28 Cool Room Decorating Ideas For Teengage Girls

Jul 1, 2022 | Bedroom, Kids Bedrooms

Decorating bedrooms for teenage girls requires creative thinking. Throw out the dolls, stuffed animals, and frilly pinks that your baby girl enjoyed. Most teenage girls have unique styles, which can come in handy when it’s time to redecorate your teenage girl’s room. Take what you know about your child’s preferences and try these room decorating ideas for teenage girls.


Lighting is crucial for decorating for teenage girls, who spend hours in front of the mirror and then even more hours snapping selfies and posting TikToks. Lamps are an easy way to add style and light to a girl’s room. Choose shades that match the room’s color palette and pick the correct type of lightbulb to get the right ambiance. 

Accent Lighting/Fairy Lights

No girl’s room is complete without the use of fairy lights. These tiny, twinkling lights give an ethereal feel that can make you feel like you’re in a different world. 

Many people like to attach fairy lights to a canopy that goes over the bed, such as in this DIY step-by-step tutorial. You can choose white lights for a magical feel or go with colorful lights for a fun twist. 

Fairy lights don’t just have to go on a canopy over the bed. You can also hang them around mirrors, dangling down in strips over curtains, or hang them on the ceiling.

If you have a daughter that likes to hang artwork, awards, trophies, or even posters, accent lights are a great way to highlight pieces posted on the wall. Place accent lights on desks, nightstands, or vanities for task lighting.


Most teenage girls move out of the frilly, childish stage of princesses, flowers, and glitter. But most teens don’t get out of the glitzy, glamor phase. 

Picking a stylish chandelier is an easy way to decorate your teen’s room while matching the child’s decor tastes. Chandeliers are the perfect choice for overhead lighting. 

Chandeliers come in a wide range of styles, from glittery dangling clear crystals to colored stones that reflect colored light throughout the room. 

If your teen isn’t into glam, you can find modern, simple, classic, or unique chandelier designs to fit any girl’s style.

Fun Picture Displays with Twinkle Lights

Some things never change with teenage girls, and that’s a love of displaying photos of them and their friends. Creating a picture display with twinkle lights is a great way to decorate your teen’s room with a design feature she’ll love.

There are many ways that you can create a display for your teen girl to hang up her favorite pictures while brightening them up with adorable lighting.

You can find a battery or plugged-in lights with built-in clips that make it easy for your teen to swap her photos out at a whim, as they’re apt to do.

Or you can use regular fairy lights in solid white or colored bulbs and use clothespins to secure the photos to the strand. Paint the pins (or buy them) white for a classic feel or make them different colors for a creative twist.

Wall Art

Wall art is a fantastic way to let your teenage daughter express her interests while making it easy to redecorate when those interests change.

Whimsical pieces are great to create a trendy bedroom that any teenage girl will love. You can pick pieces with or without frames, made from canvas or paper, and using printed or painted pictures. Art that displays hobbies, such as horses, dance, music, cheer, or sports, is always a popular choice. 

Another hit is images with fun or inspirational sayings. You can buy wall art or DIY paint them yourself. Or make a fun parent-child activity by creating them together. All you need for materials are canvas, paints, and stencils. 

Got a teen girl music lover? Go retro by framing old record covers and records. Most bands from the old days had killer covers, making your girl’s room stand out in style and music taste. This design offers pattern and texture that gives the space a layered look that pairs well with metal furniture pieces and modern or industrial accents.

Lounge Friendly Furniture

Your teenage girl will spend the majority of her time locked in her room. So, you want to make the space as comfortable and multi-purpose as possible.

Placing a lounge chair (or two if there’s room) in your teen girl’s room gives her a place to sit beside her bed and adds extra space for company.

Adding fun lighting around the sitting area makes the space inviting for reading, picture taking, crafts, or watching tv without using a bright overhead light. 

If there’s not enough room for chaises, fluffy throw pillows are also a fun and relaxed way to create a lounging space in your teen’s bedroom. And when your teen isn’t sitting on the floor, the pillows can go on the bed.

Bean bags or bean bag chairs are another easy way to create a sitting area in rooms where space is minimal. You can push these bags under the bed, in a corner, or in the closet when not in use. 


No bedroom design is complete without a bedding set. Your teen daughter can express her personality and style through multiple ways revolving around the bed. 

The first thing to focus on is the bed set itself. By the time your girl hits the teen years, her tastes will change drastically from the princess, unicorn, and LOL themes of their early years. 

Your teen may want to use solid bold or neon colors, tie-dye, or animal print patterns for their blankets and sheets. The colors used in the blanket set make it easy to coordinate your color decor for the whole room.

Teen girls may also have a preference for the style of bed they want. Matching the bed with the other room furniture, such as end tables, dressers, or desks, gives the room a tied-together aesthetic.


Pillows are a crucial component of a comfy, gorgeous bed. Most bed sets come with matching pillowcases to start your design right. 

