team. Or change out the mats to go with the holidays for an easy way to redecorate. 

Address Plaques and Numbers

An understated elegant way to decorate your front door is to add an address plaque with the numbers for your address. If you have space above your door, you can mount a decorative address plaque to hide the gap.

Or you can mount the plate or use individual numbers placed right onto your door. The main factor to consider is size – too big is distracting while too small is hard to see. Some people may decide to hang an address plaque on the wall or near a mailbox mounted on the wall.

Without an easy way to identify your address, you may end up with lost visitors, missed deliveries, and difficulty with parties or large gatherings.


Signs are a great way to greet visitors. And it’s easy to swap out for the different holidays, allowing for simple, creative decor that’s quite affordable. You can DIY paint your signs, or you can purchase them just about anywhere, in any size or design. A tall welcome sign propped up is helpful for doors that won’t look right with something hanging on the front. 

You have the option to choose any style or design of the sign, saying anything you want. Show off your family pride with a sign bearing your name. Announce your team affiliation in a particular sport, warn away trespassers, welcome friends, or do something entirely humorous. 


Sconces are a great way to give your outdoor area appeal while being functional and lighting up the space. You can find scones in various styles, from mid-century modern to farmhouse or glam. 

When scones are placed on each side of the door, the light highlights the space, giving a safe, warm feeling. Your guests will feel protected when standing on your porch, waiting for you to answer. If you have an outdoor security camera, scones make it easy to see who’s on your porch after dark, and you have plenty of light if you’re trying to find the right key to unlock your door.

Pendant Lights

Does your front door area only have one light fixture installed overhead? You can jazz your space up by choosing an outdoor pendant light. These lights extend down from the ceiling, giving your area style and appeal (and practical lighting). 

You can find pendant lights in multiple styles, allowing you to find a light style that goes with any aesthetic design. Whether you want rustic, modern, country, contemporary, or unique, a single pendant light can give your space an easy makeover. But always make sure that you choose outdoor (exterior) lighting rather than the interior. 

Welcoming Sign

Or welcome guests to your home by hanging up a cute welcome sign. Many people like to match their sign to their home color scheme. You can get crafty and make a unique design for your home or buy one already made. Hobby stores are great for buying all the pieces needed to make your own. 

You can hang welcome signs on your door, on the exterior wall on one or both sides of the door, or above your doorframe. 

Seasonal Decor

Many homeowners decorate their exterior space with seasonal items. Changing the look allows for your home to look current and appealing, rather than unattended and dated. When it comes to holiday decorating, there are no rules except go with what you love. As we said earlier, wreaths and signs are easy ways to decorate for different holidays.

Choose flowers, signs, and other decors to go with whatever is in season. Pink goes excellent for Valentine’s Day, green for Christmas or St. Patty’s Day, orange and red for fall, red, white, and blue for National holidays.

Mail Slot

Does your door have a mail slot, functional or non? If so, giving your mail slot a vintage makeover is a great way to give your door appeal and style. You can even find faux mail slots so you can have a look without the risk of unwanted bug entry.

Mail slots are a great way to keep an older house looking authentic or to give a new home class and an old-world feel. You can find many different styles, colors, and material options. 

Kick Plate

Kick plates are another decor occasionally used by homeowners who want to give their front door a subtle pop of style. If you’re not keen on the idea of mounting a permanent kick plate, consider a magnetic or adhesive option in the same finish as the door handle. 

Suitable color choices for kick plates include using brushed nickel kick plates for dark blue or black doors; oil rubbed bronze with white, or gold with pastels. For people who are unfamiliar, a kick plate is a metal plate that extends the width of the bottom of the door. This plate offers protection from the door being pushed open with your foot. 

Script Decals

Does your family have a motto? Or do you want to impart words of wisdom or love to those who come through your front door? Consider using script decals. You can find many sayings and designs, or you can create your own using a vinyl machine. The best thing about decals is that they’re removable, so there’s no leftover damage once you take them off.

This type of decor is the best for renters who can’t make significant permanent changes to the design of the space but want a fun and easy way to make space their own. Whether you own a home, live in an apartment, a dorm, or you’re subletting a condo, script decals can be your best friend for easy (and seasonal) front door decor.

Storm Door

A storm door, known to some as a screen door, is a fantabulous way to enjoy a room bathed in natural sunlight with an open door, without the risk of bugs, lost air, and noise from outside. You can choose something simple, like a solid glass front, one with two halves that open with screens, or those with decorative accents or bold colors.

These doors allow you to keep your front door open. The metal frame, housing sheets of glass, offers a barrier between indoors and outside. It’s a great solution if you need to keep an eye on what’s happening in front of your house, such as watching for the Amazon or FedEx truck or for your kids to get off the bus.

Lantern Display

Light up the area while brightening up the style by using a group of lanterns of different heights, arranged together in an eye-catching display. 

You can use three to five lanterns placed opposite the door side with the hinges. Flameless candles are great for safety and lighting or buy lanterns with lights already built-in. Choose old, antique black metal lanterns for an old-timey feel or look for more up-to-date options, using more exciting materials like woven wicker baskets. 

Decorative Doorbell Cover

While upgrading your front door decor, don’t forget about all the space around the area, such as the doorbell cover. Updating this space using a pretty cover is an easy way to improve the room’s aesthetic instantly. Add a decorative planter opposite the doorbell for a finished makeover.

Even if your doorbell is non-functional, you can still make it look pretty. You can even use decorative doorbell covers for modern doorbells with a speaker or video functions. 

Upgraded Hardware

When doing all of your decor updates, don’t forget to upgrade your hardware. You don’t have to stick with a standard (rather dull) design with the wide variety out there. You’d be surprised at how such a small change can have a significant impact. 

Hardware includes your door knob or handle, deadbolt lock, and any other gear on your doors. You can choose from a range of colors, from natural or galvanized metal, copper, or zinc. 

Door Knockers

Many people forgo a door knocker for a doorbell, which can be more practical, if not as visually appealing. But just because guests may not use the door knocker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a great one to look at anyway. 

Who knows? Maybe the design you pick inspires them to give it a knock – modern, traditional, engraved, animals: the list goes on. Get as creative as you want with your design.

Mounted Shutters

Mounted shutters are a simple yet effective way to highlight your front door. Naturally, you’d want to choose tall shutters that are about the height of your door, rather than selecting small shutters like what goes on your windows. This option requires minimal work and blends well with the rest of your house when matched with the rest of your shutters.

Decorative Window Film

Need a way to block a large window so you can have privacy without losing the light source? Decorative window film might be the solution you need. These films come in many styles, such as floral, geometric, frosted, or stained glass. 

Window film is an easy way to give your front door an inexpensive, easy upgrade without any professional experience for installation. 

Spot to Sit

Adding a single chair with a decorative pillow will be enough to provide a homey, put-together look that will stand out and appeal to guests. Get stylish with the type of chair you pick, and swap out the throw pillows to go with the rest of your seasonal decor. 

Got a bigger porch space? Add two rocking chairs with a small table in the middle. Or add a bench with a small runner rug and some matching colored throw pillows. 


There are plenty of ways to liven up space around your front door. Since the front door is the main entry point for most homes, it makes sense that you want the area to look great and feel inviting and welcoming. You may even want to have it set up to redecorate for the different seasons and holidays which requires little effort or work. 


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