10 Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Stay Organized

Mar 23, 2021 | Home Improvement Reviews, What To Buy

Many people love the fun and health benefits of bicycles but struggle with the reality of storing them properly. One bike can take up a lot of room, let alone storing multiple bikes.

We’ve found the ten best garage bike storage ideas to stay organized in your garage. Any of these products will help you keep your bikes secure and safe while not in use. Some types will even provide space-saving abilities. Let’s jump into the ten best garage storage systems.

The 10 Best Bike Rack for Garage Options

1. Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Wall Hanger


Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger, Indoor Bicycle Hook Holder Storage Rack for Home or Garage, 45 Degree Adjustable Angle to Keep Bike Level

  • The wall hanger’s angle (45°) can adjust to keep your bike level. Correct height for hanger tyres should sit atleast 4 inch off floor or ground. Bracket must be mounted 2 hole side up

The first option on our list of the ten best bike racks for garages is the Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Wall Hanger. This aluminum rack requires being secured to concrete or masonry walls. If mounted to drywall or plasterboard, there must be wood studs that the hanger can screw into behind the wall.

The two non-scratch hooks attach to ABS-padded adjustable arms that widen or narrow at a 45-degree angle. When secured, your bike rests level against the wall, with velcro straps securing the tires in place at least 4″ from the ground. 

This hanger stores one bike with a weight limit of 39.6 pounds. The bar attached to the base mounted into the wall is adjustable from 8.5″ to 12″ in length to accommodate different sizes of handlebars. You can even hang helmets and other gear from the beam for maximum space-saving. 

Overall, the Iberia horizontal bicycle wall hanger is the perfect solution for displaying your favorite bicycle level on a wall in a garage with concrete or masonry walls. 

2. SimpleHouseware Floor Adjustable Bike Rack


SimpleHouseware 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Adjustable Storage Stand, Silver

  • Stable floor rack for holding up to 5 bicycles, good for 12” to 26” bikes

Next on our list is the SimpleHouseware floor adjustable free stand bike rack, which stores up to five bikes at ground level. 

With dimensions of 70″ length, 14.75″ in width, and 14″ in total height (the individual wheel brackets), this bike rack can store bikes 12″ to 26″ with a 12″ length for each slot. 

You can stretch the wheel holder from 2.5″ to 3.5″, allowing you to store beach cruisers, road bikes, or mountain bikes. You can also choose how many slots to install from one to all five.

The powder-coated alloy steel will stand up against any weather conditions without rusting, making it perfect for storing bikes outside during the day. And at only one pound, you can relocate it to the garage or a storage shed for security at night. 

If you’re looking for a convenient, attractive way to store multiple bikes outdoors or in your garage or storage shed, the SimpleHouseware Floor Adjustable bike rack could be perfect for you.  

3. Dirza Foldable Bike Storage Rack

Dirza Bike Wall Mount Bike Hanger 2 Pack Foldable Bicycle Storage Horizontal Bike Rack Bike Hook for Garage Indoor Shed with Screws

  • FREE UP FLOOR SPACE:The horizontal wall mount bike rack is designed to save space.It keeps bike up off floor and free up garage floor space.Perfect for garage,home,indoor,shed.Please mount on stud or cement wall.

Third on our list is the Dirza foldable bike storage rack, an iron rack that mounts to the wall, so you keep your floors clear. This rack comes with all the hardware needed to install the rack to drywall with wood studs behind it or cement walls. 

At 14.96″ long, 10.83″ wide, and 3.35″ tall, this rack has a sturdy wall anchor that’s 1.5″ wide and 9″ long, with a 10.6″ foldable beam attached to rubber-coated “J” hooks that can secure up to 38 pounds.

You can use this horizontal hanger to level secure road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and other common varieties. When your bike isn’t on the hooks, you can lower the hanger, so it’s out of the way.

If you’re looking for an easy way to display your favorite bike in your garage, apartment, shed, or home, consider the Dirza bike hanger, which comes in a set of two, so you can mount two bikes with the appropriate wall space.

