34 Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Jul 1, 2022 | Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Dining

Rustic themes have been at the forefront of trending designs for years, appealing to homeowners with varying tastes. Rustic components like organic textures, forms, and color allow for easy decor with comfort and simplicity in mind. One location that pairs well with rustic themes is the kitchen. This list will look at 34 creative and easy rustic kitchen cabinet ideas.

Farmhouse Rustic Look

If your current kitchen design is leaning more towards a farmhouse chic rather than the rustic aesthetic you’re hoping for, add some rustic wood cabinetry. These cabinets will add some texture to the room and give it a more rough rustic feel. 

If you don’t want to go with rustic, dark cabinets, try adding rustic touches like a wood cutting board, a hanging rack full of copper pans and pots, and a vintage teapot. Rich wood stools with dark leather cushions complete the look.

Rustic Soho Bistro

You can give your kitchen a fantastic rustic design by combining modern farmhouse with rustic elements for a unique bistro kitchen. Using off-white cabinets paired with bold hardware and recessed detailing can make your kitchen pop. Complete the look with a paneled wood countertop. 

Forest Retreat Rustic Earth-Toned

If you’re looking for an elegant, rustic kitchen, choose earth-toned shades with multiple textures. Distressed cabinets with elegant trim paired with a bold backsplash like brick create a dynamic contrast. Finish the look with marble countertops, a rich, dark wood island, and stone floors. 

Modern and Rustic

If you want some rustic touches but don’t want your kitchen to feel too old-timey, you can pair modern and rustic in a cohesive, eye-catching design. Contemporary kitchens tend to be bright and airy, with a lot of white, such as in the cabinetry. Then add some rustic touches like a dark, grainy wood island and a reclaimed wood vent hood. 

Scandinavian Sea Cottage

Give your rustic kitchen a minimalist, modern update with open shelves – white or marble – with rustic wood or soft oak plank lower cabinets. 

Whitewashed walls with a metal backsplash create a stylish, practical sea cottage kitchen with Scandinavian touches. If metal isn’t your thing, go with white tiles for more of a farmhouse look. 

Sierra Escape Rustic Wood & Stone

Create a rustic chef’s dream kitchen by mixing materials for a cohesive, stylish design. Exposed wood beams, plank floors, and dark uppers set the stage for an island of reclaimed wood topped with brown-toned granite and an earthy color palette. 

Slate Gray

Slate gray always goes well with rustic styles. You can go with a softer shade of gray and use soft lighting to make the gray pop more, or go with a darker gray to highlight the wood tones in the room. Rough-finished cabinets and multi-toned wood plank floors finish the look. 

New England Style Colonial

New England-style colonial kitchens can benefit from rustic aesthetics to create a room with depth and warmth. Go with traditional white Colonial cabinetry and a bright white coat of paint to keep the room feeling modern instead of deeply historic. A brick backsplash can complete the design, tying all the different elements together.

Hudson Valley Style Rustic

A Hudson Valley rustic kitchen has heavy historical features, including a mixture of dark and light elements. Start with white lower cabinets with antique hardware. Then round the design out with dark shelving and dark wood countertops. Finally, a dark-metal farmhouse sink gives the perfect blend of contemporary and Old-World styles.

Granite Countertops

Having a rustic-themed kitchen doesn’t have to mean that everything is simplistic and bland in design. To give your kitchen a bit of glam, splurge on granite countertops. To get the best cohesive design, pick granite with the same tones as your wood cabinets. 

Mediterannean Blue Rustic

Rustic kitchens don’t have to be all wood and neutral colors. You can give your kitchen a Mediterannean feel by adding in some blue paint. Then, slap some paint on your cabinets for a fun pop of color that accents the cabinets’ molding and trim without being over the top. Light wood floors and brown granite countertops finish the look.

Antique or Contrasting Hardware

The hardware in your kitchen can make or break your overall design. For example, if your kitchen has standard cabinets that aren’t very rustic, you can get the rustic feel by installing ceramic knobs and old rubbed bronze hardware or antique iron pieces.


