8 Best Compact Toilets For Small Spaces (Guide & Reviews)

Apr 8, 2021 | Bed Bath Reviews, What To Buy

The bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, so maximizing space is crucial. Not everybody has room for a standard size toilet.

Plus, some people convert their understairs areas to a downstairs restroom and need the best compact toilet money can buy. 

We take a look at the best small toilets, judging them on performance, size, and price, to help you decide which model is the best one for you. 

The 8 Best Small Toilets

1. Woodbridge One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White toilet | Modern Design, One Piece, Dual Flush

  • ✅ [LUXURIOUS MODERN DESIGN]: Luxurious Modern Design one piece toilet , Clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern , craftsman , traditional and etc.

One-piece toilets are among the most compact of all the varieties. Thanks to their design, the flush tank is small and narrow, and they lack additional pipework connecting up the toilet with the tank. It means they sit closer to the wall. 

This model is a dual-flush, so you get the option of a 1.0-gallon or a 1.6-gallon flush for solids. So, it complies with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense program. 

When you compare the flush levels on this to a toilet 20 years ago, the water savings are immense. It wasn’t uncommon for a toilet to flush 3 or even 6 gallons of water per flush. 

After the government changed the legislation in 1992, water conservation was at the top of the agenda, and water-hungry toilets slowly began to phase out. 

Just because this toilet is small, it still complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) with a comfort-height 16.5-inch height. This makes it accessible to those with mobility issues and the older among us. With the seat, it measures 18 inches high. 

You get a soft-close seat, siphon flush action, a sleek skirt that enhances this toilet’s modern credentials, and a super-quiet flush. 

The only downside is that elongated toilets may not suit everyone. They certainly work for the elderly and men when they sit down to go, but small children and some larger people may find them uncomfortable. 


  • Comfort height toilet seat. 
  • Dual flush.
  • One-piece tank and toilet.
  • Siphon flush action.
  • Super-quiet.


  • The elongated bowl may not suit everyone.


Dimensions (inches) 31 x 18 x 28
Weight (pounds) 119.7
Dual flush
Gallons per flush 1.0 and 1.6
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material Porcelain
Type One-piece
Price $$$
Warranty 1-year limited

2. Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet 


Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

  • Build a half bathroom for residential applications

Saniflo toilets are unique in that you can install them almost anywhere. When you compare them to standard toilets that need access to plumbing and the waste pipe, a Saniflo even installs in a basement or a loft. 

That’s because, with a standard toilet, you need gravity to flush away the waste, so you have to install it above the sewer line. 

This model pumps waste to a height of 9 feet, so if you are converting the basement for the kids, it copes admirably. 

It also pushes the waste along narrow pipework up to 100 feet, so if you are installing an en-suite at the back of the house, and the waste stack is far away, this toilet can reach. 

It does this by macerating the solid matter, breaking it down into manageable pieces and pumping away the waste.. 

So, what does it have? You get a 1.0-gallon flush to comply with the WaterSense program, and the seat stands above 18.5 inches, conforming to the ADA comfort -height recommendations. 

You can even connect this toilet to a sink and use pre-plumbed pipework to deliver water to the flush.

There are two things that you should keep in mind when deciding on a Saniflo toilet: the first is that they are eye-wateringly expensive, so if you don’t need to invest in a gravity-defying toilet, get a standard one. 

The second thing is that macerator toilets use an impeller to break the feces down, becoming clogged easily. It also restricts the amount of toilet paper you can use because too much becomes a thick mulch that causes blockages.  


  • Fit them almost anywhere.
  • A great way to convert a room into an en-suite.
  • Requires minimal plumbing.
  • Even attaches to the sink plumbing. 


  • Very expensive compared to standard toilets.
  • The macerator gets blocked easily. 


Dimensions (inches) 18.25 x 14.5 x 15.75
Weight (pounds) 62.2
Dual flush X
Gallons per flush 1.0
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material Porcelain
Type One-piece
Price $$$$$
Warranty 1-year 

3. HOROW One Piece Short Small Toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet 25″ Long x 13.4″ Wide x 28.4″ High One Piece Short Compact Bathroom Tiny Mini Commode Water Closet Dual Flush Concealed Trapway

  • ⭐【Modern Design】Modern compact one-piece toilet. This toilet is smaller and shorter than a standard toilet, so it perfectly fits small bathrooms. The toilet seat is 2” shorter than a standard elongated toilet seat.