But you can go beyond the standard head pillows covered with pillowcases to give your teen’s room extra decor. Consider fuzzy throw pillows that match the set’s color themes. 

Or you can find decorative pillows in fun shapes or designs to give your teen a custom bed decor that they can use on the bed or when sitting on the floor. 

Get funky with the design by choosing small pillows in multiple colors to give the room fun and personality. Match the colors with accents and other room decors.


Loft-style beds are a great way to give your teen additional floor space. This style consists of a bed elevated off the ground, with enough space underneath the bed for a desk or dedicated workspace.

Some lofts have built-in desktops, while other lofts have a bed up top with a built-in ladder, with nothing underneath, allowing you to put whatever you want, such as a dresser, folding table, or tv center.

Loft-style beds are perfect for small spaces or rooms where you have an odd corner. You have a bed, a desk space, and still, have plenty of open floor space rather than having a bed sticking out into the middle of the floor.  


Pallets are an easy commodity to find and versatile enough to use for various DIY furniture, including making a fantastic teen girl bed.

The great thing about using pallets, besides being very affordable, is that you can make them any size and any design. 

Pallets work great for a bed featuring a step at the end for sitting, storage, or getting into bed quickly. Then use slatted pieces for a side rail and headboard of the bed. 

Keeping the pallets whole allows the bed to sit slightly elevated off the floor. Then put your mattress over the wood frame, and voila, a cheap DIY bed. 

Painting a pallet bed white keeps the space looking fresh. But you can paint it black for a dramatic effect, leave it in its natural state, or paint it a unique color that your daughter picks.

If you have extra pallets after making the bed, you can also build other furniture to go with the room, such as end tables, a headboard, or shelves.

Creative Headboard

A fancy bed can make any girl feel like special royalty. There are multiple ways to make a creative headboard to match any girl’s whimsical dreams.

Is your teen daughter a bookworm? Give your girl a place to store special books close at hand by choosing a bookcase headboard. You can find beds with built-in shelving or drawers, allowing for easy storage. This style is perfect for rooms where there’s no space for a shelf or nightstands.

For a chic, feminine design, consider a Daphne panel headboard. White beds pair well with pastel bedding. Choose a natural wood for a minimalist feel, or go for a unique color to match your teen’s personality.


Canopy beds are sure to impress any teen’s design tastes. You can buy a bed with a built-in frame that holds a canopy. Or buy a detached canopy that secures to the ceiling above the bed.

Adding a canopy bed to your teen’s room improves the room’s aesthetic, giving the room a glamorous, classy, elegant, or funky feel.

Canopies can be multiple types of material. Sheer curtains can make the bed feel magical, while silk or satin curtains feel royally luxurious. 

Linen curtains are the easiest to clean and will provide more privacy for your teen, which is excellent for girls who share a room with a younger sibling.

Tufted Headboard

A tufted headboard is another excellent choice for teen bedrooms. These thick, cushioned fabric upholstered headboards look elegant and grown-up with decorative buttons and a curved design.

Consider a glam headboard with tufted upholstery in delicate colors like white, pink, or silver for girly girls. Buttons with rhinestone rims add glamour and glitz. 

Go classy with a white fabric and black buttons topped with a black and white comforter. Add a few throw pillows in various shades for pops of color. 

Or create a cozy, simple elegance with a neutral-colored headboard. Hang strings of fairy lights on the wall behind the bed for soft lighting.

Cozy Daybed

Daybeds are incredible for a teen girl’s room due to the design. The high sides and back make it possible to sit up comfortably on the bed but still have enough space to lay down and sleep at night. 

Some daybeds have a trundle bed underneath, which provides a second sleeping space for when your teen has a friend spending the night. When not in use, the bed pushes underneath the bed for space-saving.

You can find daybeds in various materials, from a wood sleigh bed design to a wrought iron frame with intricate curves and designs.

Daybeds are great for having a ton of decorative pillows, making it more comfortable to sit upright and lounge in the bed. 

Walls and Color Scheme

The color scheme of the room and walls is also essential to consider when decorating for a teenage girl. While you can slap a coat of paint on and call it a day, why not try one of these cool decorating ideas instead?


Textures are a great way to give walls dimension and appeal instead of looking flat and dull. There are multiple types of wall textures to try, allowing for custom wall patterns to match any girl’s fancy.

Use painter’s tape and different paint colors to create a geometric mural pattern across all four walls. Or go for a honeycomb pattern that’s 3D, using complementary colors to create a powerful piece that stands out.

Got a girl that’s in love with polka dots? Create textured walls using polka dot designs. Gold dots on top of a coral or turquoise wall are a simple yet powerful color scheme for teenage girls. 


Ombre wall textures are fantastic for fun walls for teenage girls. It’s a great project for teens to DIY during a weekend project. Make some snacks and let your teen invite a friend or two for a room painting party. 

An ombre paint job is when there are multiple shades of paint that blend into each other. The process for making an ombre wall consists of painting the entire wall the lightest paint shade possible. 

