10 Best Toto Toilets (Guide & Reviews)

Jun 8, 2021 | Bed Bath Reviews, What To Buy

Toto has been in the toilet business since 1917. This Japanese company is among the biggest toilet brands in the world. It has been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement for generations. 

With so many toilet designs to choose from, how do you decide which is the best one for you? We look at 10 Toto toilets and judge them on price, features, and innovations to help you make your choice. 

The 10 Best Toto Toilets

#1. Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT

This elongated CEFIONTECT toilet is more universally comfortable for children, older people, and men who like to sit to pee. It has a universal height seat, which conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making it easier to stand and sit.

This model is a one-piece, so it should be simpler to plumb in because the tank and bowl are attached. It also means this toilet is better for smaller bathrooms and en-suites. 

It conforms to the Environment Protection Agency’s WaterSense initiative because it only uses 1.28 gallons per flush. When you compare that to older toilets from the 70s and 80s, you get a water-saving of 3 or 4 gallons per flush. 

WaterSense toilets are good for the environment and your wallet. This toilet has a unique CEFIONTECT coating that stops solid matter from adhering to the inside bowl. This prevents dirt build-up, which reduces clogging. 

The only downside with this toilet is you only get one flush level. Other makes and models allow you to choose between a high and low setting. On the plus side, it does come with a soft-close toilet seat.

You also get a double cyclone flushing system that creates a centrifugal force to wash the rim and the bowl. 

This Toto is not a budget toilet option. You can get other makes much cheaper, but Toto are world leaders in toilet technology, so if you want the best, you have to pay for it.  

#2. TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Round Universal Height Toilet

TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet, Cotton White

  • Clean, modern two-piece round bowl and tank set | Toilet seat is not included

So, the first thing that hits you when you compare this Entrada to the UltraMax II is the price difference. This Entrada is at the budget end of the spectrum. 

The second difference is this is a two-piece toilet, so you will need a little bit of knowledge attaching the water tank to the bowl. 

It also prolongs the job of fitting it and increases the chances of leaks. But for the money savings, all that extra work might just be worth it. 

The bowl is round, so it might suit some people more than others, and you also get a comfort height seat, so the elderly or those with mobility issues will find it more comfortable to use. 

It has an E-max siphon jet flushing system with a 3-inch flush valve to create a powerful action while still only using 1.28 gallons of water. It means it is WaterSense certified, good for the planet, and good for your bank balance. 

The other thing you need to be aware of is you have to purchase the wax seal and mounting bolts separately, which increases your costs. However, given that the purchase price is so competitive, you might overlook this fact. 

This Entrada is a great entry-level toilet if you are on the hunt for quality and value. 

#3.  Drake Round 2 Piece Toilet with E-Max Flush System Toilet

This Drake sits about mid-way on the price scale, so it is a great choice for those looking for value for money. 

It has the same E-max siphon flushing system as the Entrada, so you get the 3-inch wide flush valve that drives the powerful water jet under the rim and around the bowl. That’s 125 percent bigger than the standard 2-inch valve. 

It also benefits from the CEFIONTECT lubricant glaze to aid your solid matter to slide away, and it reduces debris build-up to help keep the toilet clean. 

This is a two-piece, so it is a little trickier to plumb in because you have to join the tank to the bowl with a seal. It is less frugal with water, using 1.6 gallons per flush, and you only get a single flush option. 

Also, the seat is not ADA-approved comfort height, so elderly relatives might struggle to stand and sit.

#4. TOTO Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated ADA Compliant Toilet

This Drake toilet is an elongated version with a comfort height seat, which complies with the ADA regulations. Because it’s a Drake, you get the same E-max flushing system, although this one uses 1.28 gallons per flush. 

This model is WaterSense approved, benefits from the CEFIONTECT glaze that lets solid matter slide away easily, reducing clogging and debris build-up. 

The elongated bowl helps make the toilet more comfortable for almost everyone, including elderly relatives and children. Plus, when men sit to pee, they have more wriggle room to aim straight, reducing splashes and stains.

It comes with the standard 12-inch rough-ins and a chrome left-handed flush lever. On the downside, again, we lack the dual flush option, and you only get a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Plus, the toilet seat is separate, so you will need to factor in the extra cost when budgeting for the new toilet, but it does give you the option of upgrading to a bidet-style seat. 

#5. TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet

The Entrada elongated model shares all the same attributes as the round model. It has a universal height seat, so it caters to the widest possible audience of people for comfort and ease of use, and it has the same CEFIONTECT coating to keep it clean.

The E-max flushing system utilizes 1.28 gallons of water, earning it WaterSense accreditation, which helps the environment and your water usage. That’s a 20 percent water saving compared to the 1.6-gallon Drake model. 

