The 8 Best Upflush Toilets (Guide & Reviews)

Feb 16, 2021 | Bed Bath Reviews, What To Buy

The best upflush toilet can perform gravity-defying feats. Traditional systems use gravity to remove waste matter, but with an upflush toilet, you get a whole new proposition. 

And because they don’t rely on height, you can pretty much install them anywhere in the house. It makes them the ideal choice of toilet when retrofitting an en-suite or adding to an elderly relative’s in-room facilities. 

The 10 Best Upflush Toilet Options

With so many upflush toilets to choose from, getting the right model can be a challenge. Here is our take of the 8 best upflush toilets. 

#1. Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)

  • BENEFIT : Install a bathroom anywhere without breaking up the floor!

Saniflo is the leading brand of upflush toilets. This system installs anywhere with a minimum of fuss, which massively reduces the overall costs.

It has an elongated bowl, making it a more comfortable experience, especially for men when they sit down, and the standard height bowl is ideal for the kids

This Saniflo is fitted with a macerator, which is a fan that spins the blades at 3,600 revolutions per minute, and the pump can shift waste material along a pipe of 150 feet in length and up to 12 feet in height.

Saniflo boasts that their systems should give you between 10 and 15 years of hassle-free service and that they test them rigorously by performing 50,000 cycles and10 flushes per day, which is the equivalent of 3,650 per year. 


  • Well-known brand.
  • Elongated bowl.
  • Lasts 10 to 15 years.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Arduously tested.


  • Expensive.
  • Lower vertical lift than others.

#2. Saniflo SaniBEST Pro Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl)

  • kit include : Sanibest Pro #013, elongated bowl (#087) and tank (#005)

This model has an elongated bowl, which is better for disabled and older people as it enhances the comfort factor. Plus, it complies with the American Disability Act (ADA) because the height of the seat is 18 inches. 

The tank has an easy-access panel for swift maintenance and servicing to keep your toilet in perfect working order. The motor casing is an improved design, making the volume of the macerator much quieter.

This SaniBEST model is more powerful than the previous one in that it pumps up to 18 feet below the sewer line and 150 feet to the nearest soil stack. It means you can fit this toilet in a basement without too much fuss. 

The impeller spins at 3,600 RPM, macerating the waste matter into tiny pieces to squeeze them along the 1-inch diameter pipework. 

The flush uses 1.6 gallons of water, which is not ideal if you care about conserving resources. High-efficiency standard toilets flush as little as 1.0 to 1.28 gallons per flush.

You also get a 2-year warranty, but if you fill in the warranty registration form online, you can extend this by a further 3 years. 


  • Comfort height.
  • Elongated bowl.
  • 18 ft vertical lift.
  • Complies with the ADA


  • Uses a lot of water.
  • Expensive.

#3. Saniflo SaniACCESS Macerator Pump with Elongated Toilet

This is the third Saniflo toilet to feature, and this one operates at 15 feet below the sewer line, pushing waste along a 1-inch pipe for 150 feet. 

The macerator motor generates 0.50 horsepower and is oil-filled and thermally protected. The casing is also sealed for life to protect the lifespan of the engine. 

This model is a lot greener than most macerator toilets because it flushes at 1.28 gallons, making it a high-efficiency toilet. You can also plumb it to accept wastewater from basins and bathtubs to flush with the gray water. 

This increases the toilet’s green credentials and reduces your water usage further, saving you money. Blockages are also dealt with quickly, thanks to a service panel that gives you clear access to the impeller. 

Once again, it has the same elongated bowl shape for increased comfort, and the height of the seat just scrapes into the ADA compliance standards at 16.75 inches. 


  • ADA compliant.
  • Elongated seat.
  • Eco-friendly flush.
  • 15 ft vertical lift.


  • Expensive.

#4. Hocanflo Macerating Toilet System with Pump and Pipe

Upflush Macerating Toilet System with 500 Watt Macerator Pump and Extension Pipe Between Toilet and Pump, Silent Seat Cover Round Bowl, Nano Glaze Finish

  • Now you can get the advanced macerator pump of 700 watt(ASIN: B08K75VF3S)in our store, With HOCANFLO macerating pump, you can installed the toilet anywhere without heavy construction.

This is the perfect upflush toilet if you want to install a basement toilet because it vertically flushes over 19 feet in height. And equally impressive is the horizontal lift of 197 feet. 

It has an in-built non-return valve to stop a backward flow of waste matter and a 500-watt macerator pump with a stainless steel impeller. The 3-piece set consists of a macerator pump, the toilet, and the tank. 