Maison-chic-inspired kitchens give you a rustic look but with luxury upgrades. This style is best for oversized kitchens due to the large size of the wood cabinetry in neutral off-white paint and black or aged bronze hardware. A dark wood island and decorative open shelving finish the look. 

Earl Gray Rustic

Earl gray doesn’t have to be only for tea time. Adding some earl gray paint to your kitchen can up the rustic factor of any kitchen. Pair early gray lowers with open shelving to make your room feel more spacious and less cluttered.

Walnut Finish

A walnut finish can go with any kitchen woodwork to create a traditional rustic kitchen. Picking this reddish-brown wood gives you hints of color to warm the space, letting you choose light or dark accent colors, like a plain white countertop.

Weekend At The Hamptons

If you want a rustic look with a luxury upgrade, the weekend at the Hamptons cabinets is the way to go. A soft color palette can make the intricate yet simplistic trim pop for a fashionable statement, complete with black hardware. A neutral stone backsplash and a smooth granite countertop with brown hues and tan walls make an elegant, classy rustic kitchen. 

Robin’s Egg Blue Hued

If you’re looking for a cheerful, airy kitchen light on natural wood tones, there’s always the option of going with a bright Robin’s Egg blue color scheme. 

With this look, the light blue cabinets provide plenty of charm and color, toned down by white walls and a white backsplash patterned with blue and pink. A dark wood block island and wood barstools add warmth and a bit of dark contrast.

Industrial Style

Rustic and industrial may not seem like they go together. But this unlikely pairing can create a stunning kitchen that blends these two styles for a modern rustic kitchen. 

Incorporate rustic elements like rough-hewn wood cabinets and reclaimed wood walls and doors with industrial pieces like tin metal for the vent hood and backsplash. A stainless steel sink and faucet and metal hardware add more industrial touches, while a wood butcher block island finishes out the rustic feel.

Parisian Patisserie Style

Parisian Patisserie cabinets are necessary if you crave a taste of French decor in your rustic kitchen. You can achieve this look with the simple act of painting your cabinets a pastel color, typically light blues like teal. 

Glass doors for the uppers add a sophisticated touch, while a dark countertop adds contrast. Keep the hardware simple to achieve an Old World Paris patisserie in your kitchen. A stone vent hood and light-colored tile backsplash tone down the heavy use of color of the cabinets and the large island. 

Glass Paneled

Glass paneled doors are the perfect way to keep traditional heavy wood cabinets from making your kitchen feel dark and outdated. Instead, preserving the existing wood doors and adding windows can make your uppers feel open and spacious, helping your kitchen feel brighter. 

You can get creative with the lowers and paint them a light color like gray or blue. Then top with natural wood counters. Keep the walls a light color and add some texture using painted wood paneling and a white backsplash. 

Whites For A Country Cottage Vibe

There are many ways that you can go rustic, and not all of them include dark tones and heavy stones, as is typical for rural mountain homes. Another option is a light, airy kitchen, as you’d find in a country cottage. 

Most rustic cottages achieve a brighter feel by using lighter materials. Colors like cream, white, and beige can make space appear larger, while a few soft touches of gray add a bit of contrast to keep things interesting. Light wood counters tie in the rustic theme without going overboard to get the perfect balance of light and dark.

Shabby Chic Pantry Style

ple-Pantry-style cabinets are every organizer’s dream. These tall cabinets go from floor to ceiling, giving you loads of space with multisized cabinets and drawers, along with a few open shelves and a long row of glass-paneled cabinets. 

Going with a shabby chic decor means skipping the perfect, smooth paint job. Eggshell or off-white distressed paint jobs are trending for a kitchen that feels more lived-in and inviting. Instead, use dark, rich wood for the countertops to add some contrast to the uniformity.