It comes with the same 12-inch rough-ins, and there’s also the price to consider. This toilet is at the budget end of the scale, so not only will it look good, it will save you precious dollars when you buy it. 

It costs about a quarter of the price of the UltraMax II, but you do still have to pay for the toilet seat separately, which is an inconvenience. 

#6. TOTO Eco Ultramax One-Piece Elongated ADA Compliant Toilet with CEFIONTECT

The first thing you notice about this one-piece UltraMax is the styling. It is sleek with clean lines and curves. It should crown any bathroom space. This model is the elongated version, so it is more universally comfortable. 

One-piece toilets are easier to maintain, easier to install, and generally take up less room. They are less prone to leakage because you don’t have a seal connecting the water tank to the bowl. 

You also tend to find that two-piece toilets are more traditional in the way they are styled, unlike this UltraMax. 

It has the same E-max system that utilizes a 3-inch flush valve to get the most out of the meager 1.28 gallons of water it uses. It also has the famous CEFIONTECT glaze to aid in removing solid matter without any adherence to the bowl. 

So, it’s ADA compliant, and WaterSense certified. What’s not to love? Well, there’s the price for one thing. It costs almost three times to amount of the Entrada, so it is unlikely to be on the shopping list of those working to a tight budget. 

However, you do get a soft-close toilet seat in for the bargain, so you can wave goodbye to slamming lids in the middle of the night. 

#7. TOTO Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss

This Drake toilet has an elongated bowl, so it is more comfortable for disabled people, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. 

It conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), thanks to the 16.5-inch seat rim. When you add in the thickness of the seat, which is sold separately, it takes the height to about 17.5 inches, which is well within the accepted range. 

This toilet is a little more greedy when it comes to water use. The single flush uses 1.6 gallons of water. It doesn’t sound like a big difference, but when you compare it to a toilet using 1.28 gallons per flush, that’s a 20 percent saving. 

The upside is that the extra water you use gets put to good use with the siphon flush valve that shoots a powerful jet of water under the rim and across the bowl. 

And the flush valve is 125 percent larger than standard 2-inch valves, at 3 inches. When you add in the CEFIONTECT coating, it stays cleaner for longer. 

As with all two-piece toilets, they are harder to install because you have to seal the water tank to the bowl, which is more of a challenge and creates a weak spot for leaks that one-piece versions don’t have. 

#8.  Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet

This is our first dual flush toilet to feature in the review. The larger of the two settings uses 1.28 gallons of water to wash away solid matter, and the lighter option uses just 0.8 gallons, making it ideal for liquid waste. 

The beauty of having a dual flush is you can choose how much water you want to use. If you are worried about the flush being too weak, don’t panic. You get Dynamax Tornado flushing action, which ensures the water reaches 100 percent of the toilet bowl.

If you couple the dual flush action with the CEFIONTECT glazing, you can see why such a meager amount of flush can still be effective. The stats speak for themselves:

  • You get a 10-gallon daily water saving.
  • That’s 40 percent less water compared to 1.6-gallon models.
  • That’s a saving of more than 3,500 gallons per year. 

Toto has slightly shortened the elongated design, trimming about an inch from the length. That is a space-saving measure, but it should still feel as comfortable to sit on for the vast majority of people. 

This Dake two-piece has a more modern styling compared to other two-piece toilets, so it should fit in with a sleek and minimalist look. The pricing is competitive, although you do have to purchase the seat separately, which adds to the cost.

#9. TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

This is the Toto Eco UltraMax, so it should be great for the environment, but the first thing you notice is this model is as eco as the other UltraMAx models. 

It uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which is still a massive saving compared to the Drake 1.6-gallon model. Still, it feels disingenuous to label something “eco” without a significant difference to the other UltraMax models. 

You do get a siphon jet flushing system to put the 1.28 gallons to the best use, and the lubricant CEFIONTECT coating aids the solids to flush away without any fuss. 

The elongated shape makes it easier for people to use, and the ADA comfort-height seat is ideal for elderly and mobility-challenged people to sit and stand.

You get a soft-close toilet seat, so getting woken in the middle of the night when the seat slams is a thing of the past. 

We are creeping up the price scale with this toilet, so it might be beyond the reach of some budget-conscious people, although being a one-piece, it is easier to install. 

#10.  TOTO AQUIA IV 2PC Connect+

TOTO AQUIA IV 2PC Connect+ W/ SS124 1.28GPF Cotton

  • Toto MS446124CEMG#01 AQUIA IV 2PC CONNECT+ W/ SS124 1.28GPF COTTON

Now we are back in the dual-flush territory with this Aquia IV toilet. It uses 1.28 gallons on the higher flush setting and just 0.8 gallons on the light flush. That’s a massive 40 percent saving compared to the 1.6-gallon Drake model. 