You also get a soft-close toilet seat and an extension pipe to increase the distance between the macerator pump and toilet. The Maximum rated water flow is 1,750 gallons per hour. 

Maintenance and cleaning are easier with this toilet, thanks to the Nano Glaze coating on the inside of the toilet bowl that reduces the resistance of the waste material, allowing it to wash away without leaving marks. 

You also get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


  • 19 ft vertical lift.
  • 197 ft horizontal lift.
  • Soft-close seat.
  • 500-watt macerator pump.

#5. Saniflo Two Piece Round Bowl Toilet with Macerating Pump

This Saniflo 2-piece toilet stands 18 inches in height, making it the ideal toilet for taller people or older relatives who have difficulty standing and sitting down. The increased dimensions improves the comfort levels of the user. 

It comes as a 2-piece design, so fitting it is a lot easier than 3-piece models. If you have a limited ability in plumbing and DIY, this is the toilet to get. 

The downside with this model is the round bowl. Round bowls are less comfortable and make it more of a challenge for some men to urinate sitting down. 


  • 2-piece set.
  • Comfort height.
  • Round seat.


  • Not suitable for everyone.

#6. Sanimove Macerator Pump Toilet

For those who want the most eco-friendly toilet, where water usage is so frugal, this Sanimove is the one to get. It only uses 0.75 gallons of water per flush on the eco setting, which is pretty impressive. 

You can choose the 1.0-gallon flush option if you need that little bit of extra force to clear away solid waste matter. 

This is a tankless system, meaning that the water comes directly from the mains supply when you flush. It drastically reduces the toilet’s dimensions, increasing its versatility, especially in the smallest spaces. 

If you are considering converting your under stairs space, think about this model of toilet. 

This Sanimove is also among the most impressive for lift, thanks to the 600-watt motor. It rises vertically up to 20 feet and horizontally up to 160 feet. The other great news is the price. It retails at half the cost of the Saniflo models. 

The other pleasing thing about this Sanimove toilet is the comfort height. It conforms to ADA directives, making it the perfect tankless toilet for disabled and mobility-challenged people. 


  • Dual flush.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Tankless toilet.
  • 20 ft vertical rise.


  • Cannot plumb into sinks or bathtubs.
  • Tankless design not to everyone’s taste. 

#7. Flo500 Upflush Macerating Toilet Kit

FLO500 Upflush Macerating Toilet Kit with 500Watt Macerator Pump and Extension Pipe Between Toilet and Pump, Silent Seat Cover Round Bowl White Finish

  • New Model 500W maceraotr pump constructed with strong electric motor and copper wires inside, and thanks to the stainless steel non clog blades which provides a low noise flush operating work.

This Flo500 turns in the most impressive stats when it comes to flow. It vertically lifts waste up to 24 feet and horizontally up to 240 feet. 

It has a rated flow of 1,750 gallons per hour and a 500-watt macerator to chew through the most robust waste matter. The impeller rotates at 3,600 revolutions per minute, and thanks to the 20-inch seat height, this model is ideal for those less mobile. 

The ADA guidelines stipulate that for a toilet to qualify as suitable for disabled and mobility-challenged people, it must be between 17 and 19 inches. So, this toilet easily meets that brief. 

The non-clog impeller blades are stainless steel and run at a lower volume to reduce the noise the toilet makes. This is important when catering to light sleepers. You also get a soft-close toilet seat to banish lid-slamming in the dead of night.

The downside with a 20-inch height is it makes it more difficult for children and shorter people to sit comfortably on this toilet. 


  • 24 ft vertical rise.
  • 240 ft horizontal lift.
  • 20-inch seat height.
  • Non-clog impeller.


  • Height not suitable for everyone.

#8. Silent Venue White Upflush Toilet System

Silent Venus White Upflush Toilet (2-Piece Kit) – Macerating Toilet System with Round-Front Standard Bowl – Powerful Upflush Toilet For Basement (Two-Piece Toilet)

  • ㅕENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: This style is (SVT200) also a worthwhile investment that saves money (and trees!) on toilet paper.

Continuing the quiet theme, this Silent Venus macerator toilet operates at 39 decibels, which is the equivalent to library noise or low bird calls. That’s pretty impressive if you are concerned about waking the kids when you flush at night. 

The vertical discharge is 19 feet, and the horizontal lift reaches 196 feet so that you can place this model anywhere in the house. 

