13 Ideas for Laundry Room Sinks

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Having a sink in your laundry room offers many versatile benefits. Whether you need a space to presoak clothes, rinse out dirty mop water, or bathe small pets, a utility sink in your laundry room can save you time and make cleaning easier. So we’ve put together this list of 13 laundry room sink ideas. 

Sink With Cabinets

If you have enough room in your laundry room, a fantastic option is to choose a laundry room sink with cabinets. This sink can come in various sizes, from a small space saver with a small cabinet beneath to a large drop-in sink with double cabinets. 

You can use the cabinets below to store chemicals and laundry supplies, while a large sink gives you plenty of room to handwash clothes.

Narrow Sink

A narrow sink is a suitable choice for tight laundry rooms where you need the convenience of a sink without making the space feel cluttered. 

Rather than looking for a set-down sink that goes inside cabinets, consider a simple porcelain laundry sink. These classic white pedestal sinks give a small laundry room a classy design. 

Under-Sink Organizer

A great way to save space in your laundry room when you have a sink with a cabinet is to install an under-sink organizer. This device is a steel rack that pulls out from under your sink to give you more storage while being easy to access. 

Organizers that go under the sink help you have more storage space, which is especially useful for more extended cabinets. 

Standalone Utility Sink

A standalone utility sink is an excellent option if you do not need extra storage from cabinets or shelves. This sink style consists of a wash basin attached to four legs, giving the sink a standalone design. 

You can find standalone utility sinks with a deep basin and no cabinets in a variety of finishes. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for laundry rooms due to the easy cleaning and simple look.

Functional Faucet

Skip a basic faucet in exchange for a practical option to make your laundry room sink functional. One excellent choice is to choose a faucet with a high arch and a pull-down sprayer. 

Having a faucet that pulls down to spray gives you an easier way to spray out the entire sink and makes rinsing or washing clothes easier. Side sprayer hoses have a 20” to 28” hose than a 12” to 18” long pull-down sprayer.

Bamboo Shelving

If your laundry room is tight on space, you may be stuck with a small laundry room sink. But just because you don’t have the room for a large cabinet doesn’t mean you have to forgo all storage. 

Bamboo shelving is an excellent solution for mobile shelving for a laundry room sink. You can put this shelf over the sink for when you need to hold items. But then remove it when you’re ready to use the sink for washing clothes.

Sink Board

A sink board is an accessible solution for getting extra workspace when you have a laundry room sink. These storage items go over the top of the sink basin, so you have extra room to sort dirty things or hold clean clothes to fold. 

You can find multiple sinks that come with sink boards, or you can buy individual sink boards to go over an existing sink. 

Bathroom Sink

Some people are so tight on space that they have to get creative with laundry room ideas. One option many people use is to make their bathroom pull double duty as a laundry room. 

If your laundry room and bathroom are in the same space, you can use your bathroom sink as your sink for pre soaking or hand washing clothes. 

Space-Saving Sink

When you have minimal space, you don’t want to choose a giant sink, forgoing crucial real estate. Instead, the best option is to choose a space-saving sink that goes into a large cabinet that gives ample storage. 

Picking a space-saving sink gives you a place for washing while still leaving counter space for activities for tasks like folding clothes.

Standard Laundry Room Sink

If you’re not looking for frills and whistles, you can go with a standard laundry room sink. But if you want to give your sink a makeover for better visual appeal, there are options like adding a fabric skirt to hide beneath the sink. 

A water-repellent fabric would offer better protection against water splashes versus regular curtains. Mounting the curtain can be done through nails, screws, by securing to a rack with hooks, or by picking a self-stick fabric. 

Custom Sink Size With Cabinet

If you have a laundry room with a unique layout or special needs for your laundry room design, you can consider having a sink and cabinet custom-made. 

You can pick a cabinet design to fit any sink or laundry room space, from small, tight rooms to the large laundry room/mudroom combos. 

Vintage Bathroom Vanity

Another choice for a laundry room sink is to use a vintage bathroom vanity. This option allows you to give your laundry room a unique design flair that makes your space as stylish as the rest of your home. 

Vintage vanities are the perfect solution for laundry rooms with abundant space, as many styles are larger. Repurposing an old vanity is ideal for a low carbon footprint while giving you extra storage space.

Deep And Wide Porcelain Sink

Deep, wide porcelain sinks give a farmhouse or rustic feel and become standard for country kitchens and laundry rooms. In addition, porcelain is heat-resistant and easy to clean, making it a fantastic option for laundry rooms.

This sink style gives you ample space for washing while sitting a bit lower than the counters. Likewise, the countertops provide plenty of room for folding clothes or other tasks.

Laundry Room Sink Ideas FAQ

What is the best sink for a laundry room?

Laundry room sinks can come in various materials. Some of the best laundry room sinks are cast iron, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, or stainless steel. 

Is it worth having a sink in a laundry room?

Some people may not need a laundry room sink, but it never hurts to have one. But those who have to do presoaks before washing laundry, have multiple things that require hand washing, or clothes that need rinsing before going into the washing machine will get the most use from a laundry room sink. 

How big should a laundry room sink be?

Laundry room sinks can be any size, but options with a minimum of 15” deep basin give you plenty of space to presoak laundry, bathe small dogs or hand washing clothing. A 40” wide, 16” deep double bowl sink is perfect if you have the space in your laundry room.

What do you put under a utility sink?

A utility sink in your laundry room gives you the perfect storage space for items like soap, laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, bleach, stain treatments), and sponges. In addition, you can use a shelf that pulls out for easier and accessible organizational storage, install shelves, or put items directly onto the cabinet. 


Having a dedicated laundry room sink makes cleaning tasks easier, like presoaking, hand washing, or pre-rinsing clothing. You can also use your laundry room sink for mop water, bathing small animals, or cleaning messy items. We’ve given you 13 laundry room sink ideas to inspire you for your remodel.


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