This is another one-piece toilet, but this one differs from the others featured so far because it doesn’t have an elongated bowl. It is 2-inches shorter, which takes up less floor space. 

This model outperforms most, with a highly efficient flush that uses just 0.8 gallons on the light option and 1.28 gallons for solids. This more than meets the WaterSense requirements. 

This toilet is easy to keep clean, thanks to the self-cleaning surface, which deters matter from sticking. It also helps to maintain the glaze of the porcelain, which stops discoloration. 

You get a soft close toilet seat, which sits just under 17 inches, so it just misses out on ADA certification. You also get a super-quiet flush, so you won’t wake the kids in the dead of night. 

The downside with this toilet is it could be too small, restricting who it would be suitable for. Men who sit down to go might find the shorter bowl more uncomfortable. Plus, the lower seat height is not ideal for older people or those with mobility issues. 

On the plus side, you do get a generous 5-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.  


  • Shorter than elongated toilets to save space.
  • Soft close toilet seat.
  • Dual flush action.
  • Self-cleaning bowl.


  • Shorter dimensions not suitable for everyone.
  • Not comfort height.


Dimensions (inches) 25 x 13.4 x 28.4
Weight (pounds) 90
Dual flush
Gallons per flush 0.8 and 1.28
ADA compliant X
WaterSense compliant
Material Porcelain
Type One-piece
Price $$$
Warranty 5-year limited

4. GALBA Small Toilet

Unsurprisingly, this GALBA is another one-piece toilet. It seems they are the best models for slimline features to minimize wasted space. This model has a soft close toilet seat, a skirted base to make it easier to clean, and it is ADA compliant. 

The dual flush facility lets you decide between 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons, depending on your movement type. You also get a tornado flush with additional nozzles, covering the entire surface of the inside toilet bowl. 

It has a 16.5-inch comfort height toilet and a self-cleaning surface that doesn’t fade, scratch, rust, or discolor. 

There is a word of caution with this toilet: you need to double-check the measurements for the rough-ins because once purchased, you will be responsible for the shipping both ways and a 10 percent restocking fee should you need to return it. 

The price might put some people off. It costs almost double the HOROW model, and yet there seem to be very few discernable benefits associated with the added price. 


  • Comfort height toilet seat.
  • Scratch, rust, fade, and discoloration resistant.
  • Soft close toilet seat.
  • Tornado dual flush.


  • This toilet is not cheap.
  • Potential shipping costs and 10 percent restocking fee.


Dimensions (inches) 24.5 x 14 x 27
Weight (pounds) 90
Dual flush
Gallons per flush 0.8 and 1.28
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material China
Type One-piece
Price $$$$
Warranty 1-year

5. Kohler Compact Toilet


Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Class Five Flushing Technology And Left-hand Trip Lever, Seat Not Included, White

  • Comfort height elongated toilet bowl with a seat height comparable to that of a standard chair, comfort height toilets make sitting down and standing up easier for people of all ages

Now we come to our first two-piece toilet. These models are a little more complex to install than one-piece versions because it requires additional plumbing skills to attach the tank to the body of the toilet. 

Although it still conforms to the WaterSense program, it has a single-flush action at just 1.28 gallons. You get an elongated bowl, which helps if you sit down to go to the toilet, and the comfort height seat makes it better for mobility-challenged people. 

This model uses a canister flush mechanism instead of a plunger, making it more powerful and efficient, reaching every part of the toilet bowl. It also reduces instances of sticking and clogging. Plus, it makes it easier to clean. 

While this toilet is a small-space model, it does lack the sleek curves and lines of one-piece versions, so it would suit a more traditional bathroom scheme, and it might not match other compact models for space-saving capabilities. 


  • ADA certified.
  • WaterSense compliant.
  • Great value for money.
  • Canister flush action.


  • More complicated to install.
  • More traditional styling.
  • Slightly less space-saving.


Dimensions (inches) 29.5 x 18 x 31.25
Weight (pounds) 93
Dual flush X
Gallons per flush 1.28
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material China
Type Two-piece
Price $$$
Warranty 1-year limited

6. TOTO One Piece Toilet

The first thing you notice about this TOTO one-piece toilet is a round bowl shape, so while it takes up less space in length compared to elongated models, it is a bit wider. 

