10 Best LED Work Lights For Your Next Construction Job

Apr 27, 2021 | Home Improvement Reviews, What To Buy

LEDs have become a preferred choice for work lights for garages, car repairs, emergencies, and indoor/outdoor construction sites.

The many benefits of LED work lights include better energy efficiency, brighter lighting, durability, and longer lifespan. We’ve put together this review of the ten best-LED work lights for your next construction job. After the reviews, we also include a handy buyer’s guide that outlines everything you need to know about choosing the perfect LED work light. 

The 10 Best LED Work Lights

1. DEWALT Max LED Work Light


DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (DCL074)

  • LED portable work light provides natural white light for jobsite illumination

The Dewalt Max LED work light is a 5,000 lumen, portable white light that’s versatile enough for all purposes. This work light is compatible with all 20V lithium-ion Max or DeWalt Flexvolt batteries (sold separately) with a runtime of 11 hours.  

You can adjust the brightness level up to the max of 5,000 lumens using the buttons on the front panel. The durable body and lens are impact-resistant, with four thick handles on the corners for easy portability. 

You can also use the Tool Connect App to track, manage, and customize your settings. There’s also the option to purchase a tripod to position this light if you prefer not to use it freestanding or hanging on a hook for suspended overhead lighting.

2. Bosch LED Cordless Work Light

Bosch FL12 12V Max LED Worklight, Bare Tool

  • ILLUMINATION: offers best-in-class illumination and brightness, with 10 high intensity LED lights, providing unrivaled illumination

The Bosch cordless LED work light is lightweight, compact, and battery-operated with 12 hours of runtime and ten high-intensity light settings with a max of 300 lumens.

This light has a self-standing bracket for easy positioning, but you can also use magnets, carabiner clips, or a tripod for mounting. The frame adjusts so you can access varied angles to get into hard-to-reach areas. 

You will need to buy a rechargeable 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery to power this light, and it’s a good idea to have a spare. There is no low battery warning indicator.

3. PowerSmith Weatherproof LED Work Light

PowerSmith PWL124S 2400 Lumen Weatherproof Tiltable Portable LED Work Light with 5 ft Power Cord, Green

  • While Halogen Bulbs Burn, PowerSmith LED Work Lights Stays Cool to the Touch

This green die-cast aluminum housing LED work light by PowerSmith is the perfect solution for indoor or outdoor 5000k bright white color temperature lighting. 

Porting around is simple due to the padded metal handle at the top. But you will need to near a wall outlet, as this work light has a five-foot grounded cord. 

This model work light comes in various lumen options from 1080, 2400, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7500, or 800 with a 50,000-hour lifecycle. The glass lens is impact-resistant, so there are no worries about damage if this light gets dropped or falls over.

4. Cat Pocket Work Light

Cat CT1000 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Pocket Work Light, Black/Yellow

  • COB LED WORK LIGHT: This portable work light has a magnetic base & rear pocket clip to deliver on-demand lighting, producing 175 lumens of COB LED for a flooding beam of light where you need it.

The Cat CT1000 is the perfect solution for a small, compact work light that you can keep in your pocket, so you always have a light source. The ABS thermoplastic body is resistant to impacts and water. 

This pocket light has a magnetic base and a rear pocket clip for easy attaching. When on, you get a 175 lumens flood beam of COB LED.

You will need three AAA batteries for power (included), which gives you a life cycle of up to 7 hours of continuous runtime. 

5. Spotlights Outdoor Work Light

The Spotlights outdoor work light features twenty-four 15W LED lights, including two flashing red and blue lights for roadside emergencies. 

You can choose low, bright, or strobe settings for 6000k white lights, while the red and blue emergency lights have SOS, Flash, and with flash. There’s even the option to rotate this light 360° and angle up to 90°.

This light has a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery, two 5V 1A USB ports for easy charging of devices, and an aluminum alloy shell that’s lightweight, portable, waterproof, and available to use by hanging via the thick padded handle or leave freestanding on the two stable legs. 

6. In360Light LED Shop Light


In360Light LED Shop Light Portable Work Outdoor Indoor 360 Degrees, Handheld Compact with Strap, 6,000 Lumens 54 Watts

  • SUPER BigBright Light with a range of 25 feet. Water resistant, rubber feet – 12” high by 5” wide, 7″ durable power cord. Rocker style switch. 360° daylight color bulb, 162 LEDs, 54 watt. Rubber feet, IP64 waterproof bulb. Hanging strap.

The In360Light LED shop light has a 54 watts 6000-lumen range of 25 feet and a compact size of 12″ in height and 5″ width. This light does require plugging into an AC power source with a cord reach of seven feet. 

Features of this light include frosted lenses, 360° daylight color temperature, 162 bulbs, IP64 waterproofing, a hanging strap, rubber feet, and a lightweight of four pounds. 

This light is perfect for working on vehicles, playing night sports, or creating a daylight lighting temperature for crafts.  

