27 Small Nightstand Ideas

Jul 1, 2022 | Bedroom Decor

A nightstand is a crucial piece of furniture for bedrooms. When you’re tight on space, you’ll need a small nightstand that serves as a multi-purpose tool without cramping your room. We’ve found 27 small nightstand ideas to give you the space you need in a small bedroom. 

Wall-Mounted Nightstands

One of the best ways to save space in a small bedroom is to choose a nightstand mounted to the wall. These nightstands free up floor space, allowing you to maximize small spaces while having storage.

Having a nightstand mounted to the wall means there are no legs, so keeping the floor clean is a breeze. And you have all that extra floor space for additional storage. 

Floating Nightstands

Installing a floating nightstand is another great space-saving idea. These stands are similar to wall-mounted nightstands in that they attach to the wall. 

Attaching a floating nightstand next to your bed gives you free space on the floor while giving you shelf storage for your nighttime drinks, phones, books, or a small lamp. Some floating nightstands have multiple shelves for additional storage.

Side-Table Nightstands

Side tables are generally furniture in a central living space (living room, den, family room) on either side of couches. But you can also use them as a nightstand for your bedroom.

You have a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from, giving you free rein to pick an end table that goes perfect with your small bedroom

Minimalist Hanging Nightstand

If you prefer the minimalist, bare bedroom look, you absolutely must go with a simple hanging nightstand. This design allows you to have an open floor space free of clutter and furniture. 

A hanging nightstand goes on the wall near your bed for storing your essentials. Typical designs include a simple wood plank for a shelf, tiered wood planks, or structures with a built-in drawer. 


If you want to make your bedroom glitzy, consider a nightstand with a glamorous look. Nothing makes a space fancier than gold accents. 

You can pick a small, short table to help make a room with a lower ceiling look more prominent. Place a small lamp on top for soft, ambient lighting. 

Wrought Iron And Wood

Wood and wrought iron go together like peanut butter and jelly. This combination works for any interior decor. It gives off a sophisticated, traditional but minimalist feel. 

A wrought iron frame offers robust stability, while the wood shelving produces a rustic feel. You can pick different types and stains of wood to match any theme, with enough room to store knick-knacks, phones, lamps, and other items.

Hairpin Leg Nightstand

Hairpin legs give any piece of furniture an appealing, sleek, and minimalistic aesthetic. Metal hairpin legs can go on any style of a nightstand.

This style is perfect for small bedrooms where you need a nightstand with minimal storage. Most hairpin leg nightstands won’t have more than one small drawer and limited space on the table’s top. 


Vintage-style nightstands are a suitable solution for tight spaces. If you’re lucky enough, you can find an authentic vintage side table at a flea market or yard sale. For creative people, it can be a fun task to restore an antique nightstand.

You can leave your vintage nightstand in its classic look, touching up the appearance. Or you can get creative and redo the table so that it shows your unique personality. Most old tables give you enough space to store books, phones, remotes, or other items, either in a drawer or on top. 

Kid’s Size

Shopping in the baby or kids section might seem like an odd choice for adult furniture. But you can find a ton of small nightstands that can fit in a tight bedroom with little space. 

Kids-sized nightstands are built smaller, which is excellent for children but also adult rooms. And a lot of times, kids’ furniture is often cheaper, which is great if you’re on a budget. 


If you’re a sports fanatic, consider swapping out a traditional nightstand with a locker. You can find shorter lockers with the same height as your bed or go with a full-height locker for maximum storage space. 

Adding a locker to your small bedroom gives your space a fun pop of color with a funky feel that’s not something you see every day. Use the top of your locker for holding essential items while storing items you want to keep private behind the locked door. 

Minimal And Functional

A minimal but functional nightstand is the perfect choice for people who prefer a simplistic design while offering storage space. 

A simple, tall nightstand table with open sides and an open shelf at the bottom gives you room for drinks, plants, phones, books, and remotes. Although these tables resemble a crate, they can look stylish placed in your room. Paint your table a bold color to add a pop of style.

Tall And Thin

Choosing a tall, thin nightstand is another fantastic option for small bedrooms. The best choice is a design with multiple drawers, so you have plenty of storage for all the things you want to keep close at hand. 

Adding drawer organizers helps keep the contents separated and easy to find. In addition, there are numerous designs available, allowing you to pick a tall, thin nightstand that’s both functional and looks great.

Small And Stylish Cabinet

Just because you need a small nightstand doesn’t mean you have to forgo an attractive visual appeal. You can find multiple types of stylish cabinets that won’t take up a lot of space. 

A cabinet gives you a flat tabletop for a lamp and holding items, while the decorative door opens to provide you with additional private storage. 

Built-In Lamp

When you’re tight on space, finding pieces that serve multiple purposes is essential for small bedrooms. One of the best solutions is to choose a nightstand with a built-in lamp. 

Having a lamp within reach of your bed gives you softer lighting rather than having the overhead light on, which is perfect for reading. And by having it built into your table, you’re getting two functions in one, with ample table space for storage.

Short And Round

Short, round nightstands are the best option for people who want to avoid the sharp (and painful) angles of a square nightstand. 

A round table helps soften up a room while giving you ample storage with one or multiple drawers, plus a flat surface on top for a lamp, drinks, books, or phones. 

Colorful Nightstand

A colorful nightstand is a great way to give your room personality and a unique focal piece to spice up a small bedroom. 

You can use a colorful nightstand to brighten up your space while still having a ton of storage. In addition, this style of nightstand can create a fun conversation piece that gives your room style and uniqueness.