Round toilets have pros and cons. They are better for larger people and more comfortable for children to sit on, but some men and older people find them awkward when sitting down to pee.

You also get a powerful siphon jet flushing action that uses 1.6 gallons per flush. So, while it lacks the WaterSense frugality, it does give you a powerful rinse that covers the entire toilet bowl, cleaning away stubborn stains. 

This is a pretty standard toilet because it lacks many other features, like a dual flush or a comfort height seat, which is so important to so many taller, older, and less mobile members of your family. 

It does have a soft close seat and an industry-leading G-Max flush that ensures maximum water velocity for the best flushing capacity.


  • Round toilet bowl saves space.
  • Siphon jet flushing action.
  • One-piece toilet.
  • G-Max flush for increased power.


  • The round bowl is less comfortable for some.
  • Lacks many features.


Dimensions (inches) 29 x 27 x 28
Weight (pounds) 89
Dual flush X
Gallons per flush 1.6
ADA compliant X
WaterSense compliant X
Material China
Type One-piece
Price $$$$
Warranty 1-year limited

7. Swiss Madison One-Piece Dual Flush Compact Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One Piece Toilet Dual Flush

  • Dual Tornado flush with high-performance gravity 0.8 / 1.28 gallon per flush (gpf).

Swiss Madison makes some of the most stylish toilets on the market. This one-piece model is no exception. It has a dual flush facility that enables you to use either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush, so it meets strict WaterSense guidelines. 

This model has an elongated bowl, so it suits men and those with mobility issues. Plus, the comfort height toilet seat makes sitting down a lot easier because it complies with the American Disabilities Act. 

You also get a soft close toilet seat, so no slamming in the middle of the night, and you also benefit from a tornado powerful flushing action. Keeping this toilet clean is a breeze with the fully skirted base, and you get a 1-year limited warranty. 

If you are remodeling a bathroom or making space for an additional restroom, this model is the one to choose if you want the ultimate in minimalist style. 


  • Superb styling.
  • Dual tornado flush.
  • ADA and WaterSense approved.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Soft close toilet seat.


  • Style might not suit everyone.


Dimensions (inches) 26 x 14 x 29
Weight (pounds) 90
Dual flush
Gallons per flush 0.8 and 1.28
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material Ceramic
Type One-piece
Price $$$
Warranty 1-year limited

8. Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet

Using the wasted corners in a compact bathroom is the best way to maximize space, which is what this Troyt corner toilet does so well. It’s also the second two-piece design to feature. 

It features a dual flush action from 0.8 gallons for the lightest option and 1.28 gallons when you want to shift solid matter. Having a WaterSense certified toilet could save you over 25,000 gallons of water every year. 

The heavy-duty porcelain is scratch and stain-resistant, and because it fits in the corner, it frees you to use the space better. 

This model is on the lighter side, weighing just 38.6 pounds, which might make it feel less robust, and you don’t get floor bolts, a wax ring, and bolt covers, which adds to your overall costs. 


  • Corner unit saves space.
  • Dual flush.
  • WaterSense and ADA compliant.
  • Scratch and stain-resistant porcelain. 


  • Only suitable for corner use. 
  • Doesn’t include floor bolts, bolt covers, or wax ring. 


Dimensions (inches) 13 x 17.25 x 29
Weight (pounds) 38.6
Dual flush
Gallons per flush 0.8 and 1.28
ADA compliant
WaterSense compliant
Material Porcelain
Type Two-piece
Price $$$
Warranty 1-year limited

What Is a Small Toilet?

A small toilet resembles a standard size model yet is slimmer and takes up less space. It might only be a difference of a couple of inches, but you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. 

If you are getting a toilet that measures 24 or 25 inches in depth and 14 inches in width, it is as a compact toilet. 

Dimensions Of a Compact Toilet

A good example of a toilet with compact dimensions is the GALBA which measures 24.5 inches in depth, 14 inches in width, and 27 inches in height. 

When you compare that to a standard size toilet of 27 to 30 inches deep and 20 in width, by 31 inches in height and you can see the difference. 

Types of Small Toilets

There are many styles of toilets, and some are better for smaller bathrooms than others. Here’s a handy guide. 

Back To The Wall Toilet

Back to the wall toilets have the cistern and pipework that sits flush against the wall or concealed behind a wall. These are great for bathrooms where there is a large recess to utilize to hide the tank. They are typically modern in their design and suit minimalist schemes. 