4. Pro Bike Tool Garage Wall Mount


PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount – Horizontal Indoor Storage Rack for 1 Bicycle in Garage or Home – Cycling Hanger – Safe and Secure Holder, Hook for Bicycles – Hang Your Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes

  • Save Space & Conveniently Store Your Bike – Free-up your floor space – Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free. Our high-quality future proof wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Storage system fits most bike types: road, cyclocross, hybrid and MTB. Can hold bikes up to 22kg / 48.5 lbs weight load. Note: Not suitable for bicycles with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm), long wheelbases or fat bikes.

Next is the Pro Bike Tool garage wall mount, a horizontal hanger for securing mountain, hybrid, or road bikes weighing up to 48.5 pounds to the wall. 

The scratch-resistant powder-coated alloy steel rack features a wide anchor bracket, a ratchet gear system that locks the adjustable (up to 88° angle) arms to keep the bike level, plus an adjustable beam that stretches from 8.7″ to 12.6″ with a push-button lock. 

Soft TPR rubber arms cradle bikes without damaging the paint, regardless of material – steel, titanium, aluminum, or carbon. A unique spacing channel prevents tube cables on top from being displaced or crushed. 

An elastic rope comes included to secure the front wheel and frame, so there’s no accidental hitting against the wall. You will need a not-included adapter (crossbar or top tube) to mount commuter or recreational bikes that don’t have a horizontal top tube like kids, ‘Dutch,’ or women’s bicycles.

If you’re looking for an easy way to mount a bike with a horizontal top tube and a handlebar width less than 31″, consider the uniquely shaped cradle hanger made by Pro Bike Tool. 

5. StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack

StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack, Holds 5 Bicycles, Home and Garage Organizer, Adjustable Wall Hanger Mount

  • HEAVY-DUTY BIKE RACK: Solid metal holds 5 bicycles, up to 200 lbs! Ultra-durable powder coating, built to last a lifetime!

Another great option for storing multiple bicycles is the StoreYourBrand bike storage rack. This wall-mounted rack holds up to five bikes stored horizontally, with a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Universally designed, this rack can store common bikes like mountain or road bikes. But it can also store beach cruisers, commuters, hybrids, and kids’ bikes. There are 45 slots, so you have customized spacing. 

Quick-lock pins secure the hooks in place, so your bike stays in place. And the rubber coating on the hooks keeps paint jobs protected from scratches and scuffs. 

Two independent brackets allow you to secure individual studs for sturdy positioning. In terms of wall space, you will need 46″ in length, and 7.25″ in width, including the hooks, which are 2″ wide and 4.75″ in length. 

These hooks secure around the front or rear wheel and hold the bike vertical so that the opposite wheel rests against the wall. 

If you’re looking for a permanent solution for multiple bikes of varying sizes for a garage, shed, shop, or home, consider the StoreYourBoard wall-mounted bike storage rack. 

6. RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Bike Lift

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist 2-Pack Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality

  • ►RUBBER COATED HOOKS – Hooks are designed with a protective rubber coating to protect your bike from scratches.

If you’re looking for a ceiling-mounted storage solution to keep your bikes out of sight and out of the way, we recommend the easy-to-install Rad Sportz Hoist bike lift. 

This storage device mounts to indoor rafters or ceiling joists up to 12 feet high. It features durable engineering of pulleys and latches that allows you to lift bicycles or other objects with a maximum weight of 100 pounds.

Safety locks keep your bike secured, so there’s no accidental release. The rubber-coated hooks are fully adjustable to accommodate any type or size bike, including mountain, road, incumbent, tandem, and tricycles.

7. Wall Mount Bike Hanger

Wallmaster Bike Storage Rack 5 Bicycles Hooks Wall Mount Bike Hanger Indoor Space Saving (8 Hooks and 3 Rails)

  • ADJUSTABLE WALL STORAGE SOLUTION FOR BIKES → It can Hold up to 5 bikes and 3 helmets. Free up space in your home . Easy to hang on and take off the bicycles. Our heavy duty bike stand fits for most of the bicycles, like mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes etc. Please pay attention to rims of your bikes, make sure it is lesss than 4.4inch, fat tire won’t fit this bike storage rack!

