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Oct 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

Removing tiles from a bathroom or kitchen floor is hard, but it’s also expensive. You can spend hundreds of dollars on tools that will do the job for you, but if you’re not comfortable with your DIY skills then hiring professionals might be your only option.

There are three different types of tile removal tools that you can use to get the job done more quickly and cheaply than hiring someone else to do it for you. If this is something that interests you then keep reading.

#1. Floor Scraper

One of the first tools that you should purchase for tile removal purposes is a floor scraper. These are also often referred to as bully tools and have one purpose – scraping up all those pesky bits from your hard surface so it’s easier than ever before. The flat edge of this tool can get right underneath even deeply-embedded pieces, making quick work out any stubborn areas like old grout or caulk in between tiles without causing too many scratches along the way either.

The clever design of this tool means it’s easy to use no matter what type or size tile you are removing. You just need enough scraping ability and some elbow grease, but the results will be well worth your time when it comes down to installing new flooring solutions in later.

Floor scrapers have always been a popular choice for people who are looking to quickly remove old or sticky floors. These affordable tools don’t cost too much, which makes them easy and convenient to purchase in case you know that your next project will require one. They’re also very effective at getting rid of any glue leftover from tiles being removed so there’s no need to avoid purchasing this device just in case.

Floor scraper tools come in a variety of different lengths. Some are slightly shorter and can be used for your hands only, while others offer much more reach that will work like shovels. Decide what’s best suited to you by measuring how deep the floor needs cleaning or which type would suit an area better – decide whether it should be light-duty use (for smaller messes) versus heavy-duty scraping jobs such as removing old layerings from hardwood floors.

#2. Masonry Chisel

If you don’t want to rent a floor scraper as they’re for more for light-duty projects, then why not try investing in a masonry chisel instead? This is an idea if you just need something that’s going to chip away at some stubborn tiles or bits of tile stuck deep down in crevices.

Cleaning up these bits of tile and grout is very important as they can cause scratches on the floor if they’re not dealt with properly and quickly. Sometimes, professional products and tools aren’t enough to get rid of them so that’s why a masonry chisel can be such a great idea for stubborn hard-to-remove tiles.

A chisel won’t cost you much at all especially when you want just one tool that will take care of your problems easily. It works like a knife and it’s sharpened on both sides, making it incredibly effective at breaking apart those tough parts of any tile.

#3. Hammer or Sledgehammer

You should always start out using the first two tools first, but if you feel that’s not doing the trick then a hammer or sledgehammer might be your next best option. Although these are more expensive tools to invest in, they will handle every unique tile removal project with ease.

These specific tools work by using a lot of force as you repeatedly hit whatever tile is causing issues deep down. The problem is that this method requires quite a bit of physical energy and it can also ruin tiles as well as leave marks all over the place. But, for those stubborn areas under floorboards where other devices aren’t working out too great then a hammer will come into its own. These products could even be used on walls to take them down or shatter them into if needed too.

#4. Air Hammer

This is the absolute best tool to consider if you’re looking for an effective way to take down entire walls. It’s incredibly popular among people who need a quick solution for putting up new wallpaper or paint. If you have tiles, grout or stone pieces that are simply not budging then you can use this device because it offers convenience and complete control over the process.

A high-powered air hammer comes with a variety of different attachments so try experimenting with them until you find which one works perfectly for your project. You might want something with thin blades or perhaps even wire brush accessories, but in any case, these tools will come in very useful when it comes to taking down old tile bits and making space ready for new flooring solutions.

#5. Rotary Tool

The rotary tool is a favorite for people who are looking to chip away at larger tiles. These devices, just like chisels and hammers, have incredible amounts of power that will break apart even the toughest tiles with ease.

Although these products are often used for tiles and other materials such as concrete, they’re also incredibly useful for removing floorboards too if you’re wanting to do some DIY renovation in your own home. They work by simply drilling into any tile and then raking it out bit by bit until nothing is left but dust on the ground. Think of this product as a more advanced version of a small, sharp knife – scrapers leave behind really fine pieces so sometimes it’s not enough to get the job done.

#6. Heat Gun or Blow Torch

The last product that you should try before giving up on removing tiles is a heat gun or blow torch. These devices, although they’re quite pricey to purchase, can handle any tile removal project no matter how difficult. They work by heating up tiles until they become malleable and then allowing them to be removed through force or pressure without causing too much damage.