7. Milwaukee Trueview LED Flood Light


MILWAUKEE’S 2360-20 M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light

  • 20% Brighter than 500W Halogen Flood Light

Milwaukee’s Trueview LED floodlight comes in the signature black and red color scheme of all Milwaukee products. This 18V light allows for 3000 (high), 1500 (medium), or 650 (low) neutral white temperature lumens.

You can use this floodlight on high, medium, or low with a 240° rotating light head with positive stops and three integrated keyholes that allow you to hang your light vertically or horizontally. The lightweight and compact design allow for easy portability. 

Powering this floodlight can be done via the attached power cord or by using an M18 Redlithium XC 5.0 battery for two, four, or nine-hour runtimes.

8. Coquimbo Rechargeable Work Lights Magnetic Base

LED Work Light, Coquimbo COB Rechargeable Work Lights with Magnetic Base 360 Degree Rotate and 5 Modes LED Flashlight Inspection Light for Car Repair, Household and Outdoor Use (2 Pack, 27×4.5cm)

  • Durable Material: This led work light is made of hard rubber, anti-sweat and anti-slip, the head is aluminum which dissipates the heat effectively, prolong the life of the lamp. Thanks to the foldable design, the lamp is easy to carry, and save storage space

The Coquimbo work light features a foldable aluminum head with a hard rubber body that’s anti-slip and anti-static. A 360° rotation allows you to get custom angles, while the hook and magnetic base allow for hands-free operation. 

A built-in 18650 battery is rechargeable via a USB port (cable included). There are five different lighting modes – high, medium, front light, red warning, or red strobe. 

This design is the ultimate portable LED work light with a 5.8″ length (when folded) and only 4.9 ounces in weight. When you purchase this pack, you get two high-powered foldable lights and two USB charging cords.

9. Neiko Cordless Work Light

NEIKO 40339A Cordless COB LED Work Light | Max 700 Lumens | 11.5 Hour Run Time | Rechargeable 4,400 mAh Li-ion Battery | USB Charging | 3 Modes: 700, 400, 250 Lumens | Magnetic Hooks

  • [COB TECHNOLOGY]: COB or chips-on-board technology increases the lumen-output per square inch, which provides bright flood illumination with greater energy efficiency than standard SMD LEDs.

The Neiko 40339A cordless work light uses COB (chip on board) tech to provide higher lumen output per square inch and increased brightness. The industrial-grade polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing are impact resistant. 

Powering this device happens by a rechargeable 3.7V 4,400 mAh Li-ion battery, and a battery indicator alerts you of low battery life. You can use this light hands-free using the two all-angle rotating swivel hooks or the detachable magnet base. 

This light has three brightness levels – high 700 lumens (4.2 hours runtime), medium 400 lumens (6.5 hours runtime), and dim 250 lumens (11.5 hours of runtime). 

10. Torchstar Hanging LED Work Light

TORCHSTAR Portable LED Work Light, Hanging Hook & Magnetic Flashlight, Battery Operated, COB Pocket Work Lights for Car Repairing, Emergency, Hiking, Camping

  • 💡COB Work Light: With powerful COB LED chips, this light can provide a wide range of bright lighting with a 120° beam angle

The Torchstar hanging LED work light uses COB LED chips to provide a 5000k daylight 120° beam angle of 200 lumens brightness (high), 16ft irradiate distance or 120° floodlight.

You can go hands-free using the built-in 360° hanging hook or the 180° folding 5-position magnetic backplate. You will need three AAA batteries (not included) to power this light with up to 12 hours of runtime.

The ABS and rubber outer surface protects the light from corrosion, wear, and drops for up to 100,000 hours of lifespan. 

What Is an LED Work Light?

LED work lights are an energy-efficient lighting alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. These work lights have LED – light-emitting diodes – bulbs that use up to 90% less energy while producing no heat, allowing them to be safer. 

These lights are also more durable, making them the perfect option for abusive worksites. Drops, falls, or other hard impacts will not cause the LED bulbs to blow or go out, unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs.

They also have a much longer lifespan, with some types lasting up to 100,000 hours runtime. Plus, they’re brighter, measuring in lumens instead of watts. To get the same brightness from an LED that you would from a 100-watt incandescent bulb, you’d only need a 25-30 range, 1600 lumen LED.

Types of LED Work Lights

There are multiple types of LED work lights that you can choose from, based on your needs. Let’s look at the different variations of LED work lights to help you get a better idea of which option might be right for you.


Portable LEDs are small lights that are easy to carry around and work in various locations, so you have intense lighting for your home reno projects, workshops, or construction job sites.

These lights come in different options, from having a flat base so they can sit on a table or the floor. Or your light may have tripods that allow you to adjust the light’s height each time.


LED lights that mount to a tripod or stand have better versatility and use. This style helps set up a light source at job sites or for working outdoors at night.

Many of these lights can adjust the height by knobs, levers, or other lifting mechanisms. Many LED lights may come alone but also have the option to fit on a stand or tripod.