Another suitable solution for storing multiple bikes is the Wallmaster Wall Mount bike hanger. This rack holds five bikes and three helmets with up to 440 pounds. 

You can use this rack for various styles, including mountain, kids, or road bikes with less than a 4.4″ rim. Once you’ve secured the rack in place on the wall, you can attach the hooks at any position on the track to accommodate different-sized bikes.

The hooks have a weight capacity of 60 pounds each, with a length of 7.1″ and a width of 4.3″ and rubber sleeves that prevent scratching and improve grip.

8. Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack


Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack,6 Bike Storage Hanger Wall Mount for Home & Garage Holds Up to 300lbs

  • LARGE CAPACITY:Garage wall mount bike rack garage could accommodate 6 bicycles and hold up to 300 lbs

The Ultrawall Bike Storage rack is perfect for storing up to six bicycles with a combined maximum weight of 300 pounds. 

A steel frame provides strength and durability when mounted to a wall, while the rubber-coated hooks prevent damage to your bike while hanging. 

You can adjust the hooks anywhere along the 48″ track to accommodate a wide range of bike styles and sizes. 

9. Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Bike Wall Hanger – Vertical Indoor Storage Mount for 1 Bicycle in Garage or Home – Cycling Rack – Space Saver Holder, Hook for Bicycles (1 Pack)

  • Space Saver – Free-up your valuable floor space, keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free with our stylish ‘swivel’ bike hanger. Our high-quality and future proof wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Storage system fits most bike types: road, MTB, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, beach cruisers, bmx and kids’ bikes. Also suitable for bikes with fenders. Not suitable for deep rimmed wheels where the tire and rim are >3.54 inches/9 cm.

For a maximum space-saving vertical wall hanger, try the Pro Bike Tool Swivel hanger, a versatile option for storing bikes in sheds, garages, homes, or apartments. 

This hanger works for various styles, including road, mountain, touring, cyclocross, hybrid, beach, BMX, kids, and bikes with fenders. However, it won’t work with rims wider than 3.54″. 

The dip-coated hook’s angled design allows for easier mounting and unmounting of your bike with a maximum weight capacity of 66.2 pounds. You can hang your bike from a right, left, or center angle with swivel auto-locks keeping the front tire locked in place.

10. Wallmaster Bike Rack Wall Mount


Wallmaster Bike Rack Wall Mount, Bike Storage Rack Bike Holder Garage Storage Space Saver 3 Bike Hanger&3Rails&2 Helmets Hooks&2 Skateboard Hangers

  • STURDY & DURABLE & HEAVY DUTY → It is well made, you can tell from the quality of the steel and the fine work while processing it. And this garage storage rack can totally hold up to about 360 lb. Rubber-coated sleeves prevent the tools from being scratched or from slipping. Powder coating is a good looking, resists of rusting, chipping and cracking.

This Wallmaster Bike rack wall mount comes with a seven-piece set of various-shaped hangers to allow for easy storage of bikes, accessories, and ski or skateboards. 

You can install and move the hooks anywhere on the track to accommodate your gear. Rubber coating keeps the hooks from scratching or slipping. 

With a total weight capacity of 360 pounds, this storage rack has three bike hooks, two dual extended prong attachments, and two small hooks for helmets or other small gear.

What Is a Bike Rack for Garage?

Bike racks are a storage system that allows you to have more room and easier organization for storing your bicycles inside. These racks can be shelves, stands, or a suspended system that secures bicycles off the ground. 

Using the proper bike storage allows you to expand the usable space indoors and keep your bicycles protected from damage, extending their life and use. 

People use bike storage racks for keeping bikes secure in garages, apartments, homes, storage units, shops, and other indoor areas. 

Types of Bike Racks for Garage

Bike racks come in different styles and varieties. Which type you choose will depend on the amount of room you have for storing your bikes and the location where you’re storing them. 

The number of bikes a rack can store will also differ. Some racks can only hold one bike, while others may be large enough to store multiple bicycles. 

The three main categories that bike racks fall into are freestanding, wall-mount, or ceiling-hoist racks.