They are especially popular with downstairs restrooms, where space is a priority. 

One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are extremely popular because they come as one unit, so they require minimal plumbing. They also tend to be more modern and sleek in design, making them ideal for small spaces where unfussy and clean lines fit the look. 

One-piece toilets are often slimmer than two-piece models, so you are more likely to find one in a small bathroom, an en-suite, or a downstairs restroom. 

Two-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are more complicated to fit than their one-piece cousins. They come in two parts, and need to be joined together. This complicates the process. Also, they are more likely to spring a leak because you have more joints and attached pipes. 

These toilets are more common in standard sizes, although one or two do fit the compact toilet label, especially two-piece corner models. 

Corner Toilet

Corner toilets are unique because they only fit in one space within your bathroom. Corners are often overlooked, but utilizing them can save you additional floor space for other things. 

Most bathrooms have three or four usable corners, so getting a corner toilet is a wise choice if you want to maximize the space you have. 

Dual Flush Toilet

These toilets are important for water-saving because they only use between 0.8 and 1.6 gallons of water per flush. If you care about conserving water, get a dual flush. 

When you compare them to toilets from 20 or 30 years ago, you will see the gains you can make in water conservation. Older toilets could flush as much as 6 gallons per flush! 

Even comparing 0.8 gallons against 1.6 gallons could save you as much as 25,0000 gallons over a single year. 

Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are very similar to back to the wall varieties. The difference is that these toilets don’t touch the floor, so they give the appearance of floating. They are modern, stylish, and excellent for small spaces. 

The tank hides within a false wall, so all the plumbing is concealed. It makes them an ideal choice for small restrooms and compact bathrooms. Just be aware that these toilets are among the most expensive to buy. 

Macerating Toilet

The most well-known macerating toilet brand is Saniflo. They are ideal for converting a bedroom into an en-suite, or locating a toilet in the basement. Their success comes from a built-in pump that can lift waste material up vertical pipes and along extended horizontal channels. 

This means that, unlike traditional gravity-fed toilets, you can install them far away from soil pipes and well below the sewer line. However, expect to pay a lot for one of these models as they are among the most costly you can buy. 

Pros and Cons of Small Toilets

As with all your choices, there are ups and downs to consider. So, what are the pros and cons of small toilets?


  • They save you precious floor space.
  • They often come as one-piece sets, so they are easier to plumb in.
  • On the whole, they are cheaper, with a few exceptions.
  • Compact toilets allow you to reinvent spaces that standard toilets won’t.
  • Compact toilets are often lighter and easier to maneuver. 
  • Small-size toilets are better for children.
  • They are typically water-saving devices, so better for the environment. 


  • If the toilet is too small, it can be restrictive to some users.
  • Saniflo and other macerator options are expensive. 
  • Can be more uncomfortable, especially for the elderly and larger people.
  • They are better for lighter use spaces, and maybe not suitable as a family toilet. 

Considerations When Buying a Small Toilet

There are always important aspects that need your consideration when shopping for your new compact toilet. But what are the key points?

Type of Toilet

As we listed the different types above, we will spare you the detail for a second time; however, knowing which one suits your space is vital. 

Some models are better suited to small spaces, like one-piece toilets and corner models, as well as concealed tanks and wall-mounted varieties. It’s all about maximizing the floor space and making the most of what you have. 

But don’t forget that the toilet should enhance the overall scheme of the bathroom, so fitting a sleek wall mounted toilet may not sit well in your retro or victorian-style bathroom. 

If you fit a back to the wall or wall-hung toilet, you need to allocate for the dimensions of the false wall and how much it might encroach on your space. 

Type of Seat

Most toilet seats are made of plastic, but other materials are available. Look for soft close options, as this stops them slamming and waking up the entire house in the middle of the night. 

You can even get toilets that come with heated seats and color-changing lights. These are all luxuries that you don’t necessarily need unless you have the budget and want to spend lots of cash. 

Toilet Seat Height

This one is right up there with the type of toilet. The height of the seat dictates how easy it will be for some family members to use if. The American Disabilities Act states that for any toilet to be considered a comfort height, it must meet certain specifications. 

Standard toilets are roughly 15 inches in height, which is ideal for most people, especially children. A comfort height toilet seat is between 17 and 19 inches, and sometimes 20 inches in height. 