The powerful 400-watt motor drives the non-clog stainless steel impeller to mash through the harshest matter. Unlike most that feature, this toilet has a round bowl, which is much more in keeping with traditional designs. 

The disadvantage of this shape is that it can be less comfortable to use, and many men may experience some difficulty when going to the toilet sitting down. Round bowls increase the risk of spillages. 

On the plus side, It comes as a 2-piece with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and you get a motion-activated toilet light that has 8 color choices to turn your ablutions into a disco experience. 


  • 19 ft vertical rise.
  • 196 ft horizontal lift.
  • 400-watt motor.
  • 2-piece set.
  • Super-quiet.


  • Round bowl.

What Is an Upflush Toilet?

Traditional toilets use gravity to remove waste material from your toilet. For this reason, they cannot be installed below the sewer line and almost always need an elevated position to flush effectively.

They also use wider pipework, which requires significant upheaval when retrofitting a new space. You would almost certainly need to call in the professionals, which ramps up the costs.  

An upflush toilet is different because it includes an impeller and a pump that macerates the waste into smaller chunks and pumps the material along thin pipes. 

The thin pipework and the fact you can vertically lift the effluenc to heights of 12, 15 and, even 24 feet, and along pipes, 150 feet in length means you can install these toilets anywhere in the house. 

You can even install upflush toilets in basements below the sewer line.

How Do Macerating Toilets Work?

Behind the toilet bowl sits a macerating unit that consists of a pump and a stainless steel impeller. When you push the flush button, the water carries the solid waste along a pipe into the macerator. 

The impeller spins at about 3,600 RPM, chewing the solids and toilet paper into smaller pieces, that when mixed with water, turns into pulp. This then gets pumped along the outlet pipe towards the soil stack and the sewer. 

In basement installations, the matter is pumped vertically to the soil stack and into the sewer system. 

Reasons to Use an Upflush Toilet

There are plenty of reasons when an upflush toilet comes in handy, but let’s discuss their main uses.

If you have an older relative coming to stay, either as a guest or on a permanent basis, you will need to cater to their mobility needs. You could locate them in a ground-floor room, but that still means they will likely need to climb the stairs to get to the toilet. 

When installing an uplift toilet for a disabled or mature relative, you should take note of the American Disability Act (ADA) that stipulates the minimum accepted height for a toilet to be ADA approved. 

They recommend the seat height should range between 17 and 19 inches. The reason is that at this height, it makes sitting and standing less of a challenge for people with mobility issues. 

The downside is this height is often too tall for shorter people and smaller children. So, you will need to bear this in mind when weighing up the pros and cons of your new toilet. 

A macerating upflush toilet frees you to install it anywhere inside the home. You are not a slave to plumbing because, as is frequently observed, the best places to fit a toilet are in some of the least convenient locations for plumbing.

You can solve all your problems by fitting an upflush toilet in your relative’s room as an en-suite. And the best bit is the pipes are a fraction of the diameter of traditional plumbing, making it less intrusive and easier to fit. 

You might also want to fit a toilet in a garage or a garden room to make it more convenient. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Macerating Toilet

Choosing the best upflush toilet can be a tricky process, so knowing what elements are important is crucial. Here are our top considerations. 

Ease of Installation

The main reason you would choose an upflush toilet is the ease of how it installs. You don’t need to dig up pipework or cut channels into walls and floors. It also reduces the time it takes to fit a toilet, making it possible to complete an upgrade over the weekend.

It also removes the need for you to call in a qualified plumber and the extra expense that comes with it. What could cost thousands now only costs your time and effort. 

Toilet Location

Upflush toilets do precisely what they say on the box. They push waste matter vertically toward soil stacks. So, deciding where to locate your new macerating toilet is crucial. If you need a lift of 15 feet, make sure you choose a model that can exceed this level.

You should also keep one eye on the distance the debris has to travel horizontally. If you want the toilet at the back of the house at the furthest point from the soil stack, you will need to get one that pushes the waste far enough to reach the sewer. 


Most upflush toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This is not as eco-friendly as most high-efficiency standard toilets that use between 1.0 and 1.28 gallons. If you want to manage water usage, one feature to look for is a dual flush facility. 

It gives you the ability to use a light flush option for water waste and then switch to the heavy setting for solid matter. Single-flush models flush at the same rate no matter what the application and so waste more water.  

Identify Your Needs

Decide who the toilet is for and where you want to use it. If it’s for children or older relatives, consider the mobility factors of the users. Children might be better with smaller toilets, while adults prefer taller seats. 

