Different Porch Light Colors (And What They Mean)

Sep 2, 2021 | Electrical Repair, Home Improvement Repair, Skills Specialties

Ever wonder what color your porch light means? Whether we’re welcoming guests into our home or signaling safety in an area, colors are a powerful vocabulary for expression. In addition to affecting our mood in everyday situations, this is why choosing the right porch light color is so important.

In this article, you’ll learn about different meanings and symbols that come from porch light colors.

Porch Color Light Meaning 

Blue Porch Light Meaning

Choosing a blue porch light can mean many things depending on the situation and what you want to express. It can mean peace, freedom or autism awareness but each color holds a different feeling that we often associate with them in our everyday lives:

Blue is the most common porch light color meaning safety and calmness . Blue signifies security as well as peace. When people see an area under blue lights they automatically feel protected which explains why businesses use them for their storefronts or police departments use them to denote areas of protection.

It’s equally important to note that blue isn’t just used by law enforcement officers; it is also used heavily in hospitals where people go to recover from illnesses, injuries or accidents. Because of this, blue is considered a comforting color that symbolizes a state of well-being.

Blue lights are commonly used at sporting events because they are associated with positive feelings and a strong competitive spirit which can help boost a team’s energy levels during their games.

Blue lights aren’t just for sports; if you want to use this color symbol in your backyard for parties or at home, simply place outdoor string lights on trees or under eaves where it will shine down upon your property like a cover from above.

The good thing about blue porch light meaning is that it doesn’t have to be hidden behind closed doors; if you want to show your support for awareness of autism or any other condition, simply keep a blue light on at night.

The bad thing about blue porch light meaning is that it isn’t visible in the day; if you want people passing by to understand the awareness message behind this hue, make sure to stock up on green and white lights as well.

Green Porch Light Meaning

While blue symbolizes protection and calmness, green is often used to signify life , peace, harmony and good health . Green also signifies fertility as well as renewal which explains why businesses and companies use this color for their logo. In fact, Apple Computers made its brand easily recognizable with its green apple logo.

In religion, like Buddhism, green is used to signify that the practitioner is moving towards perfection .

Doctors often use green lights to denote areas of protection in hospitals and similarly, businesses often use these lights to denote a secure environment for their customers. This explains why you’ll see many banks using this color. Whether you own a business or want to keep your home safe, using green porch light meaning can be beneficial for both.

As we mentioned earlier, blue and green are complementary colors which means that they look good together so if you choose one and want some variety indoors, simply mix in white lights as well. Green woodsy outdoor lanterns will also give off a soothing atmosphere at night while adding additional light into your yard or garden during the day.

Determining your porch light color meaning may be tricky but it is possible if you take the time to think about why you’re using it and the features that this particular hue provides.

Red Porch Light Meaning

The most common use of red lights in our everyday lives is as a symbol of power or danger . You’ll see red lights used by construction crews to mark out areas where work is still in progress. Similarly, police officers often use red lights to denote when an area needs extra protecting.

If you want to choose red lights for safety reasons, ensure that your property has adequate fencing, surveillance equipment and also strong locks; since these hues are symbols of danger people will not just wander onto your property without first knowing what lies ahead.

You can use red lights however you want in your home; these lights are perfect for a night club or bar which is why many restaurants will choose this color to signify that it’s time to party!

If you want an even more exciting atmosphere at home, make sure to include red string outdoor lights during parties and other family get-togethers. Red can be seen as the “wild card” of colors so you never know what kind of fun awaits when you mix in some excitement with your second favorite hue.

Red is also used to symbolize strength , power and ambition . You may have noticed that most sports teams use this color for their jerseys and they’re not just trying to make themselves look good; studies have shown that people are more likely to win when wearing red clothing.

People who want to use their homes for business can also benefit from this color by adding a few red porch lights meaning if you’re using your home as a retail space or meeting room for seminars and workshops. Red is known as the color of love and it is no secret that we all love to get our hands on deals so use this hue for any festive sale in your house.

You can also find Christmas lights in red which symbolize both Santa Claus and the color of gifts under the tree . In addition, these hues are often used during weddings because they are associated with fire which signifies passion and romance . However, experts suggest that couples should avoid using red as the main color of their home since it can make them feel quite restless and even angry.

Red is also associated with blood which is why you’ll see hospitals often using these lights to show that there are medical staff present inside . Similarly, food establishments will use this color to signify that they have running water and sanitary conditions for customers. If you want to grab people’s attention with a memorable experience, adding some red porch light meaning in your house could really work for you.

Orange Porch Light Meaning

The first thing most people think about when they hear orange is Halloween but we tend to overlook the fact that not all pumpkins are bright orange . In fact, this hue is actually very versatile and there are no limitations on how you can use this color in your house.

If you’re looking for a friendly, happy addition to your home then orange is the way to go. Just be warned because while it may make kids feel optimistic and cheerful , adults could find that the hue makes them anxious . You should also avoid using orange outdoors since this color attracts termites which you definitely won’t want in your yard.

One of the more interesting uses of these lights is by people who are transitioning their homes from one climate to another; it has been proven that adding warm colors like red and orange during winter months helps with depression and feelings of coldness during this transitional period.

Yellow Porch Light Meaning

Yellow is another favorite outdoor light color but this shade is best used to enliven an outer wall or a centerpiece on your patio . You can also use it indoors for kitchens and family rooms if you want something cheerful that is still subtle.

