27 Creative Ideas for Kids Bathroom

Jul 1, 2022 | Bedroom, Kids Bedrooms

When you have an extra bathroom used by kids, giving the room a fun kid’s theme is an excellent way to decorate. Not only will your kids be more excited about being in the room, but it can also give them a sense of ownership, knowing the bathroom is their domain (and their responsibility). 

The great news is it’s effortless to decorate your space using any of these creative ideas for kids’ bathrooms. No matter your child’s age, gender, or style tastes, you’re sure to find one or more sources of inspiration in this detailed list of decoration ideas.

Night Light

Night lights are an essential accessory for kids’ bathrooms. So, whether it’s because your child is afraid of the dark or so, they can find the light switch or even so they can use the bathroom at night without turning on the blinding bright light. 

You can pick one that plugs into the wall or find one that props on the sink or toilet. Motion sensored night lights are great for times when you don’t want a light constantly working. But younger children may prefer a light that stays on, so there’s no risk of being in the dark if they stop moving.

Towel Hamper

Teaching your children when they’re young to clean up after themselves is easier when it’s fun. For example, choosing a cute towel hamper for the bathroom helps inspire children to pick up their dirty clothes rather than waiting on mom or dad to do it. 

A hamper on the ground is excellent for everyone, including small children. Pick a design with a fun picture or shape for extra decor. But a hamper designed like a basketball goal and hung on the door is fun and great for space-saving.

Fun Towels

Towels are an excellent way to individualize bathtime and teach kids about being organized. So get creative with your kids’ towels and choose ones with fun characters, bright neon colors, polka dots or other patterns, or even hoods. And add personalized hooks on the wall or door for an easy place to keep the towels organized.

Fun towels can make it easier to encourage your slippery child to leave the joys of the tub and dry off. And by giving each child a unique towel, there’s no drama due to mixed-up choices among the kids.

Mess-Free Shampoo and Soap Dispensers

Nothing is worse after kids’ bathtime than realizing they’ve wasted all of the shampoo and conditioner, leaving you to do some shopping and cleaning to get rid of the scum. Adding shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispensers to the bathtub reduces wastes and mess while making it fun for kids to get clean. 

You can find dispensers that stick to the side of your wall for easy access. Some models may have a battery and use motion sensors to dispense the soap. In comparison, other models may have a button that your kid must press. But be aware that mischievous children may still find ways to make a mess and waste all the supplies using them if they have the mind to do it.

Fun Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are an excellent focal piece for your bathroom’s decor, making them one of the essential design pieces in the whole room. If the idea of cartoon characters and other more childish themes aren’t suitable for your kids’ bathroom, you can go another creative route with a fun shower curtain. 

Curtains with fun phrases are great for older kids who aren’t into pictures or find something silly in the same interests as your child, such as animals. Or you can keep it simple and go with fun colors instead.

Aquatic Theme

Aquatic themes are a popular choice for kids’ bathrooms. You can find some fun, colorful decor with fish, octopuses, starfish, or shells. When you’re debating different themes, you can often find multiple decor pieces – shower curtain, garbage cans, towels, rags, soap dishes and toothbrush holders, and pictures. Then add a wave pattern border to tie the room together.

Making your kids’ bathroom into an underwater paradise is a great way to encourage children to enjoy bath time in their bathroom. Give your kid a snorkel, some goggles, and a few toys that go underwater, and your child will have joy during each bathtime – your only fight may be getting your child to get out.

Everything Accessible

Children will find any excuse they can to climb up on something. To dissuade them from such dangerous behavior, ensure that everything they need is easily accessible and in reach. So, skip the decorative storage ideas you found on Pinterest and keep everything simple and close at hand. 

Rather than risking damage to your drywall with mounted baskets or racks, consider using free-standing floor towel racks or simple hooks hung on the wall or door. A step stool helps reach the sink, and motion sensor soap and toothpaste dispensers reduce messes and struggles. 

