20 Best Chairs For Small Spaces

Jul 1, 2022 | Accent Chairs, Living Room

When you have a small space, chairs are the best way to furnish your room without cramping the area with excessive furniture. 

Instead of choosing bulky recliners, which, while comfy, will take up a lot of space, we’ve found 20 types of chairs for small spaces. These chairs will be stylish, comfortable and provide extra seating, so everyone has a place to sit when socializing. Designs vary, allowing you to choose a chair that fits your room’s design.


Armchairs are comfy cushioned seats with side supports for resting your arms. These chairs come in various sizes, with some types being large enough to curl up with a good book. 

Any chair with wide supports for your arms could classify as an armchair. Therefore, there are many types of chairs that are both armchairs as well as other types. 

Armchairs are perfect for small spaces, taking up minimal space while providing a comfy spot to sit. You can even arrange two or three armchairs in a semi-circle for a quaint sitting circle.

Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs, also known as wing chairs, are easy chairs (club chairs) with wings on the back that sometimes stretch down to the armrests. 

This type of chair is perfect for framing around a fireplace to stay warm on cold evenings. The fully upholstered chair has thick cushions for comfort and exposed wood legs. 

You can choose from various patterns and fabrics, allowing you to customize your wing chairs to go with any decor. And you can also find wingback chairs in multiple sizes. 

Barrel Chair

Barrel chairs have a semicircular, high back with a space cut out of the front, resembling a half barrel. These chairs can have upholstery, tufted, or channeled fabrics with high arms.

Some types of barrel chairs swivel around, allowing for seating that can spin around for easier conversationalization among people. 

While the look of these chairs might not appeal to everyone, they go great with casual or modern themes. Two low-slung barrel back chairs with a small circular table in between make the perfect sitting area for small spaces.

Convertible Chair

Convertible chairs are another convenient yet stylish way to maximize your space. These chairs – sometimes referred to as sleeper chairs – convert from chairs into beds, allowing you to have an extra place for a guest to sleep or you to take a nap. 

There are five types of convertible chairs. Futons have metal or wooden frames that look like chairs and turn into a single-person bed when unfolded. Sleeper chairs resemble futons in function, except they have removable back support and pillows for a wider sleeping area. 

Electric chair beds allow you to convert from a chair into a bed at the push of a button. If you want a chair that doesn’t require you to remove cushions, you’ll need a drawer chair bed. The mattress rests under the chair, and you access it via a drawer below. Pulling the drawer out, the bed comes up to set on the drawer. 

And finally, a pull-out chair bed, similar to a drawer chair bed, has a bed that comes out from underneath the chair and flips open in three sections.

Lounge Chair

A lounge chair combines an armless recliner with an ottoman, making for the perfect spot to relax. Although lounges keep you in a leaned-back position, the angle is non-adjustable.

Lounge chairs are the perfect way to have a place to put your feet up and lay back when you have limited space. But if you use a lounge chair in a spot that’s too small, you may lose the room to place other furniture. 

There are multiple types of loungers, varying in design. Classic loungers have an attached ottoman for your feet to prop up but are armless. Chaise loungers – long chairs – have enough room to stretch out on one high arm and one flat side.

Side Chair

Side chairs are armless single-person seats with a solid non-upholstered frame. There may or might not be upholstery for the back and seat.

These seats are convenient for small spaces because they don’t take up much room. And they can push into tight spots for easy storage when not in use or when you need more open space.

You can find side chairs in various sizes, styles, patterns, and fabrics. Whether you want modern, traditional, or unique, side chairs make the perfect addition to any tight sitting area where you need space for people to sit.

Club Chair

Club chairs – sometimes called smoking chairs – bring to mind luxury and class due to rich leather rather than fabric upholstery. 

These chairs have a low back with armrests and a thick wide seat cushion that gives you a ton of room for sitting. 

Club chairs look great in traditional-style rooms, paired with a leather couch or a loveseat if space is minimal. Complete the look with a rich wood table. 

Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs are upholstered chairs with short legs and no arms. This chair style has been around since the 18th century, although they were primarily used in bedrooms until the 1950s. 

These chairs are often used for mid-century modern designs, with exposed geometric legs and a tight back. Current editions of slipper chairs feature box pleats to hide the chair’s legs with tight, upholstered rectangles for the seat and back. 

The versatility of these chairs allows them to go with any decor for any small space. Use a single slipper chair for an entryway place to remove your shoes. Or pair two chairs together for an intimate sitting area.

Parsons Chair

Parsons chairs are most popular for being elegant fine dining chairs that are comfortable, with a traditional style. These chairs have thick cushions, high backs, and no arms.

The design and comfort of these chairs make them diverse enough to use for dining rooms or as a reading chair. 

