The 16 Top Toilet Brands

May 6, 2021 | Bed Bath Reviews, What To Buy

With so many styles and models of toilets available, it can be a challenge knowing which are the best toilet brands. We take a tour of 16 well-known names, giving you a brief history and a roundup of what makes them so special. 

Some names you will know, and others may not be so familiar. Let’s kick off with one of the best-known brands:

The 16 Top Toilet Brands

1. American Standard

American Standard has a long and illustrious history that spans 140 years. They are one of the big names in the toilet industry, supplying both commercial and private customers. 

They started life in 1875 when the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was founded. Sales went from strength to strength, and by 1929 they were the largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures in the world. 

In the same year, the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company merged with the American Radiator Company to form the catchily-named American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. By 1967, it became American Standard. 

Today, the company has many brands under its wing, and they operate globally, selling everything from bathroom products, plumbing, furnaces, and heating, and so much more.  

2. Duravit

Duravit has an even longer history than American Standard. It started life in Germany in 1817 when Georg Friedrich Horn started an earthenware company. 

In 1956, the company branched into ceramic earthenware, and the Duravit brand was born. Today the company employs more than 5,000 people globally, with 10 manufacturing plants. 

They make washbasins, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and bidets, as well as a host of accessories like showerheads and faucets. Duravit has a long tradition of quality, and they maintain their handmade feel even with their high-tech manufacturing processes.

3. Kohler

John Michael Kohler was an Austrian immigrant who purchased a foundry in Wisconsin in 1873. Initially, the company made steel and cast-iron products, but it was Kohler who created his first cast-iron bath with free-standing clawed feet. 

This was entirely an accident as he had intended it to be a horse trough, but suddenly, he found himself in the plumbing business. 

Today, Kohler has grown into a global name, with 50 brands under their flag, 48 manufacturing plants on 6 continents, and over 33,000 associates worldwide. 

It produces everything from motors and engines to faucets, plumbing, heating, and of course, sanitary products like toilets. 

4. Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is another brand that started life as the result of 7 Italian brothers emigrating to California at the start of the 20th century.

In 1956, the Jacuzzi brothers decided to invent a water massage system to help treat the arthritis of one of their relatives, and so the jet bath was born. 

It started as a small J-300 pump, initially sold to hospitals and other facilities to convert existing bathtubs into massaging therapies. 

Today, the name is synonymous with whirlpool baths, and the Jacuzzi brand has also branched into general bathroom ware and fittings, like basins, showers, both standard and jet baths, and toilets.  

5. Sterling

Sterling was founded in 1907, manufacturing bathroom fittings and faucets. In 1984, Kohler acquired the company, and it has been part of the Kohler family of brands ever since. 

They provide a mid-price option and are recognized worldwide as a stand-alone brand name in their own right. They specialize in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Sterling makes toilets that are functional, modern in design, and excellent value for money.

6. Toto

Toto is a Japanese company that started life in 1912. By 1914, they had developed Japan’s first seated flushing toilet. This tradition of innovation has continued throughout the company’s life, culminating in their much-acclaimed Washlet. 

Launched in 1980, the Washlet ramped up the luxury of standard toilet seats by including a bidet function with jets of warm water.  The Washlet is still as popular today.

From kitchens, bathroom accessories, and innovative ideas like coatings that keep toilets sparkling clean to the Tornado flush, Toto is up there with the best toilet manufacturers in the world. 

7. Eago

Eago is a relative newcomer to the bathroom and toilet production world. They were founded in 1996, and have grown into an internationally recognized brand, with a 250,000 square foot facility in Guangdong, China. 

The company has an environmental awareness and champions dual-flush eco-toilets that use a fraction of the water compared to standard toilets. 

They are famed for their sleek and modern designs that enhance your bathroom space. Their product range includes dual and single flush toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, and showers. 

8. Niagara Conservation

Bill Cutler started Niagara in his garage in 1977. He wanted to produce a showerhead that was both simple and water-saving. He developed the Niagara showerhead, and 40 years later, the company is a multi-million dollar concern. 

In New York alone, there are over 1.3 million Niagara toilets in use, saving millions of gallons of water. Other utility companies and energy management officials showed interest and used Bill’s knowledge for water conservation as a bedrock for their future planning. 

Today, Niagara is at the forefront of design and technology to save water consumption, leading the way where many imitate and try and follow. They specialize in toilets, showerheads, and aerators. 

9. Saniflo

Saniflo toilets are the ultimate install-anywhere toilet systems. They give you the option to convert a spare room into an ensuite or even put a toilet in the basement, below the sewer line. 

Saniflo started in 1958 when they developed the first toilet macerator, which chews up solid waste and pumps it along narrow pipework to the sewer. The beauty of the Saniflo system is it doesn’t need gravity to flush matter away, unlike traditional toilets. 

It means you can install them virtually anywhere. You can even tap into the water supply of your bathtub and wash basin, increasing their flexibility. 

The only downside with Saniflo is the macerator gets blocked with heavy use, and they cost a small fortune. So, unless you need a macerating toilet, stick with the traditional models. 

10. Gerber

Polish immigrant Max Gerber started the company in 1932 with a vision of customer care and quality. Those values have lasted, and today, the company is a leading bathroom and toilet manufacturer in North America. 