This model is eco-friendly, with WaterSense certification, and you can buy this toilet in standard and universal height to conform with the ADA regulations. 

For a two-piece toilet, this one is super-sleek, which bucks the traditional styling trend of other two-piece toilets. Just remember, it is more challenging to install a two-piece toilet because you need to attach the tank to the bowl.

We’ve talked a lot about the CEFIONTECT glazing, but the ion barrier keeps the surface lubricated, so the solid matter slides away without adhering to the surface. We need to talk about the price. This one is twice the amount of the budget models. 

What Is a Toto Toilet?

Toto is among the world’s best manufacturers of low, mid, and high-priced toilets. They are a Japanese company that started making toilets as far back as 1917. 

The company is famous for innovation and advancements in technology. They developed the SanaGloss lubricating glaze, which changed to CEFIONTECT in 2015. The coating keeps the toilet bowl slick to allow the waste matter to flush away.

They were also instrumental in revolutionizing how the flush system works, introducing the Tornado siphon jet to increase the power of the flush while allowing less water usege. 

Which is the best Toto toilet?

Deciding which is the best Toto toilet comes down to so many factors. Is it price, size, one-piece vs. a two-piece or bowl shape and height?

If you work based of price, you would most likely say that the Entrada or Drake models are the best because they cost a fraction of the price of the UltraMax versions. 

Some prefer one-piece toilets. They are easier to install and have fewer defects because they are molded from one piece of China. 

Two-piece toilets are often more traditional in their style. That suits some people’s more conservative tastes. Two-piece toilets are typically cheaper to buy and slightly more complicated to install. 

The height and shape of the bowl and seat make a considerable difference to the user. Elongated toilets are more universally comfortable, and comfort height toilet seats make it easier for those with mobility issues to sit and stand. 

What is so special about Toto toilets?

Toto toilets are universally respected for their quality, styling, and innovations. Without Toto, you wouldn’t have CEFIONTECT coatings to make flushing and cleaning easier. 

You also wouldn’t have Tornado siphon flushing, which gets every last drop of water to work to the max to flush away your solid waste. 

Toto cleverly straddles the price range, with budget-friendly models at one end and premium models at the other, with their mid-priced range among the best money can buy. 

Considerations for Buying the Best Toto Toilet

So, we need to focus on what factors make a toilet great. Here are a few pointers:

Integrated Toilet Seats

This is an area where a lot of toilet manufacturers trip you up. You would think that all toilets come with an integrated seat, but not so. More than half the toilets in our review have a separate seat at extra cost. 

Read the small print before you buy because a toilet seat can add as much as $100 to your overall bill. 

Flush type

Dual Flush

Dual flush toilets are ideal if you like saving water and money. If you are flushing away solids, choose the higher 1.6 or 1.28-gallon setting. If you are washing away liquid waste, try the 1.0 or 0.8-gallon setting. 

Single Flush

Single flush toilets typically give you the option to flush using 1.6 gallons or 1.28 gallons. The difference between the two amounts to possibly 40 percent water savings, which could equate to 3,500 gallons every year. 

The downside with this type of flush is you don’t get to choose the amount of water you use depending on whether you have solid or liquid matter to flush away. 

Seat Height

Standard seat heights measure about 13 to 15 inches. These are ideal for small children because the toilet is lower and easier to get off and on. The Americans with Disabilities Act dictates that toilet seats should be 17 to 19 inches high. 

This makes it easier for taller, older, and mobility-challenged people to access. You can get universal height toilet seats, and they are almost identical to comfort height seats, although some can be as high as 21 inches. 

Bowl Shape/Overall Design

The shape of the bowl is another crucial comfort factor for toilet users. Most modern toilets are elongated because it has been found that this is a more universally comfortable shape. 

It gives younger children an easier space to sit, while the elderly and mobility-challenged can get off and on with less struggle. When men sit to pee, they need more space in front, so an elongated seat is a perfect antidote to splashes and stains. 


One-piece toilets are molded in one complete shape. The tank and bowl come from a single piece of ceramic. The advantage of this type of toilet is you don’t have to connect the water tank to the bowl, making it easier to install.

One-piece toilets tend to be more modern in design, with sleek lines and contours. They are smaller and take up less room, but they can be more expensive to buy. 


Two-piece toilets are easier for one person to install because the tank and the bowl are separate, so they weigh less. You need to have some basic plumbing knowledge because the tank joins the bowl via a seal that allows the water tank to supply the flush.

The advantage of two-piece toilets is they are often cheaper, making them a great option for budget-conscious buyers. They are also more traditional in style. The disadvantage is they generally take up more room. 


Elongated toilets are more popular than ever. They are typically 2 or 3 inches narrower than round models but 3 or 4 inches longer,  so they take up more floor space. However, if you have a slim gap, an elongated toilet is the perfect candidate. 

