28 Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Jul 1, 2022 | Furniture, Home Guides

Small bedrooms pose unique design challenges as you try to fit all the essentials without making the room feel too cluttered. This list provides 28 space-saving furniture ideas for small bedrooms. Of course, you may have to get creative with what you choose for your pieces, and you might have to skip parts that you’d typically use in a bedroom. But just because you can’t have all of the same furniture doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on storage and comfort.

Flip-Up Vanity

Vanities in the bedroom are a luxury for many people, but when you have a small space, it may seem like yet another thing you’ll have to give up. 

But not if you find the right type of vanity, such as a flip-vanity that can double as a bedside table. At night, it’s a place to hold your phone and drink. And during the day, it’s the perfect accessory for doing your grooming routine.  

Murphy Bed with Storage

Murphy beds are the ultimate space saver, perfect for guest rooms and kids’ rooms. These beds fold up against the wall, giving you all of your floor space for use. 

Having a Murphy bed that has shelves on each side of the bed provides additional storage. And when the bed is up, you get the look of a wardrobe closet.

Daybed with Drawers

Daybeds are a great choice for small bedrooms where you might have to place your bed against the center of the wall rather than pushed against a corner. 

Choosing a daybed with built-in drawers under the bottom can allow you to have additional storage, possibly even enough that you won’t need a dresser in the room too. 

Fold Out Desk

Setting up a designated study or office space can be challenging in small bedrooms. But you can still have the benefit of a desk without making your room cramped.

Fold-out desks are a creative way to have the best of both worlds. When you’re not using it, you can push it up to lay against the wall. But when you’re ready to use it, pull it out. Even when extended, it still won’t take up a lot of space.

Twin Bed

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom for one person, such as a child or a guest room, the obvious solution would be to go small with a twin bed. 

This choice gives you more floor space, so you can add additional necessary furniture, such as a nightstand and dresser, while also giving children a play area.

Minimalist Nightstand

A minimalist nightstand is a perfect accompaniment for bedrooms with a space limitation and little need for anything extravagant. 

These tables typically have a simple narrow, tall design with a small table for the basics and no additional storage room. Think of the simplicity of a plant stand – which can also work as a nightstand for small bedrooms.

Stacking Tables

Another excellent space-saving idea is to choose stacking drawers, like this simple yet attractive set of accent tables. You can start with one if you only need a bit of storage. There’s enough room on the shelves for storing books, decor, or baskets of stuff you want to keep close to your bed. 

Or you can buy multiple tables and stack them on top of each other for extra room. Pick tables in different colors for a unique pattern, or get them all matching to look like one piece. The open shelving makes it easy to use these tables to display art pieces or clothes but won’t keep toys up.

Under the Bed Storage Drawers

If having a big bed is an essential feature for your small bedroom, you can have your guilty pleasure, but you’ll have to sacrifice by excluding other pieces of furniture, like a dresser.

A great way to save space while still keeping the storage that you’d need with a dresser is to pick a bed with drawers underneath. If your bed doesn’t have drawers built-in, you can use small plastic or fabric containers for storage instead. 

Wall Mounted Side Table

If you want a table beside your bed, but there’s no room on the floor for a standard nightstand, get creative and pick a wall-mounted shelf instead. 

You can find multiple styles and sizes, allowing you to pick something that goes with your room’s theme and your needs, such as a two-tier shelf for plenty of storage.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board

If you need an ironing board in your bedroom to keep your clothes tidy, but you don’t have much space, consider getting a wall-mounted ironing board.

These boards, like this one, fold up out of the way most of the time, sticking out only 1.5″. But when you need to iron, fold it down. You can even hang this ironing board on the inside of your closet to not take up any space or be visible. 

Full Wall Bed Kit

You can also install a full wall bed kit in a small bedroom to serve as a three-in-one solution for sleeping and clothes storage. 

Like a Murphy bed, this bed folds up when not in use. But instead of going against the wall, the full-size bed stores into a fitted wardrobe. On one side, there are places to hang clothes as well as multiple drawers.

Iconic Home Bench Lounge

This Iconic Home Bench Lounge set of bold colors allows you to create multiple furniture configurations, from a chair to a lounge or even a bed or desk.

We love this kit for kids’ rooms or spare rooms that you use for multiple purposes, including an office, guest room, or playroom. 

Mirror & Jewelry Organizer

A great way to save space with furniture in small bedrooms is to pick pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, rather than having a full-length mirror that stands and takes up a lot of space, consider a wall-mounted mirror.

And better yet, look for an option that opens to reveal a jewelry organizer. So you can keep all of your necklaces and earrings safe and organized. 

5-Tier Corner Shelves

A five-tier corner shelf system consists of a geometrical design that fits into tight corners while providing open space for books, picture frames, and decor pieces in an exciting design. 

