27 Kitchen Corner Cabinet & Decor Ideas

Jul 1, 2022 | Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Dining

The kitchen is a crucial component of any home. Having the proper kitchen layout can help you feel more efficient and organized. 

While most of your kitchen may seem like a no-brainer to design, you may end up stumped on what to do with corner cabinets. There are plenty of ways to maximize storage and space with corner cabinets that might surprise you. Join us on our journey of kitchen corner cabinet designs.

Corner Cabinet Orientation

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, you’ll need to consider your cabinet orientation. Cabinets can have multiple layouts, which can lead to you having corner cabinets, either where the corners meet the sides of the wall or where cabinets meet up. 


Most kitchens fall into an L-shaped design where the cabinets run along the walls until they connect in the corner. The most common format for corner cabinets in L-shaped kitchens is blind cabinets. But many people are turning to more practical designs like the options we discuss below.

Diagonal Cut Cabinet

If you don’t like the traditional L shape kitchen format, never fear. Try a diagonal corner cabinet design instead. 

This style cabinet eliminates the 90-degree angle that you would have with an L design. Instead, it connects the cabinets in a linear structure that looks great for contemporary or modern kitchens.


Rounded or curved, cabinets are fantastic for covering corners. This style allows you to choose how you want your items stored, whether with lazy susan or open shelves, pull-out drawers, or swinging pull out shelving.

Choose two tall rounded cabinets with double doors and shelving to use as a pantry, allowing for maximum efficiency and style. Have your cabinets run from floor to ceiling, without any counter or dead space.

Corner Sink Installation

One way to eliminate the struggle of installing cabinets in the corner is to install a corner sink. This option won’t help with space storing, as there are no drawers or cabinets. There will be some space behind the sink, perfect for plants or cleaning products.

If your kitchen is tight and you need all the storage space you can get, this option wouldn’t be right. But if you have a large kitchen with excess storage, a corner sink might give your area a new gorgeous look. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a fantastic solution for still having storage space without the bulky sight of upper cabinets. Having floating shelves instead of traditional cabinetry can make your area feel more extensive and more organized. 

If you have a lower cabinet that extends out into a peninsula, using open shelving will allow you to turn your space into a cozy breakfast bar. Or, if you have decorative crockery pieces, it’s the perfect storage solution.

Or, forgo the cabinetry altogether and install open shelves from top to bottom, making for a perfect open-space pantry. 

Corner Appliances

Another stylish option is to use your corner space for major appliances, such as your stove, refrigerator, or microwave. Placing these large items in the corner will utilize the space while creating a pleasing focal point. 

Corner appliances are great for small kitchens built into tight corners. Double ovens, shelves holding a microwave, TV, with a few drawers for extra storage is the perfect compact setup.

Glass Display

Turn your upper corner cabinets into a display case for your best dishes by installing glass doors. Don’t have any china to show off? 

Combine your favorite coffee mugs with decor that matches your kitchen to tie the room together. Highlight your treasures by installing cabinet lighting at the top.

Angled Corner Drawers

Some people might not like the design of angled corner drawers, but they make sense in many situations where opening doors might not be possible. 

These drawers have two knobs, one on each side of the cabinet, to mimic separate doors. Pulling on either knob will pull the entire section out. Some designs offer minimal storage, while others provide a decent amount. 

Cabinet Garage

Cabinets with garage doors are great for small kitchens where open doors or drawers can cause issues. This corner cabinet style features doors that lift, either on brackets that keep the door held above the cabinet or as a roll (or fold) up design that keeps the door recessed into the cabinet when open.

This design is suitable for allowing access to small appliances while keeping them hidden when not in use. 

Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are a fan favorite for a lot of people due to their simple yet effective design. From the outside, the doors look like regular cabinets. But when you push on a door, it rotates on a wheel, allowing you to access the goodies stored on the shelves inside. 

Other designs allow you to open a cabinet door and spin the wheel inside. Lazy susans are perfect for storing frequently needed ingredients without worrying that something will get lost in the back. 

Corner Pull Out Shelving

Corner pull-out shelving looks like regular cabinets from a first glance. But when you open the door, the drawers inside pull out and unfold. This storage style is excellent for frequently used appliances you don’t want to leave sitting on your counter. 

Or you could use it as your pantry, for storing spices and other ingredients, or for your pots and pans. Most corner drawers will be metal racks of varying heights.

Swinging Pull Out Shelving

Swinging pull out shelving is a fantastic space (and back) saving invention for corner cabinetry and maximum space-saving. 

This design feature consists of shelves that you can swing out of the cabinet to access the items it holds. With the cabinet door closed, you can’t see the shelves.  

Accordion Cabinet Door

Many designers find the accordion cabinet among the top best designs for corner spaces. This style features double doors that fold like an accordion. When the doors are open, you can see and reach all of the inner room. Traditional doors can often limit the amount of space you have available. 