It helps those with mobility issues and the older among us to sit down easily, and more importantly, get back up again. It helps to retain a sense of independence. 

Also, taller people find comfort height seats more accessible. 

Type of Bowl

There are two types of toilet bowl: round and elongated. Round bowls are the more traditional shape. They are better for children, and they take up less floor space in compact bathrooms. 

However, they are fatter, and many find them awkward to sit on, especially men when they are sitting down. 

Elongated bowls are more prevalent with newer toilets. Most models you can buy, including compact models, are elongated styles. It gives you a greater choice. They are also more comfortable for most people. 

Elongated bowls tend to look more modern, with sleek designs and fitted skirts to make them easier to clean. 

Is it WaterSense rated?

Years ago, toilets were one of the most wasteful things we used in our homes. They would flush thousands of gallons of water needlessly down the drain

It changed in 1992 when the Government passed a water conservation bill that essentially outlawed the sale of wasteful toilets. 

Nowadays, to win WaterSense accreditation, your toilet must be extremely frugal, flushing just over a gallon of water per flush, and in some cases, less than a gallon. 

Must-Have Features In Compact Toilets

Is It Dual Flush?

Having a dual flush toilet gives you the option to choose the amount of water you use per flush. If you want to drain away water waste, the lighter option is best, using 0.8 or 1.28 gallons of water. 

If you are washing away solid matter, the heavier-duty, 1.28 or 1.6-gallon flush might be better. Before dual flush, no matter whether you peed or pooped, the same amount of water got used, which was wasteful.

Soft  Close Seat

No one wants to be awoken in the dead of night because someone has let the toilet seat slam shut. Soft close seats are the cure for this problem. They close gradually, coming to a gentle stop, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot slam them shut.

Macerating Action 

If you intend to install the toilet far from the soil stack or in a basement, a macerator toilet could be the answer. The Saniflo is the ideal model because it chews solid matter into smaller chunks and pumps it up great heights and along vast distances. 

It frees you to locate the toilet almost anywhere. When you consider these systems can pump waste material along narrow pipes up to 100 feet in length, the options are limitless. 

Space-Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

There are always things you can do to improve your use of space in a small bathroom, so let’s look at some tips to help you. 

Install a Corner Sink

Just like corner toilets, a corner sink utilizes what would be unused space to excellent effect. They may be smaller, but if you only want to wash your hands, a corner sink could be the answer. 

Swap a Bathtub for a Shower Unit

Showers take up less space than a bathtub and are far more useful in your day-to-day life. How many times do you jump in the shower compared to a bath? Removing the tub and installing a shower frees up space. 

Choose a Folding Door

Folding or sliding doors take up minimal floor space and allow better access to your compact bathroom. 

Have a Toilet and Sink Combined

Some space-saving designs for toilets incorporate a small sink set in the top of the cistern tank. This frees up precious space and gives you the best of both worlds. 

Best Small Toilets FAQ

What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?

Look for a toilet with water-saving qualities, something that’s easy to install, and above all, is comfortable to use. 

The best space-saving models are typically one-piece or two-piece corner models, but you can get toilets with rounded bowls that save inches of floor space compared to elongated versions. 

What is the most compact toilet?

The most compact toilet is the Saniflo. It measures just 18.25 inches x 14.5 inches x 15.75 inches. When you compare it to a standard toilet at 31 x 20 x 27 inches, you can see how compact it is. 

What is the smallest toilet available?

The Saniflo is the smallest macerator toilet available, while the GALBA is the most compact traditional toilet. 

Which is better: a one-piece or 2-piece toilet?

It depends on your preference. One-piece toilets are more common and come in trendier designs, but two-piece toilets are more traditional, and you can buy a corner version, which rates as one of the most space-saving.

One-piece toilets are easier to install and require less plumbing compared to two-piece options. 

How much space do you need for a toilet?

Most codes require a minimum of 15 inches from the center of the toilet bowl from any side wall or obstruction like a door and not closer than 30 inches center to center to any other sanitary fixture. 

You should also have a minimum of 24 inches of space in front of the toilet bowl. 


Negotiating your way through the options when it comes to compact toilets is a minefield. With so many styles, types, and options, which one do you choose?

The first consideration is to maximize floor space, the second is to optimize performance, and the third is to get the most comfort you can from the toilet. If you can tick all those boxes, you will succeed in getting the best small toilet for your bathroom. 


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