No matter the size of your bedroom, you can use this stylish five-tier shelf. And since the design consists of half-circle-shaped shelves, it won’t take up much room once mounted on the wall. 

Narrow Nightstand

If space permits, a nightstand is an essential piece of furniture for bedrooms. You can use this table to hold your phone, alarm clock, a drink, and other items, like books, hairbrushes, or remote control. Some might even hold a lamp. And many have drawers or shelves for extra storage.

But when you have a small bedroom, you probably won’t have the room for a full-size option. So instead, consider a narrow nightstand that could fit between the wall and a bed, so it doesn’t take up all the floor space. You might even be able to find one with a built-in light, eliminating the need for a lamp, giving you extra space on the table.

Tall Dresser

Many people consider dressers to be an essential part of a bedroom. Standard dressers can take up as much space as a twin bed due to two rows of drawers stacked three deep. 

If you don’t have the space to accommodate a traditional dresser, think higher, not wider. Pick out a taller dresser, which will take up wall space but leave more of the floor clear. 

Over the Door Hooks

Hooks that hang over the door are better for saving space than garment racks, coat trees, or baskets. And you can usually pick these up for a low cost and in a range of colors or designs.

You can use these hooks to store blankets, scarves, coats, bags, towels, and other items you don’t want to fold.

Storage Bed

A storage bed looks like any regular bed from a visual perspective. But underneath the mattress, you have a roll-out drawer that you can use for storage.

Many storage beds have an attractive appearance that can make your room look stylish and serve as a crucial storage piece.

Book Seat

A book set is the perfect combination of a cozy reading spot and convenient bookshelf, built into one handy piece of furniture, perfect for the book lover in your home.

And the compact size of this wood chair/bookcase means it won’t take up too much floor space while eliminating the need for a large bookshelf on the wall.

Double Hammock

If you’re the adventurous, minimalist type, you might enjoy the idea of replacing your bed with a double hammock. Not only will this save you plenty of space, but it can also help you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

While it’s unrealistic to think you’d have trees in your room to support a hammock, you’ll have to choose one that’s built onto a frame, such as this compact, heavy-duty nine-foot steel option with a 100% cotton hammock.

Small Storage Bench

You can also use a small storage bench to furnish your small bedroom. These pieces have two purposes: hidden storage and a comfy seat. They’re great for kids’ rooms to hide toys and guest rooms to store extra linens.

You can find multiple styles, sizes, and designs that can go with your room’s decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Dynamic Life Sofa

Add a bit of futuristic convenience for your bedroom using something like this Dynamic Life sofa. This bed can convert into a comfortable chaise lounge on each side at the push of a button. Hitting the button again turns it back into the bed.

A queen-size bed means there’s enough room for two, while the polyester padding and polyurethane foam add extra comfort and support. 

Floor Lamp with Shelving

Many people prefer to have a lamp in their bedrooms for softer lighting while reading a book or to watch TV before bed. For small bedrooms, go with a light that rests on the floor.

An even better solution is choosing a decorative floor lamp with a few shelves for books, candles, greenery, and decor pieces. 

Loft Bed

Al oft bed is a genius solution for small bedrooms. These beds have the height of a standard bunk bed, with a bed on top. But rather than having a bed on the bottom, it’s completely open. So you can set up a designated study area, add cube storage to hold clothes, or create a play area.

These beds don’t take up much floor space, and by going high with the bed, you’re able to save more space by tucking all of the other big furniture underneath. 

Cube Storage & Shelving

Cube storage is the perfect combination of decor and function for small bedrooms while also being extremely versatile. And you can stack new shelves on top of old ones to have more storage without sacrificing floor space.

These cubes have multiple slots where you can add decorative items, books, or fabric boxes to serve as drawers, making it storage for all of your things in one compact place.

Tall Narrow Hamper

A hamper is another thing most bedrooms need, especially in small rooms when a small mess can end up looking like a disaster area.

Skip a large laundry basket and choose a narrow, tall clothes hamper instead. You can tuck this dirty clothes container in any corner of your room without sacrificing much space.

Ladder Storage

A ladder might sound strange in a bedroom, but it can make great storage without taking up hardly any space. 

Picking a ladder with rungs on the bottom and a grid at the top allows you to hang large or small items like scarves, umbrellas, and belts. In addition, a traditional ladder can work for hanging jackets, towels, blankets, or purses.

Bunk Beds

If you have children sharing a room, a bunk bed is often the best solution for small rooms rather than trying to cram two little beds into space. 

Bunk beds are also great for spare bedrooms that you use when guests come to visit. You can choose a bed that features two twin mattresses or a twin on top with a full futon mattress on the bottom that converts into a couch. 


No matter your small bedroom’s square footage, there are numerous items you can use to decorate your space so that you can have the essentials, such as a bed and a place to store your clothes. We hope you’ve found some inspiration on this list of space-saving furniture ideas for small bedrooms. 


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