If you do manage to use this device right though, it’s important not to let it get too close as it could cause fires if stuck in an enclosed space with paper or other flammable objects nearby. It will also melt away your floorboards so just keep that in mind too – invest in good quality tools if you want to keep your floors intact.

#7. Jackhammer

Next, we have the jackhammer, which is known as the best tool for creating space between tiles. It’s one of those tools that require maximum force and energy to work properly so it’s not something you’ll want to use out in the open or on a regular basis unless you really need to.

It can also be very dangerous if used without proper protective gear because it involves using heavy machinery with sharp components. If you’re feeling brave though then this machine will definitely get any tiles removed within no time at all – just make sure there are no people nearby when you give it a go. So that’s everything that you need to know about how to take apart different types of tile materials both inside your home and outside too.

#8. Demolition Fork

The demolition fork is another product that can be used to remove larger pieces of tile. It’s the perfect choice if you want something with a lot of power, so although it’s fairly expensive it will get the job done quickly and without any problems at all.

It’s also incredibly useful for knocking down walls or simply breaking them apart so if your tiles are stuck on too tight to the ground then this might be worth considering.

It’s a lot safer than using an axe or hammer and doesn’t require any special training before you can use it. Just make sure that when you’re in the process of removing tiles with this fork that there aren’t any people nearby who might get hurt if something goes wrong.

#9. Broad Axe

Next, we have the broad axe, which is another product for tile removal that is definitely suitable for chipping off smaller pieces. It comes with a very sharp yet short blade so it will only take out small bits of tile at a time.

This particular tool also requires its users to be skilled in carpentry, masonry, and even metalwork too because it’s more suited towards professional rather than novice workers. If you’re looking for a quick fix though then this might be the way to go because it’s definitely the cheapest tool on our list.

#10. Common Pickax

The common pickax can be used to remove tiles in both large and small amounts. It works by digging into surfaces, including tiles, and removing them without causing too much damage to surrounding flooring or walls. If you want something that’s safer but still has enough power, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

It does have sharp edges though so please use caution when using it – if you don’t know how to properly operate a pickax then leave the task to someone who does. And there you have all of the tools that you need to know about for tile removal.

#11. Wrecking Bar

The wrecking bar is another product that can be used for chipping away at tiles both inside the home and even outside too. It’s not as expensive as a demolition fork but will do almost exactly the same job – there are different sizes available though so make sure that you get one that will handle your specific needs before purchasing it. This tool requires skill unlike any other on our list mostly because you’ll have to twist it around in order for it to work properly.

This is a great way to remove tiles if you don’t want anything major but is definitely not for the faint of heart. Make sure that you’re properly protected before trying this out and keep small children away from it at all times.

#12. Power Grout Removal Tool

The power grout removal tool is the safest option on our list because it doesn’t use any heavy machinery or sharp components.

Instead, this particular tool is attached to a drill and uses blades to remove tiles without causing too much damage to them or anything else in the surrounding area. If you need something quick and easy then this will definitely be worth considering – although it won’t give you as big of a result as some of the other tools available.

On top of that, it doesn’t require any skill whatsoever which makes it perfect for anyone who wants something fast but not dangerous at all.

Other Tools To Complete The Job


You’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry all of your tiles to the nearest recycling facility, so it might be a good idea to have one on standby if you’re not using them for decoration or anything else.

Safety Goggles

Make sure that you get the proper safety equipment before you start any work like this – there are dust particles and other debris flying everywhere so make sure that your eyes won’t be targeted.

If you wear normal glasses then it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of special goggles instead because they’re often designed to keep both your skin and eyes safe. You’ll definitely need these if you’re going to attempt breaking tiles with hammers or axes because regular glasses don’t offer enough protection for harsh jobs like these.

Work Gloves

You’ll need a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from all of the dust and other types of debris that might fly up into them while you’re working – this is definitely one of those jobs where it’s better to be safe than sorry so make sure to bring gloves along with you if you don’t want something as drastic as blisters.

Safety Mask

You may not think that you need a safety mask until you actually start this project and realize the amount of dust and other particles in the air – your nose and lungs will thank you later if you can avoid breathing all of this in without any protection.

Once you’ve got everything that we’ve mentioned above then it’s time to go ahead with your tile removal. Please keep in mind though that these tools aren’t just for decoration, if they’re damaged then they might be unsafe to walk on so keep them in good shape.


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