Then divide the wall into three even sections using a pencil. The three sections will make up your paint ombre – the darkest on the bottom, lightest on top, with the middle piece being the third color. 

You can choose any color combination your teen prefers, using light and dark shades of gray, plus the solid color choice. Try this step-by-step guide for the process of painting ombre walls.


Another choice for teen girls is to create patterns on the wall using paint. Geometric prints full of multi-colored angles give a room dimension.

Chevron, herringbone, heirloom, diamond, or circular patterns are also fun designs to make any teen girl’s room pop with design. 

Pinterest is one of the best places to find cool pattern ideas that your teen girl may enjoy on their bedroom walls. 


Wallpaper is a trend that comes in and out of style. But it’s one of the easiest ways to give your teen girl’s room a makeover without having to paint the walls.

The downside of using wallpaper is it can be time-consuming and difficult to hang up without experience. And it can be a bit of a messy job.

But on the plus side, there are tons of wallpaper designs, meaning it should be simple to find a style your teen likes.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are a favorite for many teen girls who have outgrown their younger years’ childish light pinks and purples.

Ideas for bold wall colors include violet (purple), neons like green, hot pink, orange, yellow, electric blue, black, coral, teal, aqua, or turquoise.

Accent Wall

Accent walls leave three walls a plain, standard color while adding decorations or accents to the fourth wall.

You may decide to put an accent wall on the side where the bed goes or on the largest solid wall without windows.

Wall Decals and Stickers

Decals and stickers are great ways to decorate walls where you can’t make permanent changes while saving money from being inexpensive.

You can find decals and stickers in all types of themes and designs, allowing your teen to customize her room to her exact tastes without the need for repairs later on to hide the makeover.

Defined Workspace

Having a private retreat is crucial for teen girls, and that includes having a dedicated personal workspace. 

Your teen girl is sure to feel more excited about homework, studying, and doing school-related events when they have a space set up in their room.

If the space isn’t large enough for a designated desk, consider a lap desk or a fold-up metal tray. Having organized areas for supplies, power outlets, and paperwork makes it easier to find things, which hopefully inspires faster completion of work.

Stylish Storage

When it comes to teen girls, you can never have too much storage in the room. One fun way to create an organized storage area is to nail a pegboard to the wall. Pegboards consist of hundreds of tiny holes, allowing you to hold multiple items, like a clock, baskets, and jewelry. 

You can use an ottoman with a liftable top that acts as a seat or footstool and doubles as storage if there’s space. Choose a fun round ottoman for a more girly aesthetic.

Another fantastic idea is to build a storage bench with pull-out drawers. If you have a large window, it will make the perfect window seat.

Chic Vanity

As a teenager, girls rarely leave the house without doing their hair and makeup. Instead of having your teen hog the bathroom every time they want to try a new look, consider a vanity instead. 

Ornate Mirror

Spice your teen girl’s vanity up using an ornate mirror. You can choose a mirror with a silver filigree frame. Or choose a wood-framed mirror and paint it a fun color to match the room and your teen’s tastes.

Or you can repurpose an old vanity with tri-folding mirrors by painting the vanity a fun teen color. If you don’t have the space for a stand-alone vanity, try hanging a floor-to-ceiling mirror on a door. 



Make sure your teen girl goes out of the house looking her best by setting up makeup lights around your teen’s vanity area. 

Fairy lights work great for lighting up a vanity space. Or you can go old school and pick a mirror that has built-in lighting. 

Cozy Rug

Rugs help a room feel more inviting and make it more comfortable to sprawl out on the floor while looking at a magazine, reading a book, or scrolling through social media. 

When it comes to a rug for teen girls, go with whatever design your teen likes, whether it’s a thick, fluffy shag rug or a textured geometric or solid print.

TV Space

If you’re okay with your teen having a TV in their room, dedicated TV space is a must. Hanging a TV on the wall is one of the safest ways to ensure the TV can’t fall over and get broken. 

If you’re concerned about a wall-mounted TV, you can choose or DIY a nifty TV stand. If the space is big enough, throw down a rug and a few bag chairs around the area for comfortable seating.

Room Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls FAQ

What should every teenage girl have in her room?

Essentials for teen girls’ rooms include many pillows, preferably fluffy and soft, a tall mirror, a rug, ample storage, and lots of lighting.

How can a teenage girl decorate a small room?

Bold colors are great for making small rooms feel larger. Choose primary color for three walls and use a bold color for an accent wall. Boldly printed area rugs are also helpful for texture. Murals or designs on the ceiling are also great decorating tips. Platform or loft beds are better than beds with headboards.

How do you decorate a teenage girl’s room on a budget?

Buying items from thrift stores and repurposing them is a great way to decorate on a budget. Rather than buying expensive name-brand items, try DIY building designs such as the bed, tables, TV stands, and shelving.


Raising teenage girls can drive up your blood pressure and give you ulcers. But decorating your teen girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to cause a headache. Try our cool room decorating ideas for teen girls to give your teen a room she’ll never want to leave.


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