Also, think about the shape of the bowl. Elongated bowls are more comfortable for adults and men to use because the extra length reduces the possibility of accidents and spillages. 

Height is another important factor. The American Disability Act dictates that comfort height toilets should range between 17 and 19 inches, making them more accessible for mobility-challenged people to sit and stand. 

Standard upflush toilets range between 13 and 16 inches. 

What’s Your Budget?

You cannot hide from the fact that upflush toilets are expensive compared to standard models. You can purchase a gravity-fed toilet for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, whereas an upflush model could set you back over $1,000 or more.

It seems that all that added convenience comes at a cost! However, you do save on the installation costs.

Maintenance Tips for Upflush Toilets

What are the best practices for keeping your upflush toilet in good working order? Let’s find out.

Yearly Maintenance

Descale the toilet annually, using 1 to 2 liters of toilet cleaner and macerator descaler. Pour it into the bowl, or use the trap door in the macerator if you have one installed. Turn on the macerator pump for a few seconds to allow the cleaner to circulate. 

Now turn off the macerator and allow the fluid to work for 2 hours. When the time limit ends, flush the toilet again, and the detergent washes away. 

Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Americans have a long-lasting love affair with triple-ply, quilted toilet tissue. This is a death sentence for macerators, as they clog easily when they struggle to chew through the thick paper. 

Choose a thinner option that biodegrades more easily when it comes into contact with water. We realize that this may not afford your backside the luxury it has become accustomed to, but it is a macerating toilet after all. 

The pipework is typically 1 to 2 inches in diameter, so the macerator has its work cut out chewing the waste material into small pieces so it can travel the narrow channel towards the soil stack without blocking. 

Discard the Plunger

Don’t use a plunger on an upflush toilet if you get a blockage because the force of the water could damage the impeller and the macerator motor. Use toilet cleaning products as above and wait for the backup to clear naturally.

Check Your Manual

While we advocate using cleaning products, you should check the manual for exact instructions on what is suitable to use. Some bleaches damage the impellers and the rubber seals. 

Some manufacturers, like Saniflo, produce their own branded cleaning agents designed to care for their toilets and keep them working for longer. 

Best Upflush Toilet FAQs

What is the best Upflush toilet?

The best upflush toilet depends on what you want it for and the specifications. By far, the most popular models are Saniflo toilets, but the performance levels vary between makes and models. 

The best upflush toilets are the ones that push the highest vertically, the furthest horizontally, and use the least amount of water without hampering the performance.

The shape is another reason to love your upflush toilet. Round bowls are becoming increasingly rare because elongated bowls offer a more comfortable user experience. The elderly prefer the shape, as do adults, because accidents are less likely to occur. 

What is the best toilet for a basement bathroom?

When installing a macerating toilet in the basement, you need to consider the vertical lift limits. Cellars typically sit below the sewer line, so you need a toilet that can lift your waste material high enough to reach the soil stack and the sewer. 

Some upflush toilets have an impressive rise of 15, 18, and even 20 foot plus. This is more than enough to cope with a basement installation. 

How well do Upflush toilets work?

Upflush toilets are as reliable as standard toilets as long as you treat them with respect. Macerators cope with most material, including solid waste and toilet paper; however, the type of toilet paper you use determines how well the toilet works. 

Because of the slimmer diameter of the pipework, it is crucial you use toilet paper that degrades and pulps when it comes into contact with water. Many quilted and 3-ply rolls are not suitable because the fibers are too tightly woven to breakdown. 

How much does it cost to install an Upflush toilet?

It doesn’t cost that much to install an upflush toilet because you can channel the pipework above ground, removing the need for expensive plumbing work. Most of the fittings snap into place with minimal fuss. 

You don’t need to employ a professional plumber unless you are so unsure of your DIY abilities, but for most, it should be a reasonably simple task. 

Let’s Hear It For The Upflush

Upflush toilets are all about convenience. They increase your flexibility and versatility when deciding where to install a new toilet. You can transform any space, be it an en-suite or a utility toilet in a bedroom for an elderly relative. 

The best thing about upflush toilets is they require very little heavy-duty remodeling to make them fit the space. The pipework is narrow and unobtrusive, and the vertical and horizontal lift of these toilets is immense. 

The only black mark with upflush toilets is the initial purchase costs. They are not a budget option, costing several times the price of a standard gravity-fed toilet. Bear that in mind when you start your search. 


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