20 Dining Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Jul 1, 2022 | Dining Tables, Kitchen Dining

Does your small space have you down in the dumps? Are you struggling to find a way to have the benefit of a dining table when there’s little to no extra space to set one up? 

Plenty of people find themselves in the stressful situation of decorating a small space with the necessary furniture without making the area feel cramped. Today, we’re here to give you twenty dining table ideas for small spaces. No matter the size of your room or your design tastes, there’s sure to be a solution on this list that will work for your situation.

We’ve got tables that fold. And we have tables with shelves and drawers. Wine drinkers, we’ve got a few tables that double as wine racks. Families of four or more, we’ve got great ways to save space while having a table big enough for everyone. Want something that folds out of the way to give you all your floor space back? Hey, we’ve got that too! Check it out. 

Foldable Dining Table

A foldable dining table is an ultimate choice when you have a tight space to fill but many people to sit. This table style provides enough room for up to six people to dine comfortably. 

Then once dinner is over, they fold down slim, making it easy to store them away in a closet, propped against the wall, or shoved under your bed. You get all your floor space back, which can keep your small area from feeling cramped.

And the lightweight design and simple look make it easy to sit up and take down, so there’s no hassle once it’s time to put it away. This option gives a new meaning to telling your kids to get the table ready! 

Collapsible Classic

If you like the classic design of a dining table, you can have the best of both worlds – the classic look and space-saving with this great design. 

You’ll want to look for a polished hardwood table with an elegant pedestal and decorative feet. A beveled top adds a sophisticated look. This style gives the ultimate feel of a classic table.

But they can also help save some space. Look for a table with a design that consists of 10″ drop leaves that make the tabletop only 22″ wide. These leaves fold down, making the table much more slender so it doesn’t swamp your space.

Floating Table

For a unique space-saving idea, feast your eyes on a floating table. This design is the answer for rooms that are super tight on space. 

This style of table mounts to a wall and folds down to use as a table. When you’re not using it,  the table folds up against the wall, so you have floor space.

While this solution is excellent for small areas, it might not be suitable in places where you’re not allowed to place holes in the walls. 

You won’t fit many people around this style of table, and you’ll need to figure out appropriate seating, such as a small chair or stool or even a fold-up chair. But if you live alone and there’s no other alternative, a floating table, which you can also use for a desk, might be the choice to make.

Leaf Dining Table

Tiny kitchens often require creative thinking in terms of tables. A great solution is to choose an utterly foldable drop leaf dining table that folds against a wall for easy storage. 

The natural wood grain finish gives this small table style and a pleasing aesthetic while having enough room for three people to fit comfortably. 

And the slender design when it’s closed means you won’t even notice it’s there in terms of floor space. You might need to get creative on seating so the chairs don’t clutter your room. Small stools make a great solution, and you can use them for additional seating if you have guests.

Dining Table That Can Also be a Desk

Do you work or go to school from home? Then how about choosing a dining table that can also serve as a desk when you’re not eating meals? You get two for the price of one, without having to waste space using two different pieces of furniture. 

Choose a smaller-sized rectangular dining table in a simple light design so that you can quickly push it against a wall to use as a modern-style desk. 

Four bare wood legs and a thin acrylic tabletop give you everything you’d need in a dining table that doubles as a desk. And by pushing it against the wall, you’re able to hide away in a corner, out of the direction of all the noise and bustle of other people being in the same area.

Antiqued Finish Self-Storing Dining Table

If you want a dining table that looks like a showpiece while being multi-functional, consider a counter-height dining table with a butterfly leaf top, perfect for seating four people.

Not only is this table higher up, so it’s comfortable for pre-dinner entertaining, but the top folds down to give you extra room when you’re not using it. And underneath the tabletop is a wine rack that can hold eight bottles of wine, plus additional storage in the double cupboard.

Choosing an antiqued finish gives your table an older, well-used look that fits well in rustic, country chic, or mountain-style homes.


Choosing a dining table with stools rather than chairs is another great space-saving item. Stools can slide under the table, so nothing sticks out to cramp your space, perfect for people who dislike clutter.

Picking a drop leaf table that changes in width (18″ to 36″) gives you the option to widen the table for extra guests while narrowing it down to save space when not in full use. 

Many types of dining tables can use stools in place of chairs, giving you a wide range of styles to complete.

Drop Leaf Table

A drop-leaf table is a perfect accessory for small spaces due to its innovative design. When not in use, these tables fold down against the wall, giving you back critical floor space. But when open, there’s enough room for three people to sit and dine. 

Now, this table wouldn’t be ideal for large families, but it’s the perfect accompaniment for a small family or a couple. It’s also excellent for dorms, apartments, lofts, and flats where you need a dining area, but you don’t want to lose space with a large permanent table.

Multi-Purpose Convertible Console Table

A convertible console table gives you an excellent double-duty piece of furniture. When you’re not using it for a dining table, these tables easily fit against the wall in a hallway or behind your couch or lounger.