Gerber sells everything from kitchen collections, showers, toilets, and wash basins to commercial urinals and other fixtures. 

While Gerber may not be one of the bigger names, they are still a reputable company with a great range of products. 


Anzzi is a name synonymous with contemporary styling for modern, sleek bathrooms. They have kitchen collections, showers, and complete bathroom designs to suit most tastes. 

Their high quality and eye for design mean they command a respectable price for their products, so if you are looking for a budget option, Anzzi might be a little too expensive for you. 

12. Zurn

John A. Zurn bought the patent for a valve system that prevented storm and wastewater from flowing back into drainage systems. From such humble beginnings, Zurn has grown into a 400 strong company spanning 9 divisions and 9 locations. 

During the second world war, Zurn switched focus to manufacture boilers and other items for the allied war effort. Zurn was one of only 5 percent of companies to win the coveted “E” award for excellence in wartime production. 

Today, they trade under the parent company Rexnord, which acquired Zurn in 2007, and they specialize in HVAC systems, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures, as well as flush valves. 

13 Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a relatively small company compared to American Standard and Kohler. It is also a newcomer to the industry, starting life in 2005 to manufacture and distribute high-quality bathroom fittings across the globe.

Today, they make bidets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and wash hand basins. They specialize in sleek designs that would fit any modern styling, so if you want to get the minimalist look, Woodbridge toilets could be a great starting point.  

14. Delta

Delta has a range of 38 toilets and accessories. They also specialize in bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and kitchen taps. The company started out as the Delta Faucet Company, owned by the Masco Screw Corporation. 

Armenian immigrant Alex Manoogian was the brains behind the operation, and in 1952, he was presented with the first one-handled hot and cold mixer tap. He bought the rights to the faucet and improved the design. 

It proved so popular it was much copied and you can still buy spare parts for the 1962 design. Delta grew over the decades, opening a facility in Greensburg, Indiana, in 1958. 

Delta has always innovated, producing hands-free faucets and their latest designs include voice-activated taps that respond to verbal commands. 

Today, they sell toilets and bathtubs, plus shower enclosures, and specialize in technological and faucet advancement. 

15. Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison is another manufacturer of ultra-modern toilet and bathroom designs. They sell everything from lavatories, bathtubs, kitchen and bathroom sinks, vanities, and shower enclosures. They are your one-stop-shop for all things bathroom. 

Much like Woodbridge, if you like clean lines, unfussy design, and the minimalist look, Swiss Madison is a great option. And their prices are pretty reasonable too!

16. Cotto

Cotto is a Thai-owned company with global ambitions. It has a vast range of toilets and accessories, topping over 150 products. You can also get bathtubs, kitchens, and even floor and wall tiles. 

It started in 1979 as the SCG Group selling tiles and grout for bathroom and kitchen remodels. In 1984, they teamed up with Toto to manufacture and distribute the finest quality sanitary ware. 

Today, they have established a global brand with facilities in Europe and Asia. 

Toilet Brands FAQ

What are the best brands of toilets?

This is a subjective question because it comes down to a matter of taste and budget. Companies like ANZZI and Woodbridge specialize in ultra-chic, modern designs with smooth lines and minimalist contours. 

The most popular brands are American Standard and Kohler. These two companies seem to dominate the North American markets with the largest collections of products. Jacuzzi is another well-known brand that sells high-end jet baths. 

Price plays a part when selecting the best brands. Some of the highest sales numbers on Amazon are the cheapest toilets, but that doesn’t reflect their quality. 

One of the most expensive toilets to buy is Saniflo. They are specialist systems that install almost anywhere, even below the sewer line, thanks to the macerator and pump. 

What are the top 10 toilets?

According to the sales numbers on The best selling toilets are:

  • Woodbridge T-0019 Cotton White
  • Kohler K-3999-0 Highline
  • American Standard Colony Combo
  • Toto Drake 2-Piece
  • Swiss Madison SM-IT254 St. Tropez
  • Toto Ultramax
  • American Standard Champion 4 Elongated 1-piece
  • Toto Entrada 2-Piece
  • American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise
  • Toto Eco Drake 2-Piece

What companies make toilets?

All of the above companies make toilets. Many also make every bathroom accessory you can think of, and some even sell kitchens and tiles.

What toilet do plumbers recommend?

When you want to get the best, look for recommendations from the professionals. Some brands stand out and win the acclaim of plumber’s throughout the industry. 

Top of the list is the Toto Ultramax Eco. It’s powerful, has water-saving qualities, and looks stylish. The second most recommended toilet by professionals is the American Standard Champion 4 one-piece. 

Other notable mentions go to Kohler, Swiss Madison, and the Woodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush one-Piece toilet. 

Choose Wisely

The 16 brands listed here are the most well-known brands in North America. It is not an exhaustive list, but it covers every brand worth your attention, but when you boil it down, it always comes down to budget. 

Choosing the toilet that matches your style is also important. If you want to create that boutique hotel bathroom look, think about ANZZI, Woodbridge, or Swiss Madison. If you like a more traditional look, a Toto 2-piece is a great choice. 


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