Colorful Tile

Many of the designs we’ve listed so far revolve around room decor pieces. But another great way to decorate your kids’ bathroom is with the tiles. Making your kids’ bathroom fun is a great excuse to go bold with colors and designs, whether it’s adding a colorful mosaic to the shower or covering the floor with blue tiles to look like an ocean. 

And if you’re nervous about making permanent dramatic changes, you don’t have to be when you use removable options. For example, you can change your kids’ bathroom tiles every few years as their ages and preferences mature or when it’s time to upgrade the bathroom into one for guests as you face an empty nest.

Step Stool

Step stools are excellent for kids’ bathrooms because it allows your children to start being more independent and develop healthy sanitation habits. You can go with a simple wood stool or pick up something more fun, like a plastic dinosaur or crown shape or one with bold colors or pictures. 

Step stools help children reach the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth without risking injury to themselves or you during the awkward holding. And it can reduce the risk of bathroom floods from sinks left running because your child couldn’t reach the faucet to turn the water off.

Multiple Sinks

If you have more than one child, you may want to consider doubling up on sinks to speed up the process of morning and bedtime rituals of washing your face and brushing your teeth. If the space is big enough, you can go with separate sinks and vanities. This idea is excellent when you have children of different genders. 

But you can also go with a double sink if you have more ample vanity space. Having two sinks can also end the battle of “they’re on my side” while speeding up the getting ready process. You can even personalize each side, so there’s no confusion on whose side is whose.

Colorful Reminders

Children tend to be forgetful when they’re in a hurry – which, let’s face it, is all the time. So there’s no better way to give them gentle reminders than by hanging colorful pictures on the wall. Your images could remind kids to wash their hands, flush the potty, or brush and floss their teeth. 

Even if your children cannot read, they can still enjoy the pictures, offering instructions and reminders. And as your children get older, you can swap the reminders out with more mature versions.

Mermaid Theme

What little girl doesn’t love the mystical idea of mermaids? A bathroom is a perfect place to indulge this passion since it’s water-related. There are numerous mermaid designs that you can use for your kids’ bathrooms, from shower curtains, towels, and rugs, to dishes, wall stencils, pictures, and even scale-shaped tile or wall texture. Like starfish, seashells, and pearls, Iridescent jewel tones and ocean decors help complete the design for a more mature theme.

Adding sparkly lights and shiny tiles can work for younger children and be something glammy as the girls get older and start to move into glitz and class. 

Unique Hooks

Hooks are much easier for children to use than racks, as the design usually allows the towel to slide right off without pulling the hook out of the wall. A creative way to decorate a child’s bathroom is to use decorative hooks rather than plain ones. 

You can find individual hooks in unique shapes like animals or find decorative racks with multiple decorative hooks. There are even over-the-door hooks if you need something that won’t take up any space.

Fun Touches

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count, and that’s also true when decorating children’s bathrooms. Small fun touches are an easy but excellent way to get your kids excited about using their bathroom. So look for small things you can do, like adding fish toothbrush holders with suction cups on the bottom. 

Safety Features

Bathrooms can be dangerous areas for little ones, making it necessary for you to take specific preventive measures. But numerous products allow you to keep your kids safe while looking fun, such as rubber animal-shaped faucet covers. These covers prevent the injuries bound to occur when your child’s obsession with the faucet inevitably leads to them bumping into it.

Bright Primary Colors

It’s no secret that kids love colors. So, what better way to indulge their joy than by using bright primary colors for decorating the bathroom. Classic colors include red, blue, and yellow. But you can also go with shades of orange, pink, purple, or green as well. You can use the color for the rugs, accessories, and towels against a muted wall color.

Something they’ll Grow Into

Given the way kids’ minds change day by day, some parents may decide to skip the childish themes and instead pick something that will last for years. Therefore, it’s better to decorate the room for now, and the future with glam touches that older children will appreciate. 