LED lights with a retractable cord have a small size that makes them useful for portability or affixing to ceilings or lights for a permanent solution. 

These lights have a long extension cord that retracts into the casing when not in use, so there are no tripping hazards or unsightly aesthetics of random wires sticking out everywhere. They also feature an extra plug for extra convenience. 

Considerations for Choosing the Best LED Work Lights

When shopping for LED work lights, there are multiple considerations to weigh to ensure you get an LED work light that best suits your situation. Consider these factors when comparing LED work lights.


Different tasks and jobs can require specific types of work lights. When trying to choose a work light for your tasks, compare each light’s power options, adjustability, brightness level, and portability. 

When working on job sites where power is spotty or non-existent, you’ll need a light that has a long battery life rather than a light that needs to plug into the wall to get power. 

For tasks in tight spaces like under the hood of a car or crawl spaces, you’d need focused lighting. In comparison, painters would do better with lights that adjust and cover a wide surface area. 

Lumen Count

Another factor to consider about LED work lights is the brightness – measured in lumens rather than watts like incandescent bulbs. 

The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. Despite the lumen count, LEDs have more energy efficiency and lifespan than incandescent bulbs. LED lights never draw more than 30 watts of energy. 

Compare your options for LED work lights to measure the lumen output and the beam angle, which is a measurement of the light’s distribution range. The beam angle also defines the bulb’s range of distance before it loses brightness.

Power Supply

You’ll also need to consider how your light will get power. Devices vary by model and power supply, with options for rechargeable batteries, AC power, solar power, or combinations.

Newer model LED work lights have upgraded features like USB charging ports or extra electrical sockets that you can use to charge or operate other tools. 

The voltage varies for these plugs, so it’s essential to verify your limits before plugging up devices. For battery-powered devices, pay attention to the runtime and recharge time. And many users prefer to keep one or two extra batteries for backup if their current power goes out.

Cordless vs. Corded

You’ll also need to decide – cut the cord or keep it. Cordless work lights have versatile use because you’re not limited to being within reach of a wall outlet or other AC plug. Corded versions are great for workshops, attics, and other permanent uses.

Corded lights can pose a tripping hazard if the wires aren’t correctly run, and they might be too much temptation for young, untrained puppies who enjoy chewing on anything. But cordless lights have the disadvantage of running out of power at inopportune times. 

Additional features like charge warning indicators and multiple brightness levels can reduce the amount of time you’re without power by giving you enough time to change the battery or plug it up.

IP Rating

You’ll also want to check the light’s two-digit safety rating – IP (ingress protection). The higher IP a light has the more protection against particles entering the device and causing safety issues or damage.

To decipher the IP rating, you’ll need to know that the first number refers to the light’s ability to repel solid particles, ranging from 0 to 6. The second number stands for repelling liquids and has a range of 0 to 7. 

You’ll want a light with a higher IP rating if you’ll be working outdoors or in conditions where it will be wet or dirty. 


Having an adjustable work light is a more versatile option than having a fixed light. There are multiple options for adjustable work lights that allow you to pinpoint the light’s angle and position. 

Some lights come with an adjustable stand or tripod that’s optional, while other models have a fixed position on a frame that allows you to raise or lower the light’s height.

Many lights rest on pivot arms that you can adjust or swivel to get the light shining in the direction you need. There are even flexible necks that bend, dimmer switches to change the brightness level (or an on/off switch that toggles between the settings), or even color temperature with a few models. 


If you are using your LED work light on multiple job sites, you’ll want to find an option that’s easy to transport. Portable work lights have a compact size, and some models fold up or retract for easier storage. 

And most portable work lights have improved safety features that make them more durable and resistant to damage from falling or bumping. 

Cordless LED work lights hive the easiest portability while operating on a battery, so you don’t have to provide a power source. These styles are perfect for work lights that you can take with you to different worksites. But remember to consider the charging and run times and have backup batteries on hand. 

Best LED Work Lights FAQ

How many lumens is a good work light?

For a handheld work light, you’d want between 250 and 600 lumens. 500 lumens is the perfect midpoint for most situations. For standing work lights, look for options in the range of 3,000 to 10,000. 

What LED light is the brightest?

The DeWalt brand (#1 on our list) has the brightest LED light settings with a max lumen of up to 5000. PowerSmith (#3) also offers lighting for 5000 lumens. 

What is the best rechargeable LED work light?

The best rechargeable LED work light is the Spotlights outdoor work light (#5), which allows you 6000k of white light, with red and blue emergency lights for added protection. 

What is the best light for garages?

LED lights are best for garages because they create a bright beam that illuminates the area better. You would do best with a light that has around 3500 lumens with cooler lighting temperatures around 5000k. 


As we’ve demonstrated, there are multiple types and styles of LED lights, with varying ranges of color temperature and lumens. We’ve given you ten of the best-LED work lights to get you started on your search. Remember that you’ll need to use the information we’ve provided in the buyer’s guide to ensure you get the perfect light for your needs.


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