13 Creative Decor Ideas for Kitchen Table Centerpieces

Jul 1, 2022 | Dining Tables, Kitchen Dining

If you’re looking for inspiration for kitchen table centerpieces, you’re in luck. There are a ton of ways that you can creatively decorate your table, whether for the different seasons or using a permanent centerpiece. 

Keep reading as we look at thirteen kitchen table decoration ideas. No matter your room’s design or reason for decorating, you’re sure to find an idea among this list that suits your needs. You can even try combining multiple design ideas to get a show-stopping centerpiece.

Decorative Serving Tray

A decorative serving tray is the perfect centerpiece idea for many types of decor. For example, a rectangle or circular tin tray looks great in rustic, Tuscan, and farmhouse kitchens. 

A wood tray is a great way to give your space a warm feel. Choose an engraved tray with your family name engraved or say welcome. 

Add seasonal decor items, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, flowers, or a serving dish for food or keep drink pitchers out of risk. 

You can also choose a glass or plastic serving tray with handles that you can use to serve up drinks, snacks or hold utensils or side dishes.

Seasonal Flower Display

Nothing brightens up a roof like a flower display. No matter the season, you can keep your table looking great using a flower bouquet.

You can use decorative jars with colors of the season, planter boxes that hold one or more plants, or attractive ceramic pots. Gold flowers will go with any season, trading out the type by what’s currently in bloom.

Not a fan of real flowers? You can find a wide range of faux flowers at any craft store or online shopping. Create bouquets in whatever colors you want and any species of flower – without dealing with allergies.

Fake flowers also benefit from not dying, whereas real flowers will need replacing every few weeks. But you can’t get the fragrant aroma of florals from faux.

Incorporate Vases and Baskets

You can create decorative centerpieces for your kitchen table using baskets. Artificial grass baskets are great for spring decorating and will retain their green color for years. Wicker, white, and old egg or apple baskets go great with country or rustic-themed kitchens. 

Fill your basket with bread for dinner, fresh or fake fruit, napkins, condiments, or a yummy dessert. In the mornings, you can use the basket for crescents, muffins, or bagels. 

Not a fan of baskets? Decorate your table with vases. A single decorative vase placed in the middle of the table can make a significant statement. 

Or use multiple small, narrow vases with one or two flowers spread out on a long rectangular table. Add candles or other decors between the vases for a completed aesthetic.

Fruit Bowl

A classic way to decorate your kitchen table is to place a decorative bowl in the middle and fill it with yummy, healthy fruit. This decoration is perfect for families with young children who like to snack. 

Want a colorful way to style up your table without the risk of rotting fruit? Pull an old-school move and fill the bowl with fake fruit instead. 

If you have a white kitchen, filling your bowl with one colored fruit is a simple way to add a pop of color. Choose a plain or decorative bowl to match your room’s theme.

You can pick a fruit bowl made of glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, or any other material. If you have small children or pets who frequently jump on the table, you may want to choose a bowl that’s not breakable.

Tiered Display Tray

Tiered display trays are great kitchen table centerpieces because the elegant design draws the eye. This type of centerpiece is best on larger tables, so the area doesn’t feel cluttered.

There are no hard or fast rules when decorating tiered display trays. For parties, you can serve finger foods or different flavors of cupcakes. Or you can use them to decorate with seasonal or everyday items to go with your kitchen theme.

You get the best look when using an anchor piece for the bottom level – large plant, canisters, pitchers, or a sign. Then, add some greenery in the middle row. And for the top-level, stack items to add height.


An easy and inexpensive way to decorate your kitchen table and keep it clean of dust, food, and stains is to use a tablecloth. 

You can find table coverings in various types of materials, washable or disposable, and designs. Linen tablecloths have the benefit of being easy to clean, but they’re also easy to stain and might not block liquids from seeping through to the table. 

Polyester will be more water-resistant and durable than linen. As a result, spills won’t be as dangerous to your table, nor will hot dishes. However, it can be more challenging to wash these types of fabrics. 

Many people use tablecloths for decorating during birthday parties, large family gatherings, and holidays. Seasonal tablecloths are simple and perfect for decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.


Table runners are excellent for long dining tables with a lot of surfaces to cover. These pieces cover the middle of the table, leaving the edges bare. 

Runners soften the look of a large table and give you a place for centerpiece decorations like candles, flowers, or salt and pepper shakers.

These clothes are also great for protecting the center of your table from hot dishes and spilled food while you’re serving meals.


Placemats are perfect for setting-up individual places along the table. Elegant placemats topped with china, silverware, and cloth napkins with decorative rings can set the mood for a formal setting.

Or use seasonal placemats to show your spirit of the season. Placemats don’t just make your table look great. They also serve as protection for your table against staining from food and drinks.

You can find placemats in various materials, patterns, cost points, and designs, giving no limit to the style you choose. You might even want to choose personalized placemats to help kids know which seat is theirs. Once dinner is over, rinse the mats off in the sink or wipe them with a damp cloth.

Chair Covers

Chair covers are an excellent way to jazz up any kitchen space and make it feel more elegant. You can choose a fabric cover to fit over any chair, disguising the chair’s appearance.  

If you don’t have the funds to update your kitchen chairs, but you want to give your space an updated look, consider using chair covers.

White chair covers go with any decor. Or you can choose colored covers in various shades to compliment your room. Covers go over the chair back, seat, and down over the legs like a skirt. 

Consider material type carefully, especially in homes with children and pets; these covers can be tricky to wash if soiled. And the liquid may seep through the surface into the cushion of your chair, where the stain sets in.

Candle Display

At one time, candles were a staple for all table centerpieces. However, now that we have electricity, candles are less used by the majority of people. 

But adding a candle display to your kitchen table is an easy way to make a creative decor centerpiece. You can choose one bulky candle for smaller tables or set up candlesticks along the middle of the table for longer tables. 

Choosing candles or candle holders of varying heights gives your table more dimension and breaks up the monotony of the same design throughout the space.

Mixture of Colorful Pieces

Choosing a mixture of colorful pieces to decorate your kitchen table can create eye-popping centerpieces that capture the attention of everyone in the room. 

You can use different colored pieces, like bowls for fruit, multiple colored vases with contrasts of colored flowers, or two-tone candlesticks. 

Use a stylish serving tray to hold all of the colored items together to tie the whole look. Tinted Mason jars filled with sprays of flowers make an easy DIY-colored centerpiece. 

Narrow Display for Longer Tables

When you have a longer table, consider a narrow display rather than a single centerpiece. A bigger table will need more decorations to break up the vast amount of space.

Using multiple smaller pieces of varying heights can give your long table dimension rather than leaving it looking naked and boring.

Extending your decor down the center of the table ensures that everyone gets a pretty sight to enjoy while having their meal.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are an essential statement for any dinner table. But, rather than grabbing the shakers from your kitchen station, choose decorative salt and pepper shakers that make a statement while being functional. 

There is an unlimited range of salt and pepper shakers choices, allowing you to find ones that fit any style or design. 

Whether you want heavy metal or bronze pieces that act as a work of art or whimsical pieces that go with the seasons like Santa, Cupid, or witches, there are S & P shakers available. 


Decorating your kitchen table using a centerpiece is a fantastic way to break up the open expanse of a bare surface. If you enjoy the holidays, you can change your centerpieces with the seasons, showing your festive side. Or you can use other decors that blend with your room’s theme. 


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