Ceiling Hoist Racks

Ceiling hoist racks consist of a rail that mounts to the ceiling and a pulley system that lowers and lifts bikes into position. 

When secured in place, the bikes store up in the air, leaving your floor space empty for other gear. Bikes mounted to the ceiling suffer from less corrosive damage, extending use.

Freestanding Stands

Freestanding bike stands are ideal for users who don’t have the option of securing a rack to a wall or ceiling with nails or screws. Out of all three types, freestanding racks are the easiest to use and most accessible.

These stands have an independent structure that allows them to hold their shape and support without being attached to a structure for stability. You can move them around anywhere for added convenience. But they will take up a lot of floor space. 

Wall Mount

Wall-mounted bike racks secure to a wall with bolts or screws. Once you put these racks into position, it’s typically a permanent solution.

This style mounts to the wall using heavy-duty metal screws and can store multiple bikes. The hangers have a 6″ to 8″ gap that prevents bikes from rubbing together. 

Pros and Cons of Garage Bike Storage Ideas

Garage bike storage racks have many useful benefits, but they also have a few downsides. The specific types also each have unique pros and cons. 

Leaving a bike outside in the elements can cause multiple problems. The chain can rust with exposure to rain or high humidity. Plastic and rubber components will start to fall apart in the heat. Sunlight can cause colors to fade, and plastic becomes brittle. Cold weather can cause parts to seize and malfunction.

But trying to store a bike inside can also be perilous. When you prop a bike up on a kickstand or leaning against a wall, there’s a higher chance it will get knocked over. A child, pet, or the bike itself can experience damage if the bike falls over.

Bike storage solves the issue of storing your bike indoors while keeping it secure. When you keep a bike in a rack, you don’t have to worry about it falling over if someone bumps into it. 

Not only will you not have to worry about injuries to people or pets, but you also won’t have to pay to repair or replace broken pieces of your bike. 

But trying to store bikes indoors can take up a lot of space. In small areas where each square foot is crucial, you might have limitations on where you can keep your bike. Some racks allow you to position your bike out of the way, so you have more room. 

One downside of using bike racks is that many of them are permanent. There are plenty of times when there are legitimate reasons why you wouldn’t want to put holes in your wall. 

You could turn to freestanding racks, but these will take up more room. But they have the versatility to be moved around as needed. 

How to Install a Bike Rack In Your Garage

The method for installing a bike rack in your garage will vary by the type you choose. Racks that classify as floor or freestanding do not need installation because they have independent frames. However, most will require assembly according to the manufacturer’s directions. 

Ceiling and wall-mounted bike racks require you to use a drill to screw the anchors into place. Most of these styles will require you to mount the anchors into cement, brick, or other solid masonry structures. 

If you are mounting these into soft materials, you’ll need to make sure the anchors connect to wood studs. Check out this video for a demonstration. 

Bike Rack for Garage FAQ

Many people still have questions about bike racks. Here are a few frequently asked questions we commonly see people wondering.

What is the best garage bike rack?

The best garage bike rack will vary by user. You want to find one that meets your needs, whether it’s maximizing space or storing multiple bikes. 

Is it OK to store a bike in a garage?

Garages are a great place to store bicycles, so they aren’t left out in the elements. Using bike storage racks makes it easier to keep your bikes protected and out of the way. 

What is the best way to store a bike in a garage?

The best way to store bikes in a garage is to use a bike storage system like any of the ten we’ve listed. If you don’t want to use a bike rack, you can screw heavy-duty hooks into a rafter or stud. Make sure the hooks are rubberized to prevent scratching. 

How do I make a bike rack for my garage?

Most people choose to purchase bike racks like our 10 best recommendations rather than build their own. But there are plenty of people who prefer DIY for various reasons. Here’s a great resource that gives you multiple ways to make a bike rack for your garage.


When trying to keep bicycles organized in the garage, the best option is to use a bike rack. We’ve listed the ten best garage bike storage options to keep your garage neat and bikes safe. The first decision is whether you want a wall or ceiling mounted or a floor stand. Then pick how many bikes you need to store. And finally, check out our ten best bike storage racks. 


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