Hidden Trash Can Storage Drawer

If you’re looking for a way to keep your trash hidden, consider a hidden trash can storage drawer using your lower corner cabinet. 

One option is to place the can on the bottom of the cabinet floor and open the door to throw away the trash. Or you can choose a pull-out waste container system. 

Display Cookbooks

Small corner spaces can be the perfect place to display a cookbook, giving your space a more homey feel. There are plenty of options for stands, allowing you to pick a design that matches your room’s decor. 

You can display your favorite recipe or what you want to cook for dinner that night or the next. Or you can store multiple cookbooks in a stack.

Add Plants/Hydrogarden

Use the corner space of your cabinets to create a fresh herb garden by planting your favorite herbs in attractive pots to keep close at hand while cooking. 

Or consider investing in a hydro garden for the area. Hydroponic gardens do not require any dirt for the plants to grow, allowing for cleaner growing. Are you worried about remembering to water your plants on schedule? Use succulents instead.

Fruit/Veggie Storage or Stand

That awkward counter space in the corner is ideal for displaying your fruits and veggies using an attractive stand. If you have a limited amount of space, choose a stylish fruit bowl. 

But if you’ve got the height, choose a tiered stand with multiple baskets. Adding different fruit will give your space pops of color. 

Cake Stand

If you’re a baker, you probably have a cake stand stored somewhere in your cabinets. But there’s no reason to hide it away any longer. 

Placing a cake stand in a corner space is an easy way to add appealing decor. While most cake stands look attractive when empty, they’ll pop if filled with cupcakes, muffins, a cake, or cookies.

Make It Eye Catching

Instead of letting your corner cabinet be an eyesore, dress it up so the whole kitchen looks complete. A backsplash is one of the most utilized designs to spruce up a kitchen without significant renovations or expenses. Make your kitchen feel bigger with light colors, open shelves, and no clutter. 

Check out this article about how to use a backsplash in your kitchen. Backsplash comes in various colors, styles, and installation methods, allowing all experience levels and budgets. 

Stand Mixer

If you’ve ever shopped for a stand mixer, you know they don’t come cheap. After spending so much money on a machine, why hide it away in a cabinet? The corner space is the perfect place to keep your stand mixer set up and at the ready.

Improve your space efficiency by keeping your cookbook, cake stand, and mixer together. Having a small drawer underneath to hold cookie cutters, rolling pins, and measuring cups ensures you have an organized workspace.

Double Doors

Accordion style doors won’t always appeal to people, while traditional double doors are a timeless look. Install corner cabinets with your choice of shelves. 

Then cover the cabinet using double doors. You can also use double doors for cabinets that go underneath a corner sink. 

Beverage Bar

A lovely way to maximize your corner space while giving your room a functional aesthetic is to create a beverage bar. 

Use the corner for a personal coffee house, with all of your coffee appliances and accessories creatively displayed. Or put up a wine rack with hanging wine glasses. Or even set up a place to mix up a frozen beverage (alcoholic or non).

Bring Cabinet to the Countertop

For the corners against a wall, you may want to bring the upper cabinet all the way down to the countertop to maximize storage. 

While this design can look great for corner spots, you will have to sacrifice counter space. If you have a large kitchen island for seating, the lost area will not be a significant issue.

Corner Pantry

If you’ve got the space, instead of installing upper and lower cabinets, turn the space into a corner pantry. Having multiple shelves inside can make the organization more manageable and give you more room to store stuff.

You can choose to keep the space open and use floating shelves for a rustic look. Or you can hide your pantry behind cabinet doors. If the room is large enough, you may want to enclose the area using a regular door that matches the rest of the house.

Dead Space/Open Aesthetic

There may be times when you can’t utilize corner cabinets, leaving you with dead space – empty space you can’t do anything to change or decorate. 

These empty spaces don’t have to ruin your room’s look. Make the space blend with your cabinetry by using the same color for the wall and the cabinets.

Diagonal Corner Cabinet

Another fantastic space-saving option is to use a multifunctional diagonal corner cabinet. Turn your corner into sections for everything from storage to cooking to decor. 

A great design is a diagonal corner cabinet with various sized drawers, with space above for the microwave. The remaining space holds open shelving that can have a television, cookbooks, or decorations. Keep the top shelves narrower than the lower cabinet for counter space.

Blind Corners

Blind corners are the most simple design, but they can also pose hassles. With this layout, the cabinets meet at a 90-degree angle in the corner. 

This design means that if you open one cabinet door in the corner, you won’t be able to open the other door until you close the first. This flaw won’t matter to many people who only open one cabinet at a time.


There are many ways you can maximize your kitchen storage by effectively using your corner space. We’ve given you ZX kitchen corner cabinet ideas. When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter and hassles. Choosing one of these corner cabinet ideas can help you stay organized and make your kitchen design look complete.


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