Prairie Home Companion

If you’re a fan of Prairie homes, you might fall in love with Prairie Home Companion cabinets. This style consists of most of the elements in the room being of the same wood for a uniform look. Of course, you can go with darker tones if that’s the look you prefer, but this design can also work for light woods. 

To break up the minority to keep the room from looking dull and drab, add some brown granite counters, neutral-toned backsplash, and decorative glass doors for the upper cabinets. Black appliances add a contrast of color.

Upstairs/Downstairs Victorian Style

Another way to give your rustic kitchen a different nuance from everyone else is to incorporate some Victorian themes. The easiest yet most challenging way to achieve this look is to use two different colors or types of wood for your uppers and lowers.

You do have to be cautious about how you pair two different kinds of wood together so that you get great contrast but no clashing of materials. 

Rustic Key Lime

If you’re looking for a bold way to spruce up a rustic kitchen, allow us to introduce the concept of using key lime green cabinetry. 

Wood floors with hints of red, black counters, and stainless steel appliances can turn your rustic kitchen into a showroom in no time. Add in some white walls and brown accents to tone down the wildness.

Streamlined Stain

Most traditional rustic kitchens use a streamlined stain theme, consisting of the same color stain for the lower and upper cabinets for a uniform look. However, some people like to extend the look by continuing the stain into the rest of the woodwork, like exposed beams, window frames, and trim. 

Soft gray walls lighten the space, with lighter-colored wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, and light-colored counters and backsplash. 

Brooklyn Brownstone Rustic Wood & Brick

Brooklyn Brownstone-inspired cabinetry consists of a combination of exposed brick and wood cabinets with glass-paneled uppers. 

This style of cabinets gives you plenty of space, so there’s less clutter. In addition, your kitchen will feel welcoming and bright when painted a light color and topped with light marble or granite counters.

Moody Blues & Stormy Gray Hued

If you have cupboard-style cabinets in your kitchen, get inspired by nature and go with color choices like dull, darker blues, or grays. These colors give your cabinets’ dimension and charm while offering a nod to traditional rustic kitchens.

Simple Country Cottage Wooden

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can always go with natural-colored upper and lower wood cabinets with basic black knob handles. 

A dark farmhouse sink and black granite countertops give your roof an understated elegance and color contrast. 

Aspen Mountain Rustic

Aspen-inspired rustic cabinets give you the woodsy element of the mountains with all the class of a stately mansion. These cabinets should have beveled doors and crown molding. 

Choose a dark, rich wood tone to get an upscale rustic feel and finish the look with a dark farmhouse sink and marble countertops.

Cabin In The Wood-Paneled

When most people think of a cabin in the woods, they picture an interior completely covered in wood paneling. And in this example, that’s the correct visual.

With this rustic design, the trick is to use wood with a slight shade difference for the upper and lower cabinets to add a touch of luxuriousness. 

Black and White

Black and white is a color scheme most people associate with modern decor. But you can also use it for rustic themes when done right. 

Start with white modern-farmhouse style cabinetry with black hardware and a natural wood counter. And then add in a solid black island with a gray countertop. 

Skip Upper Cabinets

Plenty of kitchen designs eliminate upper cabinets. This design can make your roof feel more spacious and open, which is perfect for small rooms. 

But instead of leaving your walls blank and missing out on crucial storage space, look for open shelving instead. Again, there are many styles to choose from, allowing you to pick a design that goes with your room’s nuance.

Exposed Beams

Nothing screams rustic like exposed ceiling beams in all their naked glory. If you don’t have beams, you can install faux beams for a fraction of the cost and all of the look of real beams.

You can stain these beams to match the wood used in your kitchen floor or cabinets. Or you leave them in their natural state for a more rustic approach. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the busiest rooms in your house. Therefore, you want the space to be inviting and visually appealing. Picking suitable cabinets are crucial to any design. While rustic kitchens are popular, many different styles can work with this particular design. This list of 34 rustic kitchen cabinet ideas should have a design for everyone’s fancy and then some. We hope we left you inspired.


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