When you’re ready to serve a meal, pull the console table out and open the sides. You can easily have enough room for four people to sit without feeling cramped.  

Console tables typically go behind the couch to hold decor pieces, remote controls, and books, but why not pull it out for your dinner table too?

Six-Seater Option

We don’t want anyone to feel left out, which is why we present this option for a growing family, with enough room for up to six people or for hosting large holiday parties or game nights with friends. 

You can get a fantastic look by picking a Huntsman table, which gives your space an antique vibe due to the rich distressed finish. These tables can extend from 68″ to 96″ using a smart sliding extension. Replacing chairs with benches helps improve space-saving. 

But if you’re super limited on space to the point where you don’t want a table at all in your area, this might not be the one for you, despite its gorgeous look.

Space Saving Dining Set

A space-saving dining set is an ultimate solution for families who need a table that can fit everyone without taking up a ton of living space. 

This contemporary dining set consists of a square table and four matching chairs that store underneath the table when not in use. The blend of metal and manufactured wood will look great with any modern or minimalist design. 

But the simplistic design might not appeal to everyone. And the chairs might not be the most comfortable, especially since there are no cushions or backrests.

Glazed Tile Bistro Table

A glazed tile bistro table is the ideal solution for capturing a Mediterranean vibe right in your kitchen, making you feel like you’re in an authentic cafe or seaside villa. 

Think of how lovely it would look to have a gorgeous brushed brass base topped with marine blue marble tiles. And you can use this table indoors for dinner in your kitchen or dining room or take it outdoors for a meal beneath the stars. 

Sleek Cocktail Table

If you’re a fan of modern decor, consider a sleek cocktail table for your small space. This option is the perfect selection for couples or two roommates, but it wouldn’t work for a large family.

The modern design of white acrylic allows you to use this table for meals, a side table, or serve snacks and drinks to guests. But it’s also fantastic for outdoor use since it’s durable and waterproof.

Compact Glass and Gold

If you’re looking for a contemporary table to add style and modern touch to your small home, consider a tempered glass-topped table with a geometric gold-colored metal frame. 

The look of this table makes it a work of art while being functional. You have enough room for four people to dine without feeling crowded. And when it’s not in use, it still looks great. 

Narrow Dining Table

Another suitable choice for small spaces is a narrow dining table. One with a width of 24″ still gives you plenty of room for four people without being cramped, making it perfect for small families or for hosting dinner parties for a few friends.

To make it feel like you have more space, look for a table with some extra height. This height gives everyone enough legroom, and you’re not stuck playing footsie with the next-door neighbor during a couple’s night. 

Versatile Kitchen Prep Table/Breakfast Bar

You can get an incredible multi-use function out of a table that converts into multiple pieces. For example, consider a table like this, which has numerous drawers and shelves for storage, a separate dining and food preparation space, a drop leaf for expanding the area, and wheels for easy portability. 

If you have a super tight space, you’ll want to be thoughtful with every piece of furniture you pick. Having a table that can double as an island and storage and more is the perfect solution. 

Marquetry Bistro Table

If you’re looking for a table with a bit more glam and elegance, a marquetry bistro table could be just the ticket item. The round shape saves the most space while still providing room for two to three people to dine. 

The decorative pedestal and smooth round top create a statement piece of a classic yet lovely dining table. And it gives you room for meals, snacks, an after-dinner drink, or even a place for playing games. 

Folding Balcony Cabinet Set

So far, we’ve talked a lot about dining tables for indoors, although a few of these options can also double for outdoor use. But if you’re looking for a space-saving table for a small balcony or patio, this pick is for you.

A folding balcony cabinet set consists of a foldable table and two chairs that give enough room for two and packs away into itself when you need extra space. And the material is durable enough to survive any weather conditions, so there’s no need to bring it indoors if it snows or rains. 

Black Oxbow Steel Bistro Table

Bistro tables are incredible for saving space without sacrificing style or comfort. These two-person tables give you enough room to dine without feeling cramped or taking up a ton of space. 

And the metal design means you can also use this table set outdoors for alfresco dining or to have a few drinks while soaking up the sunlight (or the stars). 

Extendable Drop Leaf Table

If you’re all about maximizing space and having furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose, you’re sure to enjoy the convenience of an extendable drop leaf table with storage. 

A fantastic option for wine drinkers is to pick a table with built-in cubbies perfect for holding a few bottles of wine. Plus, designated storage for cutlery, books, and decor with shelves and drawers. A saddle oak finish gives this sideboard table a gorgeous rustic vibe.

But this table is for permanent placement in a room, so if you need something that folds away, consider one of the other options on this list.


When you have a small space, it may be challenging to pick a dining table that fits your area without taking up too much room. We’ve presented twenty dining table ideas for small spaces to demonstrate plenty of options still available. While you have to think smart and possibly get creative, you don’t have to forgo a pleasing design that looks great and serves a purpose. Or better yet, choose a table that serves multiple purposes for maximum space-saving. 


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