Skip It

Depending on the size of your room and your furniture layout, skip the nightstand and use the dresser instead. 

This solution is excellent for shared rooms, such as children. It saves room by avoiding using two nightstands while also giving plenty of storage with enough space on top for a lamp in the middle and a designated area for each person. 

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern styles are always a popular choice. And they’re perfect for a minimalist environment, especially in small rooms. Most mid-century modern designs have a simplistic, low-profile design and plenty of functional appeals.

You can expect these tables to have a drawer or cabinet, shelving, and an open spot on top that gives you plenty of room for items you need to keep close. 


If you’re not eager to spend a ton of time and money shopping for the perfect small nightstand for box bedrooms, consider something more simple. 

A basic stool is the perfect space-saving solution for a nightstand. This idea won’t take up much space, but it will give you enough room to hold a few small items. If you need more storage, add a few shelves on the leg rungs using wood shelves or burlap twine. 


When space is super tight, and you’re struggling to figure out a small nightstand idea, a unique simple idea is to use a chair instead of a nightstand.

Choosing a simple, attractive chair placed next to your bed gives you a place to hold remotes, phones, books, or whatever you keep by your bed at night. And having a chair gives you extra seating space if you don’t want to sit in your bed, making it perfect for doing makeup, watching tv, or reading a book.

Plant Stand

Just because you need a place for storage near your bed doesn’t mean you have to choose a traditional wood nightstand. Whether you dislike the look or you’re tight on space, there are plenty of times when a traditional nightstand isn’t the right choice. 

Give your small bedroom character and charm by substituting a nightstand with an attractive plant stand. Of course, you won’t get a ton of storage from a plant stand, but there will be enough room for your phone, a glass, and maybe a small lamp. 

Teeny Tiny Nightstand

In tight rooms with minimal extra space for furniture, a teeny tiny nightstand can be the perfect solution. This nightstand style fits in tight areas where there are only a few inches of spare space available. 

Looking for a tall, tiny nightstand with an open shelf at the bottom and a single drawer gives you all the storage you’d need without dominating precious free space.

Corner Nightstand

Corner nightstands are an excellent way to have storage near your bed without taking up a ton of room. This nightstand style has three legs with a sharp corner at the back for easy placement against the wall. 

Some corner nightstands have an open shelf at the bottom with a small drawer, while other models may only have a flat surface on top and bottom for storage without a drawer.

Rustic Farmhouse

Farmhouse chic is a popular trend that’s running rampant. And it’s the perfect design for making a small bedroom feel rustic and comfy. 

Multiple looks can work for a rustic farmhouse theme, from classic wood and wrought iron to faux or authentic barn wood or reclaimed wood. 

Unique Storage

Another option for small nightstands is a unique design that offers multiple storage levels in a sleek, modern design. A nightstand with a surface shelf for drinks, your phone, and other items you need easy access to is a great place to start.

Having additional storage from extra shelving makes it easy to keep books, magazines, or other reading material organized and neat while taking up minimal space in a small bedroom.

Statement Piece

You can use a small nightstand to make a big statement for small rooms where you have limited space to decorate. 

Rather than choosing a plain, wood nightstand, consider picking one that makes a statement. For example, you can choose a nightstand with patterns, painted bold colors, or with a unique design to make a statement piece. 

Compact Drawer Space

If you need maximum storage near your bed, there are multiple options for compact nightstands with numerous drawers. 

The compact size means this type of nightstand won’t take up a ton of room. But you still have plenty of storage from the drawers. The top of the nightstand can hold an alarm clock and a lamp but not much else.

Small Nightstand Ideas Considerations

When trying to pick out the perfect small nightstand for your bedroom, it helps to know some tips for narrowing down your selection. 

Make A Statement

When trying to come up with a small nightstand idea, the first thing to consider is if you want your furniture to make a statement or be a subtle, minimalist design. 

To make a statement with your small nightstand, you’ll want to focus primarily on design. You can pick a nightstand in a bold color, patterned, or uniquely designed.  


You’ll also want to consider the quality of the materials you’re considering. While you don’t have to break your budget to pick the right nightstand, if a product seems too inexpensive, it might be a sign of poor quality. 

Checking the reviews of a product is a great way to ensure you get a high-quality nightstand that can hold up to your level of use. 


Next, you’ll want to factor in your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend on a single piece of furniture helps you reduce your choices to a more manageable number. 

You can find nightstands in all price ranges. Or you can save a ton of money by making a DIY table or use an alternative solution like some of the options above.


Your final consideration should be the style. As we’ve illustrated with our expansive list of nightstand ideas, there is a wide range of styles.

When trying to pick a style, consider the rest of your furniture, the theme and aesthetic, and even the room’s color palette.

Small Nightstand Ideas FAQ

What can I use instead of a nightstand?

If there’s no room for a traditional nightstand or if you want something different, you can use floating or mounted shelves, a basket, a side table, a stool, or a plant stand. 

What do you do if you don’t have room for a nightstand?

If you don’t have floor space for a nightstand, there are other alternatives. One option is to use wall-mounted or floating shelves. Or you could use a sofa table to go behind your bed. There are also headboards with built-in shelving. 


As we’ve demonstrated, there are numerous types of nightstands. We’ve provided 27 small nightstand ideas that can work for bedrooms where space is a premium commodity. Having a place to hold things like your phone, a light, and a drink is crucial for keeping your bedroom floor free of clutter. Whether you want a traditional look or a unique nightstand alternative, you’re sure to find an idea that you love on this list.


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