However, many people believe that yellow is the happiest color in the world and given its playful quality; using it outdoors would be perfect during children’s activities like birthday parties or play dates. The interesting thing about these lights are that they don’t have to actually be yellow to signify joy since even shades of green will do just fine!

Yellow porch lights mean security ; not only for your house but also for our wallets since these hues create a sense of calmness which encourages us to stay longer at stores with products in this color. Stores have actually been exploiting the power of these lights for years by putting yellow signs outside to advise customers that there are discounts inside. If you want to add some brightness and energy to your home, then consider using yellow porch light meaning for a lively addition.

Purple Porch Light Meaning

Purple porch lighting can mean love or mystery . Based on its rich history, this color is usually used for weddings or quinceaneras because it symbolizes royalty and honor. You can also find these lights in spiritual places like churches that believe purple only comes from the heavens above.

Similar to orange, avoid using purple outdoors since most insects are known to be drawn towards this hue . Outside of homes, you’ll see these porch lights used in businesses but if you want to add some romance to your place then we recommend adding them indoors instead.

Blue and Green Porch Light Meaning (Combined)

When you combine blue and green porch light, you get turquoise which is one of the most powerful colors on earth. More than just an eye-catching hues, these lights actually affect our mental health . It has a calming effect and can even suppress feelings of depression and anxiety which is why you’ll see many hospitals using them for their waiting rooms .

Blue and green also have connotations to nature; think about water or plants which are vibrant shades of similar colors. As porch light meanings go, you really can’t do much better than this combination especially if you want people to feel secure in your place.

The Subconscious Effect of Colored Porch Lighting

Color is an important part of lighting to create a vibrant feel in any environment. However, we don’t only use it for aesthetic purposes because our brains have a subconscious reaction to these hues. Below, We have outlined the different colors of light and the mood they produce so you can choose appropriate lighting for your porch.


White is the color of purity, and you can see it in the variety of shades used by doctors and nurses for their scrubs. Since white is considered a clean color, some people also use it as home lighting to inspire a sense of hygiene. If you want your porch lights to reflect peace and harmony , then we recommend using darker versions like ivory or cream to create this effect.


Blue is also one of the hot porch light meanings due to its connection with nature. While bright blues are usually used in homes for accents, they also reflect a sense of hope or trust . If you want your guests to feel comfortable in your place, then this color can do just that because it symbolizes peace as well as tranquility and calmness.


If you’re looking for an outdoor light meaning that promotes calmness , then green should be at the top of your list. Green is the most cheerful color on earth; psychologists have actually concluded that even people who don’t consider themselves as ‘green types” will still feel relaxed when they see this hue . This makes it great for waiting rooms since it gives the feeling that all will be well in the end.


You’ll see a lot of yellow porch lights in stores because this is one of their main colors. It not only reflects warmness and happiness but also creates an eye-catching appeal for passersby to come inside such as using it on signs . If you want your guests to feel welcome , then consider adding a bit of yellow light to your entranceway or windows so people can see them from afar.


Pink is also one of the hot porch light meanings and you can see why by its connection with romance and femininity . This shade creates a warm, fuzzy feeling inside so if you want guests to have positive feelings about your place then we recommend using pink since it’s linked to amorous feelings.


If you still think that orange is just for Halloween then think again because this color means many wonderful things . From a communication standpoint, it reflects positivity as well as determination which makes the perfect choice if you want people to feel inspired or confident whenever they visit your place. If you still don’t like using this hue outside since insects are drawn towards it like bees, then choose deeper versions like pumpkin or burnt sienna for your porch lights.


Purple is a color that’s high in spirituality , and you can see why since this hue is often used for altars or religious purposes. It also reflects independence and has the power to stimulate thought so if you want your guests to be absorbed in their own thoughts, then adding purple porch lights will achieve this effect.

Direction of Light

Make sure you pay attention to the direction of your porch light, because it’s just as important as what color you choose. For instance, if you want to create an outdoor light meaning of welcoming then shining them downward will achieve this objective since it projects a sense of openness. However, when projecting the color green or yellow, having your lights pointed downwards won’t produce the best effect so make sure you point them towards the horizon instead .


When choosing what color means for porch lighting , then one thing to consider is seasonality. For instance, using orange in winter might be too eye-catching while pink is more appropriate during the spring and summertime. The same case goes with white and blue – if you use white in fall or winter it can also feel cold and unwelcoming but during spring time on a moonlight night, it can give a fresh, inviting feel.

Blue Whether in the human body or in nature, blues bring peacefulness with them so if you want your guests to feel at ease upon visiting your place then choose this color. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a cozy atmosphere without feeling too hot because it creates an illusion of coolness and can be used for entranceways, doorsteps, or anywhere else that requires attention . If you want people to think positively about your home , then consider adding blue since it has been proven to make people relax their shoulders and face more towards the sky which is linked to understanding , imagination , and inspiration . It will also create greater amounts of happiness .

Quick Tips on Choosing the Right Porch Light 

Here are some tips for choosing the right porch light for your home.

  • Think about the seasonality of your porch light, like for example, in summer you may prefer orange while in winter, white and blue.
  • Consider the angle of light and if you want to create an inviting and welcoming feeling to your home or any space, then make sure your porch light is pointing downwards. This is best when projecting green or yellow lights.
  • Consider what color means to you and whether it has a spiritual meaning or not. Purple for example can be used outside as there are no bugs that like purple hues while other colors have different meanings.


Changing the color of your porch light is a simple choice that can have some deep psychological effects. It all depends on what mood you’re trying to create and how deeply you want it to affect you.


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