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14 Ranch House Landscaping Ideas To Inspire You

A ranch house has a traditional style of being a single-story, low-to-the-ground structure.  Beautiful gardens, trees, and natural vegetation are used in the landscape to show off these lovely architecturally designed homes.

Below are 14 ranch house landscaping ideas to inspire you.

1. The Stunning Simplicity Of Trees

Trees add beauty to the landscape and produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Planting a tree must be well thought-through; remember, the tree will start small but continue to grow over many years. 

Choosing the right tree type is essential. Consider the space it will require as it grows and the purpose for which it is planted. Trees are planted as showpieces in a garden, for privacy from neighbors, to block the winter winds, or to provide shade.

In this picture, a simple line of trees creates a stunning effect along the perimeter of this ranch. The trees are the same species adding beauty to the unpretentious uniformity they bring to the aesthetics. The rugged wooden fence creates a dramatic pathway for these magnificent trees.

2. Show Off A Porch

The porch is guests’ first impression as they enter a home. Ranch porches are usually wide and often expand across the front of the house. Planting beautiful shrubs and plants outside the porch will create a calming and welcoming look and show off the lines of the house.

A mixture of shrubs of various heights planted along the front porch creates a beautifully fresh and inviting splash of green. The cool color of green against the red brick of the house and the stark white of the door and porch trim is striking. The grass in front of the porch blends in perfectly with the green foliage. 

3. A Winding Walkway

A walkway is visually appealing, dividing a garden into sections and bringing interest and depth to the landscape. Beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, and immaculate lawns planted along and between the walkway paint a striking picture.

The winding walkway featured in this picture is a stunning visual look for a ranch house. The various flowers and shrubs on the edges of the walkway and the lushness of the lawn are just beautiful. The gorgeous forest trees behind the home have a magical effect on this spectacular view.

4. Create A Tree Haven

Using tees to create a haven around a ranch house is an excellent way to gain more privacy and enjoy a beautifully landscaped garden. Use various species of trees for an appealing and attractive look.

The gorgeous trees surrounding this ranch house are all different in color, shape, and size, and all have beautiful foliage adding to a stunning visual look. Flowering fruit trees add splashes of color to the various shades of green. It seems as if nature is spectacularly enfolding this lovely home.

5. A Circle Of Color

Flowers and shrubs that are planted in circular beddings are always attractive. Planting flowers in various colors and shrubs with gorgeous shades of foliage looks exceptional in round flowerbeds. Create these flowerbeds in the middle of spacious lawns or areas surrounding the house.

The lovely colored flowers and shrubs in this circular flowerbed make a beautiful show surrounded by the pristine lawn. The floral color palette is continued by planting the same plants along the front of the house, bringing constancy to this beautiful landscape.

6. The Beauty Of A Hedge

A hedge is a perfect way to bring beautiful foliage to the perimeter of a ranch house. The hedge offers privacy and adds an interesting texture to the landscape. Various hedge-type shrubs are available to create these lovely boundary lines that define the design of a garden.

The lovely solid hedge used as the boundary line is softened by adding a front row of round-shaped small shrubs. The stunning use of the same small shrubs in a large circular flower bed in front of the hedge creates a beautiful landscape for the front sidewalk. Adding a spectacular tall plant pot filled with lovely colored flowering plants rounds off this stunning view.

7. Pebbled Garden 

Using pebbles to cover the ground in flowerbeds adds texture and makes the area look stylish. Pebbles have various shapes, sizes, and colors and will fit in well with the landscaping of a ranch house.

The eye-catching use of pebbles to form a pattern for the garden area of the driveway is a stunning idea. Building terrace-like sections is an excellent way to create an even height between the shrubs planted on this naturally sloped area. The strip of cement used to outline the pebbled space does well to bring attention to the lovely visual of the driveway.

8. Gazebo Charm 

Every ranch house should have a gazebo for relaxing in a shaded area, a place for meditation, and an ornamental feature in the landscape. Place a gazebo in a quiet, sunny spot surrounded by the beauty of nature. A gazebo will create a beautiful space in any garden design.

This lovely gazebo is surrounded by beautiful shrubs and trees, creating a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. The stunning maze effect of the manicured shrubbery adds an interesting dimension to the look. Lovely hanging baskets filled with green foliage add warmth and charm to the ornate design of the gazebo. This setting is a fabulous addition to the landscape.

9. Grow A Wildflower Garden

A wild garden just seems to fit with a ranch house’s rugged and rural look. Planting species of wildflowers that are hardy and self-producing needs very little attention. They grow on their own and produce beautiful and unique flowers. A wildflower garden will attract beneficial insects, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

The beauty of this lovely ranch house is enhanced by the charming wildflower garden growing at the edge of the strip of the front lawn. The attractive colors of the delicate wildflowers make a delightful display outlining the gorgeous architecture of this home. 

10. Keeping It Rural

Sometimes the magnificent beauty of the rural landscape created over time does not need much help from man. The natural splendor of the mountains, rivers, and streams that often run through a ranch is enough to paint the perfect backdrop for a ranch house.

The sandy driveway framed by the old wood fence blends in well with the rural landscape on this ranch. The serene beauty of the natural rolling grassy hills and distant mountains is magnificent. It lends to the contrast of the rustic-looking ranch house. The trees scattered around the area form part of the natural countryside.  

11. Build A Charming Foot Bridge

Wooden bridges built over streams and rivers add charm and can be the focal point of the landscape on a ranch. Footbridges can be ornamental and be used as a pathway. A bridge lends grace to an artificial or natural stream and brings a peaceful and tranquil feel to the landscape.

The lovely crisscross design of this wooden bridge is the focal point amongst the greenery and little stream of water of this landscape. The calm beauty of the trees and lush field with its tiny yellow wildflowers paints a lasting picturesque silhouette.

12. Lawn Perfection

A beautifully manicured lawn surrounded by sculpted bushes, neatly laid pathways, and clearly defined flower beds give the overall appearance of being clean and uncluttered. This pristine landscape is best used for the area in front of the ranch house to make a dramatic and lovely first impression of the home.

With its immaculate lawn and perfectly sculptured flower beds, this gorgeous garden lends to the house’s beauty. The flower beds are filled with various shrubs and plants that complement each other in shape, size, and color. The blue of the hydrangeas and the pink flowering tree adds a splash of color to the greenery. The structured walkway leading to the door is perfectly positioned in this lovely garden.

13. Be Creative With Wood

Using wood as part of the landscape for a ranch house fits in nicely with the countryside feel. Wood can be used to build a front porch, patio, or deck area. It adds warmth and texture to any space, bringing nature into the home. Use potted plants, shrubs, and trees that are pleasing to the eye and soften the look.

This open porch is beautifully crafted with wood and runs the entire length of the house. The raised level against the ranch house is decorated with lovely greenery planted in wooden barrels. The wooden theme is continued into the garden, and small trees and shrubs are added to soften the look. The wood feel continues with the wooden fence separating the garden from the fields.

14. The Aroma Of Fresh Herbs

Planting perennial herbs in a portion of the front garden is a great idea and fit in perfectly with traditional flower beds and shrubbery. Making herbs part of the landscape adds aromatic beauty to a garden and the advantage of always having fresh herbs for culinary use. Plant herbs such as sage, thyme, rosemary, and chives in a ranch house garden.

The peaceful and tranquil setting of the herb garden planted amongst the flowers and shrubs creates a beautiful space in the landscape of a ranch house. The area is inviting and can be a special place to sit and relax while enjoying the aromatic and lovely blooms growing in the garden.