Tile and Grout Color Combinations: How To Choose

Nov 12, 2021 | Color In Home Design, Home Design Decor, Interior Decorating

Choosing the right tile and grout color combinations for your bathroom is hard. You have to consider so many things, like how light or dark you want it to be, what colors will look good with each other, etc. 

But who has time for all of that? It’s too much work. 

We’ve done the research for you and put together this guide on choosing the best tile and grout color combinations. If you’re looking at tiling a new bathroom or updating an existing one then this post is perfect for you. Now there are no excuses.

What color should I choose for my grout and tile to match the style of my home?

The most popular colors for tile and grout are white, black, gray, and beige. As a general rule of thumb, the best color choice is usually going to be the one that goes with your current decor or appliances. If you have black appliances then maybe go with some kind of dark grout and/or subway tile for your kitchen.

There really isn’t a limit on what combo you can choose because there are so many different shades and combinations of shades in each color family. It’s all up to personal preference.

But whatever look you go with just make sure it matches everything else in that room or home.

Which color combinations go well together?

White subway tile and black grout

Here’s a timeless design that you can count on to last. White subway tiles with black grout are simply lovely.

Gray tile with gray grout

Gray is another classic color choice. It’s sleek and formal but it will also make the room look clean and bright. Gray goes well with practically any other color you can think of (it’s neutral, like black), which makes this a great option for your bathroom.

Black tile with white grout

Not too keen on going with all-white tiles? Then maybe go halfway and do an accent wall in black tiles. This is modern and would work well in a contemporary setting or even a beachy cabin sort of feel if you use different colors to decorate around your tub area.

White subway tile with white grout

Or just do it all the way and go with pure white tiles. This color palette isn’t for everyone but if you like clean, bright spaces then this would be the perfect look for your bathroom.

Gray tile with white grout

Another classic color combo that isn’t too bold. This is sleek but still makes the room look cozy and warm thanks to the white grout.

Black tile with gray grout

Sticking with black, you can go with either subway tiles or hexagon-shaped tiles (like these ) for the walls. But this time do it all in black and pair it with grey grout instead of white. It’s a statement piece so be prepared to break the bank if you want to do this because it will need some special attention paid to all your other decor choices around this area.

Pink tile and light pink grout

This would work best in a fun, colorful space like a child’s bathroom or playroom since there are many different shades of pink going on.

Marble tile with white grout

The choice of marble tile is a great one. It comes in so many colors and styles that it opens up a lot of opportunities to experiment with different color combinations.

Light blue tiles with white grout

This is the perfect bathroom for any home since it looks clean, crisp, and inviting all at the same time. The light blue allows you to have some fun in the decor department while still maintaining traditional sophistication.

Light pink tiles with white grout

Going in another direction again – this time with bolder shades – these light pink tiles would look perfect next to some white subway tiles with gray grout. It’s girly but modern so if you don’t want something too over-the- then go for this color palette.

Green tiles with white grout

The green is a nice choice since it isn’t a color you see a lot of. So why not use it to your advantage and create an accent wall in the bathroom or maybe even the kitchen? This shade would work well with hand-painted tiles because there are so many different shades going on here. It’s going to take some extra money and time but if you really love this look then go for it. It would be worth it in the end, especially with how unique the result will be.

Black tile with black grout

This might come as a surprise but dark colors can also look great together. Forget about all those white bathrooms that have been done over again – now it’s time for something a bit more modern. Plus, you’ll never run out of decorating ideas thanks to all those color options with darker shades.

Bronze tiles with white grout

This is another great choice if you’re going for an earthy look since these colors will remind you of the outdoors and nature. There’s a reason people love using tiles that mimic wood – it’s restful and inviting, unlike most other choices. It also goes well with a variety of different decors from contemporary to rustic so there are lots of possibilities here too.

Brown tile with light brown grout

Bathrooms can get pretty dirty so they need to be functional as well as beautiful too – which is where this color palette comes in handy. It’s not too colorful but it is still eye-catching which means you can use your creativity elsewhere in the room.

Blue tile with blue grout

This color palette is perfect for bathrooms that are smaller since it’s very subtle. It won’t make the space feel crowded at all and there are plenty of different shades to choose from if you want something more unique.

Turquoise tiles with white grout

If you love turquoise then why not take this color to the next level by using it as part of your bathroom’s design? It would look especially great against a bright white background – like subway tiles. But this isn’t just an option for those who want to bring some fun into their homes, turquoise also works well with neutral colors like brown and gray.

How to choose the right tile and grout combinations

  • Choose a contrasting grout color. Use a contrasting grout color to bring out the other colors in your tiles. For example, if you have white tiles then choose a contrasting shade of gray or black grout to make them pop.
  • Match bathroom accessories and furniture to your tile’s color. You can complement your tiles with other elements in the bathroom so they also share the same decorating scheme for an overall cohesive look . If you don’t want to do anything too bright but still want to contrast against the dark grout, go for bright pink or orange accessories that will stand out against human skin tones.
  • Choose matching colors that go well together. Try to choose different shades of one color for something more interesting than just sticking with one dominant one throughout. This way it will create an even balance rather than making it look like you did it on purpose to match the grout.
  • Use black and white sparingly. You can add either color into your design but don’t get overboard with them since they’re strong colors that will draw too much attention away from your tile’s design.
  • Choose lighter shades of brown for your grout if you want a wooden effect. If not, then go for something darker instead. Just make sure that whatever shade you use goes well with all the other tones in both your tiles and flooring.

Is there anything else you would recommend when deciding on a color for your home’s flooring?

Yes. When you go to choose a new shade of grout make sure the color is as close as possible to what your tile looks like when covered in grout. If it’s lighter, then buy a shade that’s slightly darker… But if it’s darker then you can get away with buying one that is a few shades lighter. 

The hardest part about choosing a good color for your grout is going with something too light because once you start laying your tile on top of it and adding the border tiles, etc., you’re going to regret having chosen such a light color. But this doesn’t happen very often so don’t worry about it too much. When in doubt, just stick with our advice above and everything should turn out just fine.

What size should the tile be to make them look good with the grout color chosen?

When choosing a color for your new bathroom floors it’s important to think about what kind of light you have in the room and how much of it. If there is a lot of light coming in from outside then use lighter-colored tiles because they will reflect more of the light around the room and bring some warmth into whatever space you are trying to create.

Darker tiles absorb more light and can make small spaces look smaller and darker (if that’s something you don’t want, like in a bathroom). And always, always use lighter grout. It’s better to go too light than too dark. Going with something too dark can make your bathroom look smaller and makes small tiles look even smaller.

Light grout helps brighten up the room as well as make the colors of the tile pop a little more.


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