It is generally accepted that elongated toilets are better to sit on and more comfortable for most people. This includes the elderly, children, and men when they sit to pee. 

Elongated toilets are more expensive, but they are easier to clean because the scrubbing brush can access all the crevices with ease. These toilets cost the same to install as round models, but the average purchase cost is about 50 to 100 dollars more. 


Round toilets have remained unchanged in shape since they were first invented. They are more akin to the type of toilet your parents and grandparents had. 

The bowl is about 28 inches from the wall, so they take up less floor space, but they do take up more room in the width.  

Round toilets are associated with traditional styling, and they are better for larger people because the shape of the bowl accommodates their size better. They are also cheaper, costing about 50 to 100 dollars less than elongated models. 

Easy Cleaning

Your toilet should be easy to keep clean. It is the single most significant contaminant inside your home, so an easy-clean toilet is a massive bonus. Luckily, Toto, and other manufacturers, have invested in cleaning technology.

You get CEFIONTECT, which is an ion barrier that lubricates the toilet bowl to make the flush more effective when it washes your solid matter down the drain. 

CEFIONTECT reduces the chances of particles sticking to the toilet bowl surface, making them easier to clean. The other thing that aids in keeping the toilet clean is the flush action. 

Toto has developed siphon flush valves that reach 100 percent of the bowl surface to ensure total cleansing. 

Water Consumption

Water consumption is one of the single biggest advancements in toilet technology. Since the early 90s, the law was changed to ban wasteful toilets. Before the law change, older toilets flushed between 3 and 6 gallons per flush. 

When you compare that to the modern equivalents, you can see how much water it saves. The EPA developed the WaterSense program to encourage manufacturers to respect this precious resource. 

Nowadays, typical flush values range between 0.8 gallons to 1.6 gallons, although the most common is 1.28 gallons. Even between 1.28 and 1.6 gallons, you get a saving of 10 gallons a day and up to 20 percent less water use. 

Ease of Installation

Most toilets are pretty simple to install. They attach to the wall or floor with a wax seal and two mounting bolts that hold them in place. Two-piece toilets are more challenging because you need additional plumbing to attach the tank to the bowl. 

One-piece toilets come as a single unit, so they don’t require additional plumbing. This makes them easier to install. 

Another thing you should check is the rough-ins. Most toilets have a standard 12 or 10-inch rough-in, but you need to make sure your plumbing is spaced correctly, especially when you realize that many manufacturers won’t refund you if you get it wrong. 

And those that do refund you will likely charge you a fee to return the item to cover postage costs. 


Wall-hung toilets are space-saving designs. They are better for smaller bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms. However, you do need to ensure you know what you are doing if you want to install one. 

They have a modern design, with sleek lines and contours, and are a favorite with those looking for that hotel-chic bathroom style. Wall-hung toilets are more expensive than other toilet styles, and they are either tankless or have concealed tanks behind the wall. 


Neorest toilets are the Rolls Royce of the sanitary world. They are wall-hung and have a toilet bowl coated with a special zirconium glaze that ensures that bacteria is eliminated. 

They have a host of features to make the toilet experience the best possible. You get a UV light to trigger the decomposition process, which eliminates the need for a toilet brush, meaning the toilet is self-cleaning.

You can banish odors with a deodorizer, warm your bottom in winter on a heated seat, and even dry yourself with a dryer. The Neorest Washlet is the nearest thing you will get to a bidet and toilet in one. 

Here’s what else it includes:

  • Warm water nozzle.
  • Ewater+.
  • Premist.
  • Auto function.
  • AC Washlet seat.
  • Motor unit.

If you want one of these toilets, you had better think about a second mortgage because they are not cheap. A bottom-end model will cost you $4,000 plus and at the top-end, you could pay more than $10,000. 

Trapway Style

Some trapways are exposed, so you can see the shape of the drain, while others have molding or a skirt to conceal the trapway. 

You find concealed trapways on modern toilets, especially one-piece models, while exposed trapways are more common on traditional two-piece toilets. 


How much you want to pay varies between designs. Toto caters to all budgets, with the Drake and the Entrada models coming in at the cheapest price tag. If you are working within tight financial margins, these are the best models to buy. 

At the other end of the scale, you could spend many times more on their advanced UltraMax II. It will cost you almost triple the price of the Drake, but you do get a lot of toilet for your money. 

Most people opt for the mid-price range. That way, you’re not paying over the top, and you are still getting a good quality toilet. 


Whichever way you look at it, Toto toilets are a smart choice. They are Japan’s leading manufacturer of sanitary ware and among the world’s most respected toilet makers. From the cost-effective models to the cost-a-lot, each toilet has its merits. 

So, the next time you are thinking about replacing your old toilet, give Toto some attention. It could be a wise move. 


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