Go mature with the wall color and tile, such as simple white walls and vanity with shiny tiles. And then choose accent colors that your kids will enjoy now and later. Finally, add bright lighting and a glamorous mirror and shelving. 


Sharks are always a successful choice for bathroom decor for boys, but they can also work for many young girls. But, of course, there’s also plenty of adults who would appreciate the theme. 

And because the theme is so popular, it’s easy to find shark items for all ages, whether you want cute adorableness for younger children or real sharks looking aggressive yet glorious for older kids. 


Toys are always significant bribery for kids who hate bath time. So adding bathtub-friendly toys is an excellent creative idea for kids’ bathrooms. 

Whether you add a bubble-blower to the faucet, give your kids’ soap crayons to write on the walls (a genius way to reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do), or provide foam letters, shapes, and animals, bathtime will be more fun and less drama.

Non-Slip Mat

The tub can be a slippery place, a significant hazard, and a concern for little ones. So adding a non-slip mat in the tub is an excellent choice for your peace of mind. And you can find plenty of different themes and styles, from a solid mat to sticky shapes that make the tub slip-free and fun for your kids. 


Vinyl decals are an easy creative way to decorate your kids’ bathrooms. You can find these in a vast range of choices, from beloved characters like Nemo or the Frozen cast to animals and letters. And because they cling to the wall, there’s no damage to repair once you remove them, making it easy to redecorate any time your kids want. And another cool thing about decals is that they can go on any surface – walls, tub, tile, mirrors, windows, and floors.

Favorite Characters

If your kids’ have a favorite cartoon character, you can typically find bathroom decor in a corresponding theme. So whether you’re looking for a shower curtain with the character or pictures hung on the walls, you can use the colors of the pieces for the room accents. 

Guest Bathroom

If you only have two bathrooms, meaning guests will also share the toilet with your children, you may want to find a way to make the room classy and guest-friendly while still appealing to kids. For example, skip the cartoon character decor and limit the choices to bright colors and a stylish pattern. And use storage to keep the kids’ bath toys up when guests need to share the space.

Good Rug

A cozy rug is the best part of getting out of the bathtub. No one likes to go from the warm shower to a cold floor. And wet floors can lead to slips, injuries, and large messes to clean. You’ll want to pick a thicker rug that can handle the wetness of dripping children with a grippy backside, so there’s no risk of it sliding once your kid steps on it. In terms of design, the sky’s the limit. You can pick fun characters or cartoons or keep it simple with a bold-colored design.

Color to the Kids Bathroom Vanity

Another fun way to decorate a kids’ bathroom is not to be afraid to use color. Skip the dull standard colors for the vanity and go with something fun instead. For boys, a navy blue color is excellent, or a dusty rose for girls. Dark turquoise works perfectly for a unisex bathroom. 

Bath Toy Holder

If your kids spend a lot of time in the bathtub playing with toys, a bath toy holder could be your best friend by making the bathroom less cluttered and more organized. Adding a holder with suction cups allows you to hang it above the tub for mess-free drying. In addition, a mesh front allows air to dry to prevent the toys from molding.

Low Shelving

The best way to set up a child’s bathroom is to ensure everything is within easy reach, so there’s no risk of your child climbing or breaking something while trying to get their stuff. Placing low shelving ensures that everything is close at hand and helps keep everything organized. 

Setting the bathroom up with stuff on low shelving so that children can get their stuff is also excellent for encouraging independence. 


Decorating your kids’ bathroom can help encourage better grooming and sanitation habits, increase independence, and make the space fun and inviting. When children feel comfortable in a room, they’re more likely to enjoy being in there. 

Whether you’re trying to find ways to decorate the room with accents like rugs, shower curtains, and pictures, or you’re thinking of something more permanent like tiles and wall colors, there are numerous creative ideas for kids’ bathrooms. Take inspiration from your children’s current interests, favorite colors, or characters to help come up with a theme. Or let them pick out the design themselves to guarantee your ideas will be a hit. 


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