This chair style typically comes in a set of two, four, or more to fit any size dining space or kitchen. You can buy the chairs alone or buy them along with a matching table.

Balloon Chair

Balloon chairs are Victorian-inspired chairs used in drawing and dining rooms. These chairs have an upright back that’s waisted above the seat, with a rounded curve top rail forming a balloon design. 

These chairs had significant popularity in the 1830s, but the style lost interest by the end of the 19th century. The wood used for these chairs is mahogany or walnut, or in Australia, cedar or Huon pine.

If you enjoy the look of this style, you can find various types still available to suit multiple room designs. Some models may have a back that curls slightly over your head. 

Papasan Chair

Papasan chairs are an Asain-inspired design of a bowl-shaped chair that goes with any interior decor. In southeast Asia, where these chairs originated (no one knows precisely what culture invented the design), these chairs are called Ratan. 

Americans renamed the chair Papasan during World War II. The translation of Papasan is father or elder. These chairs are perfect for small spaces, as they don’t take up a lot of room. 

However, if you prefer a chair where you can sit straight up or recline back with your legs propped up on a stool, a Papasan might not be right. But if you want a minimalistic chair that’s big enough for you to curl up, this might be the chair of your dreams.

Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chairs are iconic yet simple chairs with Latin American (Argentinian) origins dating back to the 1930s. Other names include the BKF chair, Hardoy chair, or sling chair.

These chairs are perfect for casual sitting for small spaces. The compact size and light metal frame with sling fabric create a ground-touching seat. 

If you have a dorm or a small apartment, butterfly chairs could be just the thing. However, this style may clash with formal settings. 


Gliders are chairs that move back and forth on a fixed track. Many people use gliders in baby nurseries, but they’re also comfortable sitting in other rooms with little space for large furniture.

This moving furniture mimics the motions of a rocking chair but in a safer manner that is less dangerous for children and pets. Consisting of upholstered arms, a backrest, and a thick cushioned seat, gliders are the ultimate comfort spot.

Power gliders have an automatic motor, run by a battery pack, that you can control with a remote or buttons on the arm. These chairs do not need a power supply or for you to move them manually. 

Cane Chair

Cane furniture has been around since the 1660s, appearing in England, France, and Holland through trading with Asian merchants. 

Cane chairs consist of weaving rattan vines in a six-way honeycomb pattern around a chair frame. You can find cane chairs in a variety of styles, colors, and budgets.

Mid-Century Modern Chair

Mid-century modern chairs feature a high back on a compact frame, making them perfect for tight spaces. Elevated leg height keeps these chairs off the floor and balances the high back.

The design of these chairs with the raised armrests pairs well with tufted upholstery in neutral or funky colors. The covering is usually some attached fabric that you can clean with a vacuum or lint brush. 

Scandinavian Chair

Scandinavian chairs are the best solution for reading chairs to go in small spaces. These compact size accent chairs feature armrests, a small wood frame, and fluffy back and seat cushions for everything you need for a cozy reading place. 

Complete the design of your space with a small table to hold a cup of coffee, your favorite book, and a small lamp. 

Rattan Chair

Rattan chairs give your space a chic boho aesthetic, pairing well with bright color accents and shag area rugs. 

Traditional rattan chairs do not feature cushions. But the flexibility of these chairs makes them comfortable enough to get plenty of support from the body-shaped curves. 

The open design of this type of chair makes it perfect for giving the room an airy, open feel. Even small spaces won’t feel cramped with this type of chair.

Tufted Chairs

Tufted chairs are the perfect sophisticated beauty accent for small living rooms. A thick seat cushion provides an excellent place for sitting while the upholstered back features button accents.

Exposed wood legs with a wood border on the chair arms and the back complete this chair’s appeal. Complete the design with a metal table between two chairs.

Choose fabric colors and wood that matches your room’s decor for a look that turns heads while looking beautiful enough to wow your guests.

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs might not be the first thing you think of when trying to figure out seating for small spaces. Multiple low-profile rocking chairs can complement a small room without dominating the space.

These chairs also don’t require much space to rock back and forth, making them ideal for small corner spaces.

Petite Chair

Petite chairs are great for small areas due to their compact size and stylish design. Placing oversized chairs in small rooms can make the space feel cramped. 

These chairs sit low to the ground, which is perfect for shorter people. The high open wood back and plush cushions provide support and comfort. 

Wood arched armrests complete this chair’s design. Choosing an arrangement with an open pattern keeps small spaces from feeling claustrophobic and blocked.


When you have a small space, picking the right furniture is crucial to ensure your area doesn’t feel cramped and uncomfortable. Chairs are excellent for providing individual seating. There’s guaranteed to be a